Dumbness Abounds at Biden’s FCC

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The Latest from Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
And They Think We’re Stoopid

Human nature – is human nature.  It is immutable.

And it dictates that government action is nigh always exceedingly stupid.

Having government bureaucrats in charge of you and your life – doesn’t work.

Because bureaucrats have no real stake in the outcome of your existence.  And pay no real price for screwing you – or screwing up your life.

Having humans in charge – who pay no price for being wrong – is a REALLY bad idea.

So let’s not have them in charge of quite so much, shall we?

I am classified by The Classifiers as a “limited government conservative.”  I guess I am.

But I am – because I know government sucks at everything.  So I don’t want them doing anything.

So when an administration as spastically, hyperactively overactive as the Joe Biden Administration comes along?

I can only shake my head – and watch the ensuing carnage.

Biden’s ‘Build Back Never’: His Endless Government Assaults Will Make Building America Impossible

Let us take as today’s visual aide: The Biden Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The FCC’s three Democrat Commissioners are ramping up into quite the busy little bureaucrat beavers.

Let the economy be dammed.

Let’s analyze some of the the very many dumbnesses – one dumbness at a time.

FCC Moves Ahead With Title II Net Neutrality Rules in 3-2 Party-Line Vote

Does the FCC have the legal authority to do this?  Of course not.

The FCC can’t do something unless and until Congress passes a law – and the President signs it – telling the FCC to do that something.

That has never, ever happened with either Net Neutrality (NN) or Title II.

FCC Net Neutrality Hasn’t Gotten Any Less Illegal

NN – is dumb enough.

The alleged reason for NN – is your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will block you from content you want.

Except the only entities NOT blocking content – are the ISPs.

When Government Colludes With Big Tech to Censor Americans

Big Tech even blocks content – to frame ISPs for blocking content.

Netflix Admits to Throttling Video on AT&T, Verizon:

“This revelation has ignited a new debate about net neutrality and the practices of internet service providers (ISPs) when it comes to handling data traffic.”

Is this the first time Netflix has engaged in this frame up?  Heavens no.

Netflix’s Contribution to the Net Neutrality Big Lie:

“‘Netflix Has Been Secretly Slowing Down Your Videos for the Past Five Years:

“‘Netflix and its allies last year won the fight over Net Neutrality, arguing that without federal protections Internet service providers could throttle traffic to individuals and companies that didn’t pay for access to Internet fast lanes.’”

“Get that? Internet throttling by ISPs? Cataclysmic. But when non-ISP Netflix does it? No problem….

“And lest we forget:

“‘Netflix…was one of the lead proponents of…a bright-line prohibition on throttling online traffic by broadband providers.’”

Speaking of Big Gov-Big Tech collusion: NN is Big Gov outlawing Big Tech having to pay anything at all for its MASSIVE bandwidth use.

Which is more than a mite stupid:

“Netflix…racked up more than 45 billion minutes of streaming time in the U.S. (in 2023)….”

We’ll pay WAY more – so that Big Tech gets to pay nothing.

And Big Gov pushes Net Neutrality – as a smokescreen misdirection to impose Title II.

Which is taking the omnidirectional World Wide Web – and cramming it all the way down into binary 1934 landline telephone law…and ultimately 1887 railroad law.

Only the bureaucrat mind doesn’t see that as exceedingly stupid.

Then there’s this: In response to the utter dumbness of Bureaucracy Authoritarianism?  We get…

The Utter Dumbness of the Bureaucracy ‘Comment Period’:

“The Comment Periods – are just dumb. Again, these bureaucrats aren’t elected. And they are under no obligation whatsoever to have the comments you file – affect at all what they’re about to do to you.

“If the comments favor the power grab they are about to execute – they trumpet the results, and move forward as planned. If the comments oppose – they ignore the results, and move forward as planned.”

So, of course, the three current FCC Democrats don’t give a rat’s posterior about any of these….

Tens of Thousands Weigh In on Net Neutrality Rulemaking

I’ll bet all the money in my pockets on this:

The last time a bureaucracy listened to public comments – and reversed its course?  Was never.

Want another example of FCC dumbness?  There’s plenty, you know.

The government’s dumbness is so often so dumb – it’s obvious they think we’re all as dumb as they are.

FCC Votes to Ban Termination Fees for Cable and Satellite Services

These companies quite obviously charge us less money per month for their services – in exchange for us signing contracts for their services.

These companies will then quite obviously charge you an early termination fee – to make up the revenue they lost from the reduced monthly rates they were charging.

When the FCC outlaws the early termination fees?  The companies will charge more per month.  Because duh.

Meanwhile: Do you know what entity charges HUGE fees?  Not just for termination of service – but every single month of every year?

Shocker: It’s the FCC.

Look at any or all of your phone bills – and you’ll see the FCC’s Universal Service Fund (USF) tax.

The USF tax goes up automatically every quarter of every year.  And can also go up – anytime three FCC bureaucrats vote to raise it.

The FCC’s tax rate for Q4 2023?  34.6%.

Not a one time fee.  A HUGE tax: Each and every month – on every single phone you have.

The FCC thinks you won’t notice their titanic, rolling heist – by deploying their illegal termination fee misdirection.

And that you won’t notice their titanic power grab – to again massively over-reward their Big Tech cronies.  Because they tell bald face lies – while jamming it down our throats.

Because when you swim in as much dumbness as DC does?

You assume everyone is all wet.