Billionaire Dan Pena: The Commercial Real Estate Collapse Is Coming

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The Latest from Seton Motley | Less Government |
He’s Rich – and Right

Billionaire Dan Pena is a lot of fun.

It’s (almost) always amusing to watch people who have “Screw You” money – take full First Amendment advantage of having “Screw You” money.

I have for decades now called global warming/climate change/whatever-they-want-to-call-it-this-week:

The Greatest Scam on Earth.

So it was fun in 2017 to see Pena say this (NSFW):

“If the water on the planet is going to rise up ten feet?  That means the southern part of the United States is gone.  England is gone.  Most of Europe is gone.  Most of Central America is gone.”

It’s been seven years since he said this.  So far – none of the above are gone.  The sea levels now – are right where we left them then.

Pena then pointed out the banking angle on this:

“The financial institutions – the banks – of this world know it’s not going to happen.  If global warming is for real – well, they won’t put it that way – if global warming happens?  This investment you made is worth f**k all.

“Not one single investment prospectus written since 2000 – this century – has alluded to global warming.  Otherwise you couldn’t get a g*****n loan in London.

“You know those thirty/forty year mortgages?  The world would be over by then. Is Barclay’s Bank going to give you a m****r f*****g loan?….

“It’s the greatest fraud that has been perpetrated on mankind this century.”

Indeed it is.

Pena’s insights – including on the banks and the climate scam – are dead-on accurate.  So it was with keen interest that I watched (originally posted June 4th) this:

“The big tsunami is coming…..The collapse of commercial real estate.”

I like Pena in part – because he and I agree so frequently.

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Excellent news, to be sure.  Pena continued:

“Why (are) Berkshire Hathaway, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon all sitting on hundreds of billions in cash?”

Rob Moore, his progressive interlocutor, responds:

“Waiting for assets to drop.”

Well that sounds familiar.

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Pena continues:

“If you knew that 17 of the last 18 quarters…real estate has gone down in value?  You didn’t know that.”

Moore responds:

“They (Big Media) don’t publish it.

Pena: “Why don’t they?”

Moore: “Because the banks have got a load of money in this property.”

Pena: “Correct.”

Well that sounds familiar.

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Pena continues:

“There’s the equivalent of 50 empty Empire State Buildings in Manhattan.  Empty.  And this is before the interest rates went up.”

Moore responds:

“But I mean if real estate crashes – it’s a good thing if you can buy it when it’s low, is it not?  Especially if you’re cash-loaded like you.”

In response, Pena gives a huge affirmative nod.

The US is now of, by and for the billionaires.

No matter how badly it screws the Little Guys.

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This is a small taste of the domestic portion of the United States as an Empire.

Long dead is the United States as a republic.