Net Neutrality: Whatever Big Tech Wants – The DC Country Club Gets for Them

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DC is a REALLY expensive country club.

The club dues?  Political contributions paid to the club staff.  And REALLY well-paid gigs for the club staff – after the club staff leaves the club.

The dues work on a sliding scale.  The more you pay – the better the service you receive.  In the form of crony treatment of your businesses and industries.

For quite a while now, no one has been paying bigger and better dues – than Big Tech.

The Obamas’ $50 Million Netflix Deal: Cronyism Comes Full Circle

So for quite a while now – DC has been giving Big Tech WHATEVER they want.

Last week, this much anticipated re-idiocy was officially announced….

FCC Will Vote on Restoring Net Neutrality Rules

There are five “voting” Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioners – three Democrat, two Republican.  So – guess how that “vote” will go?

Why do I place “voting” and “vote” in quotation marks?  Because no one voted for the five “voting” Commissioners.

They are unelected bureaucrats – passing law as if they are an elected Congress.

Which is unconstitutional. (more…)

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