A Tale of Three Governors – Media Bias Edition

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.orgIt was the best of coverage – it was the worst of coverage.

You’ve heard of Virginia ex-Governor Bob McDonnell, yes? And his wife?

Ex-Virginia Gov. McDonnell Found Guilty In Corruption Case

NBC News

Ex-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, Wife Guilty of Corruption

ABC News

Former Gov. Bob McDonnell Found Guilty in Corruption Trial

CBS News

Bob McDonnell, Ex-Governor of Virginia, Is Sentenced to 2 Years for Corruption

New York Times

Ex-Va. Governor Robert McDonnell Guilty of 11 Counts of Corrruption

—Washington Post

McDonnells Convicted of Corruption


All of this despite no evidence ever surfacing showing McDonnell delivered any government goodies in exchange for the personal goodies he received.

McDonnell Lawyers: ‘Had He Wanted to Make Something Happen for Williams, He Would Have Made Something Happen.

WTVR (local Richmond, Virginia TV)

Of course you’ve heard of this – the national Media’s full-court-press-coverage made sure of it. Because McDonnell is a Republican.

Heard of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate?” Of course you have – because he too is a Republican.

Chris Christie’s Rising 2016 Star in Peril as Bridge Controversy Grows

NBC News

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Christie Was Interrogated By Feds Over Bridge Scandal

ABC News

Will Chris Christie Apologize for Bridge Scandal?

CBS News

Christie Faces Scandal on Traffic Jam Aides Ordered

New York Times

Chris Christie’s Bridge Collapse

Washington Post

Scandal Imperils Chris Christie’s No-Nonsense Image



Panel: No Evidence Christie Knew About BridgeGate, But Questions Remain

Associated Press

Like that little knife twist at the end? “There’s absolutely no proof (darn it) – but we’ll pretend it’s still not over.”

Heard of Oregon’s resigned-in-disgrace ex-Governor John Kitzhaber? Still enwrapped in the many tentacles of his still-unraveling scandal? Not so much – because he is a Democrat.

Of course the Majors did the bare minimum.

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber Resigns Over Growing Scandal

NBC News

John Kitzhaber Resigns: Oregon Governor Quits Over Conflict-of-Interest Scandal

ABC News

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber to Resign

CBS News

Gov. John Kitzhaber of Oregon Resigns Amid Crisis

New York Times

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber Announces Resignation

Washington Post

John Kitzhaber Saga Fuels Conservatives’ Fight on Clean Energy


See what Politico did there? This is really a scandal for conservatives – who oppose the “clean” “energy” corruption that brought down Kitzhaber.

(Conservatives also oppose the nightmare mess that is ObamaCare – and Oregon’s disastrous, corrupt version thereof, Cover Oregon. Which also enrages the Media.)

Of course “green “energy” isn’t clean – in any sense of the word.

It is prohibitively expensive – and actually worse for the environment than the cost-effective actual energy sources the Left demonizes and wishes to eradicate.

And with hundreds of billions of government dollars sluicing around – “green” “energy” is corrupt on stilts. At all levels of government.

Some Compelling Evidence that ‘Green Energy’ is All About Crony Capitalism

Crony Capitalism: Green Firms Burn Through Taxpayer Dollars, Pay Huge Executive Bonuses, Then Go Bankrupt

80% of Green Energy Dollars Went to Obama Donors

Want to find out about Kitzhaber’s “green” “energy” nightmare mess? Don’t look to the Majors.

Networks Silent About ‘Green’ Nature of Kitzhaber Corruption Scandal

Of course, the Majors went out of their way to downplay the entire ongoing, rolling Democrat disaster.

Least-Known, Genuinely Scandal-Plagued Governor in U.S.: Oregon Dem John Kitzhaber

Networks Fail to Cover Calls for Scandal-Ridden Democratic Oregon Governor to Resign

CBS and ABC Minimize Oregon Governor’s Resignation; CBS Omits He’s a Democrat

AP National Wire, NY Times Finally Focus on Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber Corruption Story

There is a whole lot of Oregon-Washington, D.C. hybrid (see what I did there?) corruption still hanging out there – the “green” mess and the Cover Oregon cronyism-riddled uber-failure. With questions aplenty still unanswered.

The John Kitzhaber Disaster

The Oregonian

Ex-Gov. John Kitzhaber Put His Top Political Consultant in Charge of Cover Oregon

Willamette (Oregon) Week

Paging Dr. Kitzhaber: What Did Gov. Know About Cover Oregon Collapse?

KATU (a local Portland, Oregon TV station)

AG: ‘Oregonians Deserve … the Facts

Bend (Oregon) Bulletin

Feds Subpoena Kitzhaber Records After Resignation

Bend Bulletin

Congress to Kitzhaber: Send Us Cover Oregon Records


Former Gov. John Kitzhaber’s and Cylvia Hayes’ Trip to Dump Brings Police Sweeping In

The Oregonian

But you won’t learn of any of it from the Majors.

Certainly all of this seems to be much worse than what Governor McDonnell did. It is absolutely worse than what Governor Christie didn’t do.

Does any of that matter to the Jurassic Press?

Why the Media Paid More Attention to Chris Christie than John Kitzhaber

WashPost’s Philip Bump Lamely Denies Obvious Kitzhaber-Christie Double Standard

Yes, Virginia, There is a(n Oregon) Scandal

Of course not.

Scandals Show the Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

Indeed they do.

Editor’s Note: This first appeared in NewsBusters.org.

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