Dumbness: We Can Pay More for Better Everything – Except Internet Service, Apparently

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The Latest from Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
‘Too Much’ – Certainly Doesn’t Help

Government advocacy is an amalgamation of some of the stupidest ideas in the history of ideas.

By “government advocacy” – I mean championing the notion of having government do more stuff.

Human nature dictates that government is – and will always be – awful at everything.

Government incompetence and corruption – is immutable:

“Government is people doing things with money and power that isn’t their own.

“So they’re going to waste the money – and abuse the power.

“Because human nature says so.”

Which is why the United States’ Founding Fathers wrote their government document – the Constitution – with the expressed intention of limiting government.

A phenomenal document – and a phenomenal idea.  All of which the US now wholly ignores.

Net Neutrality is a government expansion policy.  So it is, of course, un-Constitutional.  And it is an exceedingly stupid idea – full of exceedingly stupid, government-expanding policies.

Net Neutrality: Venezuela for the Internet:

“Robert McChesney…is a college professor and an avowed Marxist (please pardon the redundancy).

“Who found time in his rigorous collegiate indoctrination schedule to co-found a Marxist group disingenuously named Free Press. Who are the leading agitators for maximum government control of the Web.

“McChesney is quite straightforward about Net Neutrality’s intent:

“‘(T)he ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.

“How very Venezuela of them.”

Let’s look at just one of Net Neutrality’s very many exceedingly stupid policies:

That the government should ban Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from charging more for faster-better service.

What the government advocates call “fast lanes.”  They think allowing these “fast lanes” – is a very bad idea.

Biden’s New Net Neutrality Rules Don’t Prevent Anti-Competitive ‘Fast Lanes’

FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules Allow Anti-Competitive Fast Lanes Despite Public Concerns

Tell the FCC It Must Clarify Its Rules to Prevent Loopholes That Will Swallow Net Neutrality Whole

Stop ‘Harmful 5G Fast Lanes’, Legal Scholar Warns America’s FCC

Harmful 5G Fast Lanes Are Coming. The FCC Needs to Stop Them

Note the government advocacy zealotry.  If something – anything – impedes the government expansionism?  It must be eradicated.

But what are Internet “fast lanes?”

What Is Net Neutrality? Understanding Internet Fast Lanes:

“The biggest red flag for most internet users is the concept of fast lanes. Without net neutrality regulations in place, ISPs are free to charge whatever they want for access to the web.”

“Charge whatever they want for access to the web.”  You mean…like nigh everyone everywhere does for their good and services?

Every seller of goods and services wants to charge the most they can.  Every user of goods and services wants to pay the least they can.  The government-unfettered marketplace – sorts all of it out.

Unless you’re a government advocate.  In which case – your dumbness is endless…:

“The most prominent example of this is setting up an internet fast lane that divides their service into two levels based on speed.

“If a company or website is in the slow lane, every time you visit you’ll have to wait longer for it to load. If they pay a premium to the ISP to join the fast lane, however, users can connect at higher speeds….

“For consumers, fast lanes will also spread to monthly internet packages. Buy the standard plan and you’ll be able to putter along the web in the slow lane.

“Upgrade to a premium plan and you’ll have access to the fast lane.”

Except EVERYONE – EVERYWHERE – charges more for better or faster service.

Do airlines charge the same price First Class-Business Class – and Coach-Economy Class?

Of course not.  Because duh.

Do FedEx and UPS charge the same price – no matter how fast you want them to deliver your stuff?

Of course not.  Because duh.

Even the exact same government – that these government advocates want to have ban ISPs from charging more for faster – charges more for faster.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) – has FIVE different delivery speeds.  The faster you want something delivered – the more the government charges you.

Because duh.

But government advocates – remain steadfastly impervious to facts….

Net Neutrality: Biden FCC Votes on Rules for Broadband, Internet Oversight

Ahhh…“oversight.”  The government advocate’s weasel word – for total government control.

Net Neutrality Push Is Yet Another Big-Government Power-Grab by Biden

Because duh.