Apple Appears to Have Gone Full-On, Stealing-and-Lying, Communist China Native

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The Big Lie everyone told each other in the early 1970s – was that opening trade with Communist China would lead to their government and society becoming more open and free.

Big Business wanted to avail themselves of the cost-cutting slave labor the ChiComms were offering.

Screw the tens of millions of American employees they were leaving in the lurch.

And screw the millions of American small businesses who can’t afford to relocate to the other side of the planet – who then have to compete against slave-labor-subsidized Big Business.

Big Government liked the Big Donations Big Business was giving them to write really awful, anti-America “free trade” deals.

That dramatically favored Big Businesses that left America to establish themselves in the Chinese Sleeping Dragon – which we were then very stupidly beginning to awaken.

At the expense of American employees – and American companies…that remained American.

And every time things got ever-so-slightly uncomfortable for Big Business – Big Government was more than happy to further tweak the America Last trade deals.

To even further benefit Big Business.  In exchange for even more Big Donations, of course.

At the even further expense of American employees and companies.

All in the name of “Free Trade!!!”

Lather, rinse, repeat for half a century.  And everyone is then shocked when We the People elect Donald Trump President – to put an end to this viciously anti-America nonsense.

Of course, the Big Lie was…a Big Lie.  Communist China didn’t open themselves to additional freedom and freedoms.  Even a little.

All we’ve done – is fund with trillions of our dollars the Communist Chinese government.  In the name of “Free Trade!!!”

Any totalitarian thing the ChiComms can envision – which they previously couldn’t afford – we have now made easily possible.

And the ChiComms can now endlessly exert their heinous influence – all the world over.  Because, again, we’ve given them trillions of our dollars.  In the name of “Free Trade!!!”

Soviet Union leftovers in Russia have to be staring blankly at our titanic ChiComm stupidity.  Wondering what could have been – if we had handed the Soviets the trillions of dollars we’ve handed the ChiComms.

Perhaps no company has more thoroughly availed themselves of our anti-America Communist China policy – than Apple.

Here’s Why Apple Is So Vulnerable to a Trade War with China:

“Apple is especially vulnerable to a trade war with China for two primary reasons.

“First, it assembles its iPhones primarily in China….

“The other reason is that Apple, unlike other big tech companies, makes a substantial amount of its money by selling its products to Chinese consumers.”

Apple long ago sold its soul to Communist China.  To make cheap stuff – and to sell it to one billion ChiComm captives.

Had Apple been making things in the US, they would have had to hire <GASP> free Americans – rather than ChiComm slaves.

And had Apple been making things in the US, they would have been subjected to the massive trade impediments – tariffs and import limits – Communist China imposes on US-made stuff.

Because, you know, “Free Trade!!!”

In order to keep their particular Big Lie going, Apple must ignore China incessantly ripping them off.

Apple and IBM Among US Tech Giants to Blame Chinese Regulations for Breaching Intellectual Property Rights

Report Details Apple’s Struggles to Tackle iPhone Repair Fraud in China, Which Cost Apple Billions of Dollars a Year

China Steals Secrets Behind Apple’s Self-Driving Car

Apple has capitulated to Communist China’s demands – to censor and spy upon the ChiComms’ slave captives.  You know – the ones making Apple’s stuff.

Apple’s Tim Cook ‘Proud’ to Work With China to Censor Internet

Apple Removes Apps From China Store That Help Internet Users Evade Censorship

And of course China has its own companies.  Guess with whom the Communist government is going to side in disputes with Apple – no matter ridiculous the charges?

A Chinese Company Accused Apple of Stealing the iPhone 6 Design, and the Government Agrees

There seems to be no limit to how much ChiComm crap Apple will suffer – in order to maintain its access to the ChiComms’ slave captives.

And Apple seems to have gone full-on, stealing-and-lying, Communist China native.

And have begun importing ChiComm anti-business, anti-market, anti-freedom “business practices” – into the US.

Apple: ‘We Won’t Pay You. We’ll Keep Using Your Stuff – But We Won’t Pay You’

Apple Stops Paying Qualcomm’s Patent Royalties

Apple’s Latest Heist: Stealing Qualcomm’s IP – and Handing It to Intel

But this ain’t Communist China – this is America.  So when Apple’s massive heist finally went to trial here – Reality set in.

Apple and Qualcomm Settle All Disputes Worldwide

Qualcomm Expects at Least $4.5 Billion from Apple Settlement

Great news.

Except, most unfortunately, one case remains outstanding.

The Barack Obama Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – at the behest of Apple, a mere three days before it became the Donald Trump FTC – filed a ludicrous lawsuit against Qualcomm.

When the Government Sues to Undermine the Constitution

In which the Obama Administration sued Qualcomm’s patents – for being a monopoly.  How very helpful for Apple.  How very Communist China of the Obama FTC.

Qualcomm to Pay $975 Million Antitrust Fine to China

But of course – patents ARE monopolies.  Per the US Constitution.  Per the US government.  Per the dictionary:

“The exclusive right granted by a government to an inventor to manufacture, use, or sell an invention for a certain number of years.”

The Obama FTC case shambled forward – until now.  Where both sides have rested – in the court of Obama-appointee judge Lucy Koh.

An Obama Judge Could Singlehandedly Kill US Intellectual Property And National Security

“Translation: Koh likes to ignore the Constitution and the law.  And make stuff up so as to impose her personal policy preferences – ‘break new ground’ so as to be an ‘agent of change’ – rather than remain within the confines of the law.

“Koh is supposed to rule on and within the law.  If she wants to change the law – she should ditch the robe and run for Congress.

“The Obama Administration that appointed Koh – was almost inarguably the most anti-Intellectual Property (IP) administration in our history.”

As we await Judge Koh’s decision – we have uncovered yet another lying wrinkle in Apple’s uber-wrinkled Chinese Shar-Pei face.

An Evidentiary Cornerstone of the FTC’s Antitrust Case Against Qualcomm May Have Rested on Manipulated Data:

“The evidence presented by Qualcomm in its opening statement suggests some troubling conduct by Apple….

“(B)uried in the DOJ’s Statement is an important indication of why it filed its Statement when it did, just about a week after the end of the Apple v. Qualcomm case, and a pointer to a much larger issue that calls the FTC’s case against Qualcomm even further into question…

“Internal Apple documents that recently became public describe how, in an effort to ‘[r]educe Apple’s net royalty to Qualcomm,’ Apple planned to ‘[h]urt Qualcomm financially’ and ‘[p]ut Qualcomm’s licensing model at risk,’ including by filing lawsuits raising claims similar to the FTC’s claims in this case ….

“One commentator has observed that these documents ‘potentially reveal that Apple was engaging in a bad faith argument both in front of antitrust enforcers as well as the legal courts about the actual value and nature of Qualcomm’s patented innovation.’”

So Apple – was lying its face off.

In its court cases with Qualcomm.

And in Obama FTC Qualcomm suit.

All in an effort to obfuscate Apple’s multi-billion-dollar theft of Qualcomm’s Intellectual Property.

How very Communist China of Apple all of this is.

Gone native, indeed.

This first appeared in Red State.

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