China’s 25-Year-Low GDP Target Offers Opportunity for US Restoration

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Communist China spent the latter half of the 20th Century murdering about 80 million of its people.

Towards the end of that century, China’s Communists began to wise up.  And realized that to continue to be able to afford to murder and subjugate their subjects – and begin to project their awfulness globally – they had to cozy up to The Globalists.

The Globalists were happy to sell out humanity – and oblige Communist China.  In exchange for China delivering lots and lots of money to their wallets.

What Happened When China Joined the WTO (in 2000)?

What happened – was exactly the opposite of what then-President Bill Clinton said would happen:

“Today the House of Representatives has taken an historic step toward continued prosperity in America, reform in China, and peace in the world.”

China’s “normalization” made America much less prosperous and the world much less safe – while leaving China utterly un-reformed. 

US Big Businesses accelerated their outsourcing to Communist China.  Gone was what was left of our economy – and our middle class.

Big Government bureaucrats were more than happy to help.  For the right contributions and post-government gigs, of course.

Handing the Future to Communist China – One Awful Policy at a Time

China took our money and industry – and became the world’s second largest economy.  And its largest pain in the posterior.

I was an early acknowledge-er that our next war will be with China.  It will be the first war in human history – where one side paid for both sides of the war.  Because we are the Fools of the Age.

But China Reality realization eventually began to achieve some weight and density.

Anti-DC Donald Trump became President in 2016 in part because he rightly identified China as an actual problem.

Which infuriated DC’s Globalists.  Who were forced to at least pretend to acknowledge this obviousness.  And even to act – even if in the tiniest of ways.

TikTok Banned on U.S. Government Devices

But it hasn’t permeated the way it absolutely should.  Quite the opposite.

Trump had begun to redress the US-China imbalance.  DC couldn’t wait to reverse that progress.

China was expecting that reversal – because they’d paid Trump’s successor and much of DC much money to get it.

DC Globalists Are Already Trying to Reverse Trump’s Massively Successful Trade Policies

China Expects Billion-Dollar-Bought-Off Biden Will Restore Pre-Trump US Capitulation

One very important needle the dwindling pro-US forces are attempting to thread – is to continue the US’s dwindling lead over China in all things technology.

A very difficult attempt.  Given US-born Big Tech companies have also sold out to Communist China – while continuing to undermine the US.

Leftist Big Tech: ‘Communist China? Heck Yes. The US Military? Heck No.’

The US Sell-Out Continues: Big Tech’s Latest Capitulations to Communist China

Big Tech sells US out – because China money.  Except we are seeing signs of China money drying up.

China’s 25-Year-Low GDP Target of 5% for 2023 Limits Help to World Economy:

“Having missed the GDP goal last year by a wide margin for the first time ever, a more cautious aim this year could restore Beijing’s credibility and give President Xi Jinping and a line up of new top economic officials more room to focus on long-term policies.”

If the Chinese Communists are publicly predicting  a mere 5%?  You can bet it’s actually even lower than that.

And China growing slower “limits help to world economy” – ???  Quite the contrary.  China being a less attractive locale – makes every other country a more attractive locale.  Including the US.

Which is a HUGE opportunity.  Especially in the tech sector.

The world is on the verge of mass implementation of the Fifth Generation (5G) wireless network.  Which is a greater leap forward (apologies, China) than Generations 1-4 combined.

5G’s Internet of Things will digitally animate hundreds of millions of inanimate objects.  Which will result in a HUGE data collection cache.

How the wireless world works is: The nation that gets to 5G first – sets the global standards.  As has always been the case, it’s a two nation race: US and China.

Thus far, the US has won every time.  But the winning margin has been getting precipitously narrow.

China getting to 5G first – and setting the global standards?  Presents a bit of an economic and security problem – for US, and the entirety of the globe.

China’s dwindling economy?  Should serve as an impetus for DC to implement policies that further exacerbate China’s problem – by improving the US’s ability to attract and keep businesses and capital.

And greases the skids for our 5G to be first.

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Less China – should mean more US.