111+ ‘Independent’ Agencies? ‘Deadlocked’ Bureaucracies Are Better

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The Latest from Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
‘Independent’ – Lording Over Us All

As we have repeatedly pointed out, allegedly “independent” federal agencies are unconstitutional – and antithetical to what is supposed to be our limited government republic.

DC’s ‘Independent Agency’ Scam:

“The Constitution stipulates the federal government is a game of three players – and only three players: The Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches – Articles I, II and III.  That’s it – that’s the list.

“Except over many decades of accrued sclerosis, DC has affixed an ever-growing gaggle of unconstitutional barnacles upon the Ship of State: The ‘independent agencies.’

“Except per the Constitution – there is no such thing as an ‘independent agency.’  Every federal entity has to exist within one of the three aforementioned branches.

“This is DC – illegally outsourcing responsibility and accountability….”

There are now a LOT of fake “independent” agencies.  Made up of MANY unelected bureaucrats – all of them illegally doing what Congress and the President together are supposed to be doing.

Behold a Wikipedia (partial?) list.  Made up of ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN (111) “independent” agencies.

All completely free from any restrictions or limits on their actions.  All bypassing Congress and the President – unilaterally imposing “laws” of their own.

I can’t imagine why the economy and the nation are on the verge of cataclysmic collapse.

Many of the 111+ camouflage their un-democratic illegality – with partisan bureaucrat leadership.  These bureaucrats “vote” to do things – Congress has never empowered them to do.

In places like the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

When fully populated, the FCC has five voting Commissioners – one of whom also serves as Chair.  The 3-2 majority – goes to the Party of the current President.

The current President – such as he is – is Democrat Joe Biden.  For the entirety of his tenure, the FCC has been short one Commissioner – leaving the Commission deadlocked 2-2.

Which has not prevented the FCC from doing lots of stuff.  It just can’t do any of the illegal stuff hyper-partisan Leftists want it to do.

Deadlocked FCC Could Derail Biden’s Digital Equity Plans

The FCC Is Looking to Regulate Broadband Data Caps

Biden’s FCC Is Still Deadlocked, and Net Neutrality Hangs in the Balance

Except Congress has never passed legislation expressly empowering the FCC to engage in any of the above.  So unless and until Congress does – the FCC isn’t supposed to do any of the above.

Yet Leftists have been long demanding that the FCC’s tie be broken – so it can then illegally engage in all of the above.

Biden previously nominated Gigi Sohn to be the third Democrat – and the fifth Commissioner.  Except….

Radical Sohn: Last Election Not a Green Light for Even More Hardcore Leftism:

“Biden’s too-radical-even-for-Democrats nominee – is exactly who the Left wants.”

You read that correctly.  Democrat Senators joined Republicans in opposing Sohn – so she (eventually) withdrew from consideration.

Now, we are told, Biden has gone less radical with his second nominee.

Biden’s Much Safer FCC Nominee Replacement for Sohn, Anna Gomez

Anna Gomez Is Biden’s Safe Choice to Make it on the FCC

Except we actually didn’t know very much about Miss Gomez:

“Gomez is a relative mystery policy wise….”

Is Biden’s New FCC Nominee as Radical as Biden’s Old Nominee?:

“(I)f Gomez does in fact intend to help unilaterally, illegally jam through hyper-partisan power grab idiocies like Net Neutrality?  She is just as radical as the radical Sohn….

“Some Senate Republicans should ask Gomez about all of this at her confirmation hearing(s).”

Well, some Republicans did ask.  And….

FCC Nominee Anna Gomez Backs ‘Robust’ Title II-Based Net Neutrality Authority

So…Gomez is just about as radical as Sohn.

So Gomez should be opposed by the same Democrats who opposed Sohn.

And Gomez should also not be confirmed.

A 2-2 deadlocked FCC – is FAR preferable to a 3-2, hyper-partisan, hyper-active FCC.

One tiny impediment – to 110+ “independent” agencies avalanching the nation into oblivion.