A Partial Round Up of DC Internet Dumbness – Prez Election Year Edition

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The Latest from Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
DC Is a Burden We All Must Bear

It’s a presidential election year.

And it feels like Alzheimer’s-addled Joe Biden’s Administration (See also: Barack Obama’s third term) is ramping up the idiocy.

Almost as if they think Donald Trump will be able to win this one – outside the margin of theft.  So they have to get in all the stupidity they can – while they can.

The Internet is a popular little item.  And unlike just about all the rest of the economy – it remains partially outside the iron-fisted control of government.

Obama – oops, I mean Biden – won’t stand for that.

Behold but some of the avalanche of idiocy DC is ramping up to foist upon the Web.

Net Neutrality

The Fight for Net Neutrality Is Forever

It certainly feels that way.  DC keeps jamming it down our throats – and we hope Reality will again and again perform the Heimlich Maneuver.

FCC Net Neutrality Hasn’t Gotten Any Less Illegal

Why does DC remain so steadfastly impervious to Reality?  Cronyism, natch…

Big Tech Is Much Bigger Than ISPs – So Big Gov Sides With Big Tech:

“‘Net Neutrality is a stupidly huge government imposition in the Internet – but only on the ISPs.

“‘A whole host of regulations restricting just about everything ISPs do to provide us service…

“‘Big Tech demands government impose Net Neutrality – because it guarantees them huge government-mandated benefits.  To name but one:

“’As mentioned, Big Tech consumes way more than half of all US bandwidth.  Net Neutrality – mandates they not be charged any money for any of it.

“‘We the Little People would pay MUCH more for our service – to subsidize the likes of Apple, Amazon and Google.

“‘Net Neutrality is massive government regulation – to impose massive Big Tech cronyism.’”

So matter how many times Net Neutrality goes away – DC will keep bringing it back.

Biden-Harris Administration Supports FCC’s Plan to Bring Back Net Neutrality

Because – cronyism.

It’s a bad DC penny – that costs US trillions of dollars.

You Can Have Net Neutrality – or Functional Broadband for Everyone. Not Both

Government’s Definition of “Broadband Speed”

FCC Raises Minimum Broadband Speed By 300%

Do you think the Internet you’re receiving – is 300% slower than it needs to be?  Does anyone with an IQ above 9 on a warm day think this?

Of course not.

Even Obama – during his second of three (thus far) terms – admitted the US was nigh entirely well-connected to the Internet.

Obama Admitted 98% of Americans Were Fast-Internet-Connected – in 2015

Obviously, the intervening decade’s tech advances – have only vastly improved things.

So then why is government needlessly, vastly increasing the speed of their definition of “broadband?”

Because it’s a key component of their litany of lies – to attempt to justify their continued mass expansion….

Government Is Lying About What Broadband Is and What We Need from It:

“Bizarrely, the government only counts a wired connection as an Internet connection. They do this to artificially mass-inflate the number of ‘unconnected people’ to whom they can point – and thereby falsely justify their further involvement.

“Does no bureaucrat own a cell phone? Hundreds of millions of Americans can currently connect to the Web – on their wireless devices.

“With connection quality and speed so good – they can seamlessly stream HD video….ON THEIR WIRELESS DEVICES.

“What the EU during the lockdowns couldn’t do on their wired networks – we have been doing ON OUR WIRELESS DEVICES.

“And that’s on our 4G wireless network.

The private sector will soon mass-deliver 5G. Which will give us one gigabit of speed per second. Which is orders-of-magnitude faster than we need for anything we currently do online.

“How disconnected from Reality is government about our Internet connections – and what we need and do online?

“Please note: 1 gigabit (Gb) = 1,000 millibyte (Mb).

“To watch SD video? 3 Mb per second downstream is required.

“HD video? 4 Mb/second. HD on a 1080p monitor? 5 Mb/s.

“The Donald Trump Administration wisely defined downstream ‘high-speed broadband’ – as 25Mb/s. Which is PLENTY – for EVERYTHING we do online.”

Why is government lying about broadband connections and speed?  Pretending the very fast- very connected US – isn’t very fast and very connected?

To allegedly justify continuing to waste hundreds of billions of our dollars – to connect people who are already very well connected.

DC Wasting 100s of Billions – On Already-100% Internet-Connected America

Government can never, EVER take “Yes” for an answer.

Paying for the Internet You Use

Cable Lobby Presses FCC to Allow Pay-Per-Byte Billing:

“The cable industry is pressing the Federal Communications Commission to avoid outlawing pay-per-byte billing, which involves charging subscribers additional fees after they exceed a monthly data cap.

“That type of usage-based billing ‘equitably ensures that consumers who use goods or services the most pay more, without having to raise prices for all consumers across the board….’”

Paying for what you use – is the hallmark of any successful economy.

It best allocates resources – by properly funding them – by properly charging for them.

Even the government charges you more – when you use more of their resources.

Check the Post Office.  You pay more to send a 100 lb package – than you do for a 1 lb package.  You pay more to send the same package – faster.

Because duh.

But this very same government – is looking to also outlaw this portion of Reality.

Which brings us back, in no small part, to Net Neutrality.

NN bans the biggest bandwidth hogs on the planet – Big Tech – from paying anything at all for their bandwidth use.

Forcing us to pay more – to subsidize them.

Charging everyone for what they use – is antithetical to Net Neutrality.

And nigh the entirety of government Internet policy.

And nigh the entirety of government Internet policy – is antithetical to Reality.

But what else is new?