Is Big Tech Paying Biden AI Officials’ Salaries – To Get Crony AI Policy?

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On the Payroll…

I am not even a smidgen optimistic about the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI):

“AI transcends the bounds of the inanimate and the un-sentient.  We are the only self-aware beings on Earth.  That will – very soon – no longer be the case.

“That alone makes AI a potential (and I would say an inevitable) problem – far worse than even a global thermonuclear war.

“Guns and nukes can’t self-evolve.  A pistol can’t make itself into a machine gun.

“AI can self-evolve.  It can unilaterally improve its sentience.  Yikes.”

The above excerpt – is from something I wrote in May of last year….

Biggest AI Problem (for Now): The People Designing It:

“A preliminary awful aspect of AI – is some really awful people are developing it….

“(T)his nightmare dystopia will be brought to us – by the proven moral paragons that comprise Communist China and Big Tech.”

Communist China and Big Tech – are both awful.

Good news: Our DC Big Government – is also awful.  And is selling US out – to both China and Big Tech…. (more…)

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