Department of Labor Lawsuit: Yet Another Obama Holdover Swamp Needs Draining

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
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It seems like an eon ago – but it was really less than three years ago – we wrote the following…published four days before Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

Undoing Obama: Who Should Do Which Government Rollbacks?

“A key component in the Trump-Republican Rollback – is a regulatory triage.  Determinations must be made – about which regulations are the most harmful, and thus must be dealt with in faster fashion.”

Unfortunately, the Trump Triage Officers never materialized.

And while the Trump Administration has been quite diligent in rolling back many harmful regulations – it has done little-to-nothing about harmful holdover government lawsuits.

Obama Plots Jobs Killing ‘Midnight Lawsuits’:

“The Obama administration, which is planning to unleash billions of dollars of new last minute regulations to shore up the president’s legacy, is now also readying ‘midnight litigation’ targeting businesses, lawsuits that are expected to kill jobs.”

We the Defendants are STILL having to deal with these obnoxious swan song nightmare messes.

We have been forced to waste years, millions of hours and billions of dollars – fending off Obama holdover litigation.  Rather than doing, you know, actually productive and helpful things.

To wit – from just last night/this morning:

Oracle Sues Department of Labor to End Obama-Era Discrimination Lawsuit:

“Oracle filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District in Washington, D.C., challenging the legality of the adjudication established by the DOL’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP) for discrimination claims against government contractors….

“Right before former President Barack Obama left office, his Department of Labor sued Oracle for allegedly discriminating against government contractors….

“Ken Glueck, executive vice president of Oracle, said, ‘Oracle filed this case because it is being subjected to an unlawful enforcement action by the Labor Department utilizing a process with no statutory foundation whatsoever.’”

This ridiculous Obama zombie lawsuit – makes no sense whatsoever:

“The Obama-era complaint alleged that the company had discriminated against ‘qualified’ blacks, Asians, and women in “product development roles” by paying them less than their white counterparts.

“The Obama-era DOL also claimed Oracle discriminated against blacks, Hispanics, and whites in favor of Asian applicants in two other positions, meaning that Oracle had allegedly discriminated against and in favor of Asians.”

Emphasis ours – because come onAll of this is absurd:

“One Wall Street Journal op-ed wondered why President Donald Trump’s Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta, ‘would continue his predecessor’s depredations that seek to dictate how businesses manage their workforces and rewrite civil-rights and labor law according to the left’s identity politics.’”

Well that’s an eminently reasonable question.

President Trump ran on reducing regulation.

Even worse than regulation – is regulation-via-litigation.

Trump’s Department of Labor should immediately end this ridiculous lawsuit.

So our ridiculously backlogged courts – can get a little less backlogged.

And Oracle can rededicate their time, effort and money to, you know, actually productive and helpful things.

This first appeared in Red State.