May We Please Finally End All the Fake Obama Labor Department Discrimination Lawsuits?

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
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The breakneck pace of government action is sometimes difficult with which to keep pace.

If you’re a Galapagos Tortoise.

Anyone or anything any more fleet of foot than the island behemoth – is left languishing in anger, frustration and despair as government operates at its glacial pace.

Ex-president Barack Obama understood this – and counted upon it when looking to continue his anti-America actions long after he had left office.

In the last days of his administration, Obama filed numerous lawsuits and started numerous bureaucratic actions against even more innocent victims of his government.

Obama Is Set to Push Through Last-Minute ‘Midnight Regulations’ to Secure His Legacy and Limit President Trump

Trump Administration Must End Obama’s Bogus Lawsuits Against Big Tech:

“Following (Donald) Trump’s upset victory in late 2016, Obama’s cabal of partisan lawyers drew up a series of midnight regulations to sabotage the incoming administration: bogus last-minute lawsuits they knew would serve as political time bombs once Obama had left office….

“In the offending midnight regulations, the Obama Administration’s Department of Labor attacked tech companies Palantir, Google, then Oracle with (pardon the expression) trumped-up accusations of discrimination for some of their government contract work.

“In each suit, no actual evidence of discrimination was presented, merely out-of-context statistics. To any real court of law, mere statistical sampling would not qualify as evidence, but the DoL has notably lower standards.

“Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) was designed to promote affirmative action among federal contractors, but – as is often the case with this type of camel’s nose in the tent policy – OFCCP has become a haven for far-left Obama holdovers to attack private enterprise.”

We all know Obama LOVED using government to punish his enemies and reward his friends.  He specifically said so.  And he repeatedly did so….

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Obama’s IRS Admits To Specifically Targeting Tea Party Conservatives

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We could list examples of Obama corruption (much more than a smidgen) until the crack of Doom….

Again, the three victim companies of the last minute Obama Administration Labor Department lawsuits are: Palantir, Oracle and Google.

Two of which – are Obama enemies to be punished.

Google’s victimization is…a little weird.  Google was perhaps the biggest Obama crony there was.

Currently In Power: The Google Administration

Perhaps Google was thrown in – to pretend that Obama’s hyper-partisan abuse of government power…wasn’t hyper-partisan abuse of government power.

You can’t make a giant corruption omelette – without breaking a few crony eggs.  Sometimes some of your friends have to end up under a bus here or there.

Palantir – is the angel investment firm run by billionaire entrepreneur Peter Thiel.

Peter Thiel Endorses Donald Trump (2016)

That explains that.

Oracle – is a monster tech company run by Larry Ellison.

Larry Ellison Joins Peter Thiel in Trump’s Camp

Ellison’s Trump endorsement was for 2020 – not 2016.  But in 2016 he was for Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio – giving more than $4 million to his PAC.  That probably drew Obama’s ire.

But there was also a private sector war – of which Obama would have deemed Ellison’s Oracle to be the bad guy…again worthy of government abuse.

The Supreme Court Will Hear Google and Oracle’s Nearly Decade-Long Copyright Fight

Google and Oracle’s $9 Billion ‘Copyright Case of the Decade’

So perhaps Obama’s last-minute lawsuit against Oracle – was a bit of crony payback to uber-crony Google.  The enemy of my friends…is my enemy.

The Obama Labor Department case against Oracle – is exceedingly weak.

Obama Holdover Gender Wage Gap Lawsuit: You Can’t Fix Fake Problems

The Federal Government’s Harassment of Oracle

But let’s be magnanimous – and even-handed in the application of government power.

You know – the Anti-Obama.

How Trump Can Help Both Google and Conservatives:

“A month ago, constitutional law attorney Bruce Delvalle argued that an ongoing series of unjust and arbitrary Department of Labor discrimination lawsuits against Google and other tech companies are ‘inexplicable and contrary to everything the current White House cherishes.’

“Delvalle couldn’t be more right – and it’s past time for President Donald Trump to use his most powerful weapon to deliver a victory for conservatives and Google.

“That’s right. Trump should…(create) a more ethical and better-run government….

“Trump should direct Department of Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia to end the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs’ lawsuits against Google, Oracle, and other firms.

“These lawsuits are based upon statistical data and arbitrary assumptions, not actual discrimination. They have little, if any, basis in reality, and they are simply a hammer which is being used to intimidate the private sector.”

Yes, please.  End all the Obama holdover lawsuits – against Oracle, Palantir and Google.

Google is the Evil Empire.  But that doesn’t mean we should use government to illegally abuse them.

We don’t do that.

We’re not Obama and his Democrats.

This first appeared in Red State.