Shocker: The Biggest Impediment to US Dealing with China? DC

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Harmonic DC Convergence

Let’s analyze the global situation logically and logistically, shall we?

Russia is simply NOT a geopolitical threat.

The US should have quit the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – five seconds after the Warsaw Pact dissolved.  Which was way back in 1991.

Instead, we spent the last three-plus decades expanding NATO closer and closer to Russia – after promising Russia way back then we wouldn’t expand it at all.

I can’t imagine why Russia is upset….

Russia, meanwhile, is a mere shadow of what the Soviet Union once was.  It’s a gas station – with a nation attached.

It is ridiculous to think they have the capability to reconstitute their former expansiveness.

At least four western European nations – each have an economy larger than Russia’s.  Two of those nations have nuclear weapons.

It’s their continent.  Let them handle it.

Despite these obvious facts?  DC seems nigh myopically fixated upon Russia, Russia, Russia. (more…)

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