Enviro-Mental: We Own Fifty Private Jets – But We Really Hate You Oil and Gas People

One of Fifty

Big Business (BB) has now nigh entirely bought into being Leftist.

When BB first started extolling Leftism, we conservatives thought it was merely a public relations move.  Fend off the Crazies with a few press releases.

But then BB began kicking in big coin to Leftist outfits – and we started expressing concern.  Why are they feeding the hands that bite them?

As a guy whose County Judge campaign I ran was fond of noting:

“If you’re going to feed that alligator – you’d best use a long-handled spoon.”

Which leads right into a Winston Churchill reptilian observation:

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

And BB now incessantly mouths idiotic Leftist platitudes.

We are thus forced to start thinking:

“Man, they must really believe this idiocy.”

Of course, the Crazies will consume BB.  Because the Crazies will consume EVERYTHING.

Given the fact that Leftism is antithetical to commerce – BB playing into Leftism even a little quickly leads to highly hypocritical conundrums.

To wit: North Face Turns Back on West Texas Oil and Gas Company.

The North Face is a big outdoor equipment company.  Perhaps because their business is predicated upon the environment – they have gone fully Environ-Mental:

“Innovex Downhole Solutions says it was recently denied an order of jackets by The North Face, a popular outdoor recreation company because they are in the oil and gas business….

“Each year, the company gets a Christmas gift for its employees. This year, it was supposed to be a North Face jacket with an Innovex logo, a company Innovex has ordered gear from in the past.

“The company providing the jackets said The North Face doesn’t want to support the oil and gas industry in the same way they’d reject the porn industry or tobacco industry.

“’They told us we did not meet their brand standards,’ (Innovex CEO Adam) Anderson said.

“‘We were separately informed that what that really meant is was that we were an oil and gas company.’”

You know what else is an oil and gas company?

The North Face: The North Face Virtue Signals Against Oil & Gas, While Selling Products Made From Oil & Gas.

Anyone who knows anything about outdoor equipment knows – a key ingredient is polyester.

The North Face has made billions of dollars on outdoor equipment – but apparently doesn’t know anything about it.

I went to The North Face web page – and keyword searched “polyester.”  Said search returned 75 products.

The North Face is loaded with petroleum-based polyester.  And hypocrisy.

How, pray tell, is polyester made?:

“Polyester is a synthetic fiber derived from coal, air, water, and petroleum.”

Wow.  “Petroleum” – that’s oil and gas.  Oh – and “coal” too.

All of which is, of course, antithetical to The North Face’s Enviro-Mental preening.

Innovex CEO Anderson responded on LinkedIn to both of The North Face’s two faces:

“I’m proud to be CEO of Innovex one of the best oilfield service companies in the business. I’m proud of what the oil and gas industry does to uniquely enable human flourishing in the US and around the globe.

“I’m shocked and disappointed that a great outdoors brand, The North Face Brand, refused to sell Innovex 400 Jackets because we are in the Oil and Gas Industry. BTW – their jackets are made from hydrocarbons.

“I lay out my views in the attached letter and look forward to their response.”

Said letter is great from start to finish.  You should read it from start to finish.

To revel in a person who is helping humanity – revel in his helping humanity.  Proudly – and unapologetically.

Oh: Hypocritical The North Face is a subsidiary of hypocritical VF Corporation.

So please – enjoy this: Aircraft Owned by: VF CORP.

Found at that link – are the nearly FIFTY private jets VF Corp seems to currently own.

Paid for by their petroleum products.

Because they really hate oil and gas.

And the people who provide it.

This first appeared in Red State.