Dumber Than the Shutdown? The Left Demanding Treatment Makers Not Make Money

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Leftist Dumbness – Now in Pill Form

The Democrat Party is now nigh totally Communist.

The Democrat Party Is America’s Communist Party

Democratic Party: The New Socialist/Communist Party

Democrat is the New Communist

And like all Communists everywhere – Democrats love having slaves.

Because slaves – have to work for free.

We now know the titanically stupid China Virus shutdown – was the largest error in human history.  (And some of us knew it from the very beginning.)

But we’re inexplicably STILL delaying letting America out of universal house arrest – upon the development of a vaccine and/or treatment for what has now demonstrated itself to be a mild flu.

Coronavirus Lockdowns Shouldn’t End Until There’s a Vaccine

Lockdowns Shouldn’t Be Fully Lifted Until Coronavirus Vaccine Found

Lockdown Measures Could Be in Place Until Vaccine or Drug Cure Is Found

Fauci Says Lockdown Will Continue Until There Are No ‘New Cases’ of Coronavirus

That’s the vaunted Doctor Anthony Fauci – establishing a literally impossible standard to meet.

We pump millions of Americans full of flu serum every year.  And every year tens of thousand of Americans die from the flu – and every year millions of Americans contract it.

“No new cases” as a precursor to ending this shutdown – is titanically stupid.  And/or totalitarian.  I’m going with “and.”

By the way: That’s the same vaunted Doctor Anthony Fauci who in the 1980s set in motion the government expenditure of now tens (hundreds?) of billions of government dollars on a vaccine for HIV – the virus that causes AIDS.

Four decades later – no such thing.

How’d you like a forty-year shutdown?

Fauci Fun Facts: Dr. Fauci’s AIDS Predictions Were Also WAY OFF THE MARK

Thank God we’re again listening to Dr. Fauci.


More Than 26 Million People Have Lost Jobs During the Coronavirus Shutdown

And that’s just the number the WAY overwhelmed governments were able to count.  I’d bet millions more filed for unemployment – to no avail.

And we get a new jobs loss number Thursday.

U.S. Economy Shrank 4.8% in the 1st Quarter Amid State Shutdowns

And we didn’t start the titanically stupid shutdowns – until March.

We shrank the entire US economy by 5% – in one month.

Thank God we’re still listening to Dr. Fauci.

Ok, despite the titanic stupidity of it – our dictators are pledging to keep US hiding under our beds until there’s a China Virus treatment.

Which means:

“Big Pharma – it’s America on Line One.”

Which we noted way back on March 17:

We need Big Pharma – to step up big.

And they have.

Trump Asks Pharma Firms to Step Up Coronavirus Vaccine Work

Biotech Companies Are Testing Drugs, Working on Vaccines to Combat Coronavirus

The Stock Market Is Rising on Hope for a Pharma Solution to Coronavirus

God bless Big Pharma.

And why did Big Pharma do all this?  Part altruism – part self-interest.

Capitalism and Its Intellectual Property: No Coronavirus Solution Without It:

“‘Big Pharma’ has saved hundreds of millions of lives – and improved tens of billions more.

“Did pharmaceutical companies spend the billions of hours and trillions of dollars necessary to save and improve these lives – solely out of the goodness of their hearts?

“Of course not.  Because human nature.

“Pharmaceutical companies save and improve lives – also because it makes them money.  Because human nature.

“How do they make money?  By patenting the life-saving-and-improving drugs they create.”

Except Big Pharma – is an all-time Top Five Leftist bete noir:

“‘Big Pharma’ is a really stupid term coined by Leftists who loathe capitalism – and loathe successful capitalists most of all.

“Pharmaceutical companies – “Big Pharma” in Left-ese – are successful capitalists.

“Thus, ‘Big Pharma’ is a routine recipient of Leftist attacks.”

What the Democrats Said about ‘Big Pharma’ – and Why It Matters:

“Practically the first words spoken at the first Democratic primary debate on Wednesday zeroed in on drug companies, as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) fingered biopharma as a prime example of corporate excess and a culprit for an economic system skewed in favor of the wealthy.

“Democrats rushed to echo Warren’s remarks, sharply criticizing ‘Big Pharma’ for its lobbying presence in Washington, for high drug prices, and for furthering the opioid crisis. All told, nine of the 20 candidates worked drug industry jabs into their remarks.”

And now that Big Pharma has dropped everything on which they make money – to work on a China Virus response – what is the Left’s response to Big Pharma?

Hint: It ain’t gratitude.  And it ain’t an appreciation of human nature.

The Left is demanding our saviors spend billions of dollars saving us – and then make…absolutely nothing at all.

Don’t Let Big Pharma Make a Killing by Profiteering Off COVID-19 Treatments:

“These treatments should be available to everyone who needs them at no cost.”

Pharma Urged to Put Financial Considerations on the Back Burner in the Fight Against COVID-19

Big Pharma Prepares to Profit From the Coronavirus:

“The final (China Virus) aid package…omitted language that would have limited drug makers’ intellectual property rights….”

There it is – the underlying reason for many of the Left’s inanities on this.

This is in no small part about the Left loathing Intellectual Property – and our Constitutional right to it.

So the Left isn’t letting the China Virus “crisis” go to waste.

They are attempting to use it – to undermine Intellectual Property.

Because why should companies that have dropped everything to rescue the planet from a self-inflicted Great Depression – make anything at all for doing it?

This first appeared in Red State.