Corrupt DC: Out – Constituent Service. In – Crony Service

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Several of the many gigs in each of the many offices of DC’s Senate and House members – fall under the umbrella of what they call Constituent Service:

“Constituent service encompasses a wide array of non-legislative activities undertaken by Members of Congress or congressional staff, and it is commonly considered a representational responsibility.

“Member offices vary in their priorities, activities, and scope of constituent service, but most offices try to assist with certain requests when possible.

“Member offices have engaged in constituent service activities since the earliest Congresses. Depending on what the constituent is seeking, requests may be addressed by a Member’s Washington, DC, office, or by a Member’s district or state office.”

Of course, these Constituent Service offices and their staffs still exist.  Because no government gig ever dies – and because appearances must be maintained.

But DC LONG ago stopped caring what their Constituents want – or think.

Because DC LONG ago dove headlong into Crony Service – which is almost always diametrically opposed to Constituent Service.

Constituents only vote.  (Oh: And pay taxes.  And serve and die in all of DC’s idiotic, missionary wars.  And….)

Cronies bribe government officials.

Big Business and Big Government

And then Cronies hire government officials for cushy, massively over-compensated jobs when they leave government.

Anti-Corruption Group Hits Congress for Ignoring K Street, Capitol Hill ‘Revolving Door’

So government officials are absolutely in the Crony Service business – and absolutely not in the Constituent Service business.

We the Constituents have spent the last several decades staring bewilderedly at Washington.  Wondering over and over again why what happens there – happens.

Crony Service is why.

To wit:

How did Donald Trump the Mogul – become Donald Trump the President?

By taking over the Republican Party.  By promising to actually implement the policies the DC Republican Party had for decades promised – but never delivered.

Perhaps chief amongst them – immigration policy.

Which is why Constituents remain so loyal to Trump.  And why DC and its Cronies so loathe him.

For decades, a massive majority of Americans have wanted the nation’s borders defended – and illegal immigration dramatically curtailed.

For decades, the nation’s borders have been sieves.

And government has not only allowed tens of millions of illegal aliens into the country?  It has allowed them to stay – and given them tens (hundreds?) of billions of Constituent dollars to help them do it.

Government is even allowing illegal aliens to vote – almost always against the interest of Constituents.  (And if you think they’re only voting in local elections – you’re still slumbering.)

Why has DC’s border policy only gotten worse – while Constituents have increasingly demanded it get better?

Because Cronies want border policy to get worse…:

“If big business wants to see open borders, it needs to convince people that it will bring real benefits to them – not just whine about populism.”

Of course Big Business doesn’t have to convince We the Constituents.  It only has to bribe – oops, I mean convince – DC.

Which is no problem at all.  Because DC isn’t in the Constituent Service business – it is in the Crony Service business.

The examples of this dichotomy – are endless.

To wit:

In Joe Biden’s America – the Internet is about the only thing left that still works.

Well, Joe Biden will fix that….

Biden’s War Against the Internet:

“It’s a miracle of private sector innovation and the magic of the free enterprise system that technologies that were only the playthings of the super-rich a generation ago are now available and affordable to almost all Americans.

“Back in 2000, only half of Americans had internet access. Now it’s 92%. Today, nearly 19 out of 20 adults have access to the internet on their smartphones.

“Does this sound like a market that needs assistance from the government?”

Constituents say “No.”  Cronies – eternally on the hunt for ever more cronyism – say “Yes.”

The Internet has – since its inception – been almost entirely unregulated by government.

Which means government can’t bend it to Cronies’ will – and/or put it into Cronies’ service.

So government will increase regulation of the Internet.

Biden Administration Plans to Bring Back ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules:

“The head of the Federal Communications Commission said the government needed to protect open access to the ‘essential infrastructure of modern life.’”

Except: Access to the Internet has always been open.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are against whom Net Neutrality regs are directed.  They are the ones allegedly threatening to block access.

Except: If they don’t provide you service – they will no longer be in business.  Because money.  Because duh.

Oh – and….

You Can Have Net Neutrality – or Functional Broadband for Everyone. Not Both:

“Because it’s their own money, ISPs don’t want to spend it building very consumer-friendly, market-based things – if government bureaucrats will later dismantle them in the name of Net Neutrality.”

Constituents stare at DC – yet again doing something so obviously stupid – and yet again wonder “Why?”

If you guessed “Crony Service” – you win….

Net Neutrality? Big Tech Is Much Bigger Than ISPs – So Big Gov Sides With Big Tech

How Big Tech Uses Net Neutrality To Subvert Competition:

“A decade of evidence suggests that (Net Neutrality) policies have delivered the opposite effect….

“Big Tech is the primary lobbyist for Net Neutrality and funds many academics and civil society organizations to advocate for it….Net Neutrality delivers big economic (advantages) for Big Tech.”

How Did Big Tech Get So Big? Massive Government Cronyism:

“Big Tech consumes way more than half of all US bandwidth. Net Neutrality – mandates they not be charged any money for any of it.

“We the Little People would pay MUCH more for our service – to subsidize the likes of Netflix, Apple, Amazon and Google.”

We the Constituent Little People – need not wonder why about Net Neutrality any more.

DC has, in fact, REPEATEDLY attempted to impose Net Neutrality….

Bad Hollywood – Worse Washington: Too Many Remakes and Sequels:

“‘Here we go again. In a nearly identical vote from 2015, the (Federal Communications Commission) FCC approved a proposal to move ISPs back under Title II public utility rules. It’s a partisan tug-of-war that has been going on for 20 years. It will undoubtedly end up in the courts again….’

“And what happened in 2015 – wasn’t original either….

“’It’s Groundhog Day – Again: Government Taking Third Stab at Net Neutrality Power Grab’”

Biden’s former boss Barack Obama was responsible for several of those Net Neutrality attempts.

Then Obama left government.  Where his Crony Service – REALLY paid off….

The Obamas’ $50 Million Netflix Deal: Cronyism Comes Full Circle

We the Constituents?

Not so much with the paying off….