Is the Dominican Republic About to Elect Itself a Narco-State?

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
¿El Presidente Narco?

The Dominican Republic has its version of our November 2020 election – this Sunday, July 5.

Which makes this week’s news – more than a mite troubling:

Prosecutor’s Office Seized Many High-End Vehicles and Two Helicopters from Husband of Candidate for Deputy of the PRM in DR:

“The La Vega Prosecutor’s Office seized various high-end vehicles, helicopters, real estate, and large sums of money from Mr. Miguel López, husband of the candidate for deputy for the Modern Revolutionary Party (MRP), Rosa Amalia Pilarte López.

“In the operation, in which they were arrested for links to drug trafficking and money laundering, ‘hundreds of documents that compromise their criminal liability were seized, 2 helicopters, an undetermined amount of cash, several properties in real estate valued at hundreds of millions of pesos and dozens of high-end vehicles owned by Mr. Miguel López have been identified.’”

So the husband of the candidate for deputy of the Modern Revolution Party – certainly appears to be a major drug trafficker.

Which means his candidate wife certainly appears to at the very least be aiding and abetting a major drug trafficker.  And, of course, benefitting mightily from it all.

But it gets better.  And by better – I mean worse.

Images Indicate Strong Connections Between Luis Abinader and Businessman Miguel Lopez and His Wife, the Candidate for MP PRM-Vega, Rosa Amalia, Linked to Money Laundering:

“The presidential candidate of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Luis Abinader, has strong ties with the family of the businessman from La Vega, Miguel López and Rosa Amalia Pilarte López, candidate for deputy of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), arrested early Monday morning accused of money laundering and other crimes.

“The editorial office of , has several photos of the presidential candidate sharing with López and his family, in his residence in La Vega, in a very pleasant way and dismounting one of the businessman’s helicopters.

“One of the images shows Abinader descending from the M. López N130LG helicopter in La Vega, where he was expected by a group of PRM leaders.

“Abinader shares with López and his children, and according to the images, with different types of clothing, both in his home in La Vega and in public places.”

Not only is the candidate for deputy of the Party from all appearances neck-deep in drugs – so too is the Party’s presidential candidate.

He’s hopping all over the place in the drug dealer’s helicopters (plural).  The helicopters being a key component in the government’s drug trafficking and money laundering case.

He’s routinely staying at the drug dealer’s many houses and properties.

His kids and the drug dealer’s kids are sharing clothes. They’re close.

He can’t possibly pretend he didn’t know.  He too certainly has been benefitting from drug trafficking’s largesse.

But wait – it gets even worse.

Former PRM Mayor to Be Extradited to US for Drug Charges:

“Former Azua mayor Yamil Abreu Navarro was arrested yesterday….

“He is accused of belonging to the Mexican cartel of Sinaloa and of trafficking drugs to the United States.

“Attorney General Jean Alain Rodriguez made the announcement indicating that Abreu served as director of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) political campaign in the south.

“This charge was denied by the PRM that indicated that legislator Wellington Arnaud was the director of the campaign in the south.”

The AG says the Mayor was running half the country for the Party’s campaign.  The Party denies it.

Guess who I am inclined to believe?

But wait – it gets even worse.

Opposition Will Win Dominican Republic Presidency: Poll:

“The Gallup-Hoy poll found that Luis Abinader, presidential candidate of the opposition Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) would win the presidential election on July 5 in the first balloting.”

Dominican Republic Presidential Candidates: Luis Abinader 54%, Gonzalo Castillo 34%, Leonel Fernández 9%, According to the Zogby Strategies Survey

So a guy – who at the very least is completely surrounded by MAJOR drug traffickers – is about to win the Dominican Republic (DR) presidency running away.

This is, of course, awful for the DR.  But it is also awful for the US.

Crime Cartels Revive Caribbean Cocaine Pipeline:

“Why the Dominican Republic?

“The Dominican Republic has far and away the biggest economy and GDP in the Caribbean, along with a booming property market, thus offering plenty of money laundering opportunities.

“For departing cocaine shipments, the Dominican Republic has a plethora of different routes to offer.

“For the US market, there is Puerto Rico, just 381 kilometers away. As a US territory, if smugglers can get cocaine onto this island, it makes for an easier ride to the mainland, being inside the US customs barriers.”

Once you get into Puerto Rico – a designated US territory – you’re in the US.

And illegally getting into Puerto Rico – seems to be exceedingly easy.

The Other Border: Unauthorized Immigration to Puerto Rico:

“The Mona Passage is the main route for unauthorized immigration to Puerto Rico, mostly from the Dominican Republic.”

Excellent news.  But wait – it gets even worse.

Puerto Ricans Targeted in Massive ID Theft Schemes

Because, of course, Puerto Ricans have unfettered access to the US.  So Dominicans (and lots of other people) mass steal their paperwork.

So we have the Dominican Republic about to elect as president a man who is – at the very least – drowning in drug trafficking associations.

A looming president – who has consistently benefited from the largesses that drug trafficking has provided.

A looming president – whose Party is also at the very least neck-deep in drug trafficking associations.

A looming president – of a country with nigh unfettered illegal access to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico being a place – with unfettered legal access to the US.

Excellent news.

This first appeared in Red State.