Like California Before, Texas Is Bleeding to Democrat Blue

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Democrats want unobstructed open borders – because the people imported in that fashion vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.

Central and South America are almost entirely Third World.  Third Worlders are used to – and like getting – government money.  The Democrat Party – is the US Party of government money.

You hear feeble attempts by open border Republicans to defend their ridiculous open borders policy – that Hispanics are natural GOP constituents.  That they are inherently conservative – and will vote that way.

Except they never, ever do.  President George W. Bush received 40% of the Hispanic vote in 2004 – and the GOPe has been doing cartwheels about that pathetic number ever since.

For the government school victims out there: 40% for – means 60% against.  Which by any electoral calculation – is a HUGE loss.  And it hasn’t been even close to that pathetic percentage in the fifteen years since.

Why Hispanics Don’t Vote for Republicans:

“Hispanics supported Obama by a margin of nearly 75 percent to 25 percent, and may have provided important margins in some swing states….

“It is not immigration policy that creates the strong bond between Hispanics and the Democratic party, but the core Democratic principles of a more generous safety net, strong government intervention in the economy, and progressive taxation.”

If Hispanics are so conservative and free market – why are none of the countries in central and South America governed by conservatives and conservative-free market policies?

Brazil just elected as president Jair Bolsonaro – “The (Donald) Trump of the Tropics.”  But as with all of these examples when they periodically occur – this is an exception that proves the rule.  Bolsonaro’s win – ended a 71-year run of nigh unbroken leadership by Brazil’s Socialist party.

Mexico in 2000 elected as president Vicente Fox – ending their Socialist party’s seven-decade run.  Fox was heralded by all the usual US suspects as a reformer – who would incept a Mexico transformation.

Except very little in Mexico changed.  And what changed – got worse.  Fox sank beneath the Mexican status quo waves – and the areas on both sides of our shared border became even more violent and insane.   Fox ended up fully reverting.  He is a vocal critic of Trump – including of Trump’s pledges to enforce our border.

Which brings us back to the US.  Democrats want open borders – because the people imported in that fashion vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.

Exhibit A: California.  California is your country on open borders – any questions?

In 1994, California was well on its way to being overrun by illegal aliens.  The populace responded – with Proposition 187 – the “Save Our State” initiative:

“(T)o establish a state-run citizenship screening system and prohibit illegal immigrants from using non-emergency health care, public education, and other services in the State of California. Voters passed the proposed law at a referendum on November 8, 1994.”

An activist judge subsequently, bizarrely ruled not giving non-citizens government money – unconstitutional.  Ridiculously ending American Californians’ last stand for sanity.

The illegal alien government money spigot had been permanently cranked as wide open as the border.

And California went from a state that elected statewide Republicans Ronald Reagan and (Prop 187s) Pete Wilson – to a state that will never, ever again elect a statewide Republican.

California – is now a Third World country.  A few very wealthy people – and a massive super-majority of very poor people.  The middle class – as in any Third World country – is a highly endangered species.

What’s even worse?  California’s bleed to Democrat Blue – is happening in once-deep-Red Texas.

Unfortunately, Texas’ transformation to insanity is happening much more rapidly.

I moved to Austin, Texas in 1996 – in the midst of the state’s Party conversion process jn the other direction.  As in the rest of the American South, Texas’ conservative Democrats were becoming conservative Republicans.

Former Congressman-then-Senator Phil Gramm – did it the right way.

Gramm Quits House for G.O.P. Race:

“Two days after his fellow Democrats stripped him of his seat on the House Budget Committee, Representative Phil Gramm of Texas resigned from Congress today and announced that he would run for re-election as a Republican.

“It had been expected that Mr. Gramm, a conservative Democrat who had earned the enmity of the Democratic leadership for his collaboration with President Reagan on budget matters, would leave the Democratic Party. But his decision to resign and precipitate a special election was a dramatic gesture, ‘the only honorable course,’ in his words.”

Flash forward but one decade – and the state had begun trending Leftward.  Shoved in that direction – by the same Third World invasion that destroyed California.

And the Republican Establishment – in response to that drift – further helped the drift along.  By squelching the conservatives in their midst.

Behold Republican ex-Speaker Joe Straus.

Straus first became Speaker in 2009 – and set a state record by serving five consecutive terms over the next decade.

Straus won time and again by garnering nearly all the minority Democrat votes – combined with enough GOPe votes to put him over the top:

“Under Straus, the House has been the last bulwark for business-oriented, socially moderate Republicans in state politics. For several  sessions, it has served as a brake on the ascendancy of movement conservatives.”

Straus’ agenda – wasn’t conservative.

And guess which Republicans Straus chose to Chair Committees?  The GOPe reps who voted him Speaker, natch.

Which means Texas’ agenda – wasn’t conservative.

George Mason’s Mercatus Center releases a yearly ranking of freest states.

In 2009 – Texas was fourth.

In 2017 – Texas was twenty-third.

A highly dubious legacy for alleged Republican Joe Straus.

This legislative session,…:

Dennis Bonnen Unanimously Elected Texas House Speaker, Succeeding Long-Time Leader Joe Straus:

“Bonnen, a legislator since 1997, is also a moderate Republican like Straus. Both secured the chamber’s top job by garnering the support of Democrats.”

A Bonnen in Straus’ clothing.  Meaning much more of the Leftward-drifting same.

And the GOPe moderatism that once garnered almost no House Republican votes – just garnered them all.

Texas is beginning to look a lot like California.

Where Ted Cruz’s Close Victory over Beto O’Rourke Stands among Texas’ Historical Election Results:

“It was the closest a Democrat came to toppling a Republican incumbent U.S. senator since 1978.”

One of the diseases that afflicts Third World locales – like California – is massive, systemic cronyism.

California Covered in Cronyism

California Cronyism and its Consequences

California Corrupt Cronyism Hits Taxpayers

The eyes of cronyism are upon you, Texas…:

Cronyism: Why Are Republicans in Texas Sponsoring a Bill to Block Competition?:

“(Behold bills) by state Senator Kelly Hancock (SB 1938) and state Representative Dade Phelan (HB 3995).  Hancock is Chairman of the Senate Committee on Business & Commerce – and Phelan Chairman of the House Committee on State Affairs.

“The legislation has to do with electricity – and electricity transmission….

“(T)he companion bills offered by Hancock and Phelan – create a situation where competition can quite easily be stifled:

“‘An electric utility may not directly or indirectly provide service to the public under a franchise or permit unless the utility first obtains from the commission a certificate that states that the public convenience and necessity requires or will require the installation, operation, or extension of the service.’”

“Legalese-to-English translation: Any company that wants to provide service – must first play Mother May I with the government.

“And this is not just a routine permit process request.  The company must meet some amorphously awful definition of ‘public convenience and necessity.’”

“Which means the government has any one of a million obtuse outs – to deny permission to any  company it wishes.

“To my highly cynical eye and mind – this looks very much like an incumbent protection bill.

“Designed to allow government to block any and all newcomers – to shield the existing providers from the additional competition.

“This isn’t ‘Wide Open for Business’ – so much as it is ‘Slammed Closed for Cronies.’”

This isn’t legislation offered up by Committee Chairmen in the fourth freest state in America.

This is legislation – of the 23rd freest.  And falling very, very fast.

As Texas continues to bleed its way to California, Democrat Blue.

This first appeared in Red State.

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