Government Is Dumb People – Making You Do Dumb Things

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The Latest from Seton Motley | Less Government |

Government is awful at everything.

Because human nature dictates that it will always and forever be awful at everything.

There’s no fixing it.  There’s no better management of it.

Government is inherently, fundamentally broken.  So you severely restrict what it does.

Humans are self-interested creatures.  Outsourcing any more than an infinitesimal fraction of things you control – to humans who control you?  Is a TERRIBLE idea.

These humans – to whom we outsource control over us – are some of the most inferior  specimens of the species.

They’re called bureaucrats.  And they possess a toxic combination of our worst traits.

Bureaucrats want to lord power over other people.  But do not possess the skills or abilities to obtain that power for themselves.

So they go into government.  Thereby obtaining by proxy – the power they can not themselves acquire.

You end up with low-intelligence, low-skilled people – lording over high-intelligence, high-skilled people.

No-talents – imposing all their jealousies and petty resentments.  Exacting their revenge upon talented people.

Those Who Can – Do. Those Who Can’t – Regulate Those Who Can

Oh: And, of course, bureaucrats want the money they can’t themselves earn.  So to get it – they sell their government power to the highest bidders.

The Obamas’ $50 Million Netflix Deal: Cronyism Comes Full Circle

The examples of bureaucrats’ corrupt, antagonistic idiocy – are as numerous as the stars in the sky.

Here’s a very personal one.

When in 2017 Hurricane Irma flooded and destroyed my home – I had to take a second mortgage and build new.

On which I wasted at least $100,000.  Meeting absurd county government building regulations – that made ZERO building sense.

Because county bureaucrats sell out to the building industry.

Plumbers bribe the bureaucrats – so the bureaucrats will impose a bunch of plumbing mandates.  Which make ZERO building sense – but for which we have to hire plumbers.

Electricians bribe the bureaucrats – so the bureaucrats will impose a bunch of electrical mandates.  Which make ZERO building sense – but for which we have to hire electricians.

And over.  And over.  And over again.

Tax laws everywhere are rife with idiocy.

Farm Like a Billionaire – Harvest Tax Breaks

The Tax Loophole That Gave Rise to San Diego’s Avocado Boom:

“(T)he industry exploded…thanks to congressional bumbling and some sharp-eyed tax planning….

“As part its tax reform effort, Congress closed a loophole that allowed people to avoid taxes by investing in citrus and almonds orchards.

“In 1970, there were about 18,000 acres of avocados in California. By 1980, that number snowballed to 50,000 acres, half of them in San Diego….

“‘As a result, it has completely thrown the marketplace out of kilter in terms of production….”

Avocados have a particular tax idiocy advantage.

A new avocado tree takes 3-5 years to produce its first fruit.  So, during that time, a new avocado farm is a huge loss – and thereby a huge tax write-off.

So millionaires and billionaires start avocado farms – to intentionally lose money.  And then sell them when they actually start making money.

How stupid is our tax code – and the bureaucrats who write it?

We have people who make money – looking for ways to lose money.  That’s how stupid.

Oh: Avocados aren’t native to perpetually-water-stupid California.  Avocado farms require LOTS of water.  So then this happens….

Water Scarcity Caused by Avocado Farming Is Unethical:

“Avocado agriculture is a water sucking-machine with detrimental effects on local ecosystems and populations.”

Bureaucrats very much care about the environment.  Except, of course, for when they do not.

118 Private Jets Take Leaders to COP26 Climate Summit

Government creates metric tons of private sector stupidity.

Government also blocks metric tons of private sector ingenuity.

To wit….

Verizon, T-Mobile, Nokia Get Noisy on Network Slicing and Net Neutrality

Network slicing – is a fine example of private sector ingenuity.

Wireless phones – use wireless spectrum.  Which is a finite resource.  So its usability must be maximized.

The private sector brilliance that is network slicing – does that:

“Network slicing is a new network architecture that provides multiple logical networks on the same shared network infrastructure.

“Each logical network serves a specific service type or industry user. Each network slice can flexibly define its logical topology, SLA requirements, reliability, and security level to meet differentiated requirements of different services, industries, or users.

“Network slicing enables carriers to reduce the cost of constructing multiple private networks and provide highly flexible network services that can be scheduled and allocated on demand based on service requirements.

“This improves the network value and monetization capability of carriers and facilitates digital transformation of various industries.”

The idiotic government policy known as Net Neutrality – will make nigh impossible network slicing:

“Network slicing arose as a major topic at this year’s big MWC Barcelona (wireless communications) confab. Companies ranging from Ericsson to Telefonica to Nokia promised to create slices of their network that sport ‘enhanced performance characteristics.’

“However, many of those same companies are warning that a renewed push toward net neutrality in the US could stymie such innovations….

“T-Mobile kicked off the debate late last year by warning that network slicing ‘is a prime example of a cutting-edge technology that could be negatively affected by regulatory uncertainty.’  The company further clarified its concerns in a meeting with (Federal Communications Commission) FCC staff just before the start of the MWC Barcelona trade show last month…

“Verizon told the FCC earlier this month…’Placing unnecessary restrictions on this technology could stifle it in its infancy, to the detriment of consumers and our nation’s leadership position in the mobile economy.’”

As is nigh always the case – guess who benefits from US bureaucrat stupidity?

If you guessed Communist China – you win a cookie.

In the Race to Dominate 5G, China Sprints Ahead

China (Launches) the World’s Largest 5G Network


Shocker: The Biggest Impediment to US Dealing with China? DC

Isn’t the bureaucrats’ corrupt stupidity fun?

It certainly isn’t helpful or productive.