Let Us Finally Declare Internet Independence from Net Neutrality Overreach

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
As Much As We Can Make It So

Behold the Internet.  A free speech-free market Xanadu – developed entirely by the eternal wonderment of unfettered free markets.

The Left has ignored entirely the ongoing, rolling success of the government-free Net – and instead incessantly proclaimed looming doom if we didn’t immediately impose massive government upon it.

The very dumb regulations of which most of us have heard – Network Neutrality.

Which is part inherent dumbness – and part Trojan Horse dumbness to sneak in even more dumbness.

As with nigh all things Left – Net Neutrality is an assault on the free market.  Specifically some really rudimentary free market activities.

Paid Prioritization

You can pay the government Post Office different amounts of money for different delivery speeds.

Net Neutrality is the government stupidly prohibiting us from doing the exact same thing on the Web.

Which means the surgeon performing remote Internet surgery – can not pay extra for extra speed.  So as to clear himself and his operation from the masses watching “Panda Sneezes” videos on YouTube.

So the connection buffers, the surgery goes bad – and you die.  But at least everyone on the Internet was squeezed down by Net Neutrality to micro-size and mal-normal “equality.”  And that’s what’s really important.

Free Stuff

Nigh every business everywhere offers you package deals – that get you multiple items for less coin than the items purchased a la carte.

Fast food joints offer you “meals.”  Sandwiches, sides and drinks – bundled together at a lower aggregate price.

Do that with anything involving the Internet – and the Net Neutrality sirens sound.

AT&T Squeezes Net Neutrality with Free Ride for DirecTV:

“If your phone or tablet gets its wireless service AT&T and a DirecTV subscriber, here’s some good news: you can now watch DirecTV on your mobile device without this counting against your data plan….(T)he implication is clear: streaming DirecTV will cost you less than other services.”

Sounds great, right?  Very consumer friendly.  Except….

“The rub: What’s good news…for AT&T customers may be bad news for net neutrality.”

Who CARES if it’s bad for Net Neutrality – for its own sake?

If you must make things WORSE for consumers in order to save Net Neutrality – and you must – well then Net Neutrality is titanically stupid.

Net Neutrality freaks must destroy the Internet – in order to “save” it.

But this is Washington, DC about which we are speaking.  Inherent dumbness is considered not a bug – but a virtue.

We’ve now spent nearly two decades seeing how stupid und unnecessary Net Neutrality is.  Yet like a heinous rash – it keeps flaring up.

Which is awful uncertainty for everyone trying to actually provide us access to the Internet.  And keeps open the threat of even dumber government – Title II Reclassification:

“‘While (President Donald Trump FCC Chairman Ajit) Pai agrees with the basic tenets of net neutrality, upholding them does not mean the FCC needs to regulate broadband under 1934 rules designed for the telephone monopoly….

“‘Title II undermines broadband competition. In the five years after the FCC first proposed Title II (2010–15), investment dropped somewhere between $160-$200 billion relative to what it would have been projecting forward from 2005–10, when net neutrality alone was the baseline for investor expectations.’

“In other words – you can have Net Neutrality…without the draconian Title II Democrats are now demanding.”

In the interest of FINALLY making this nonsense go away, three different Republican bills have been filed to impose relatively mild, non-Title II versions of Net Neutrality.

And look – we have the rarest of sightings: Bipartisanship.  Forty-seven House Democrats have publicly agreed to consider a Net Neutrality compromise.

Doing the math (another DC no-no) – means any one of those Republican bills would most likely pass the Democrat House.  In bipartisan fashion – with these forty-seven Democrats on board.

And given every rational person’s thorough nausea with the issue – the Republican Senate would most likely pass it, and Republican President Donald Trump would most likely sign it.

Sadly, in DC, accepting a little dumbness – so as to prevent an unending avalanche of dumbness – is a big win.

And here we are with Net Neutrality.

This first appeared in Red State.

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