Obama Administration v Human Nature – Oops, I Mean Oracle

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Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Obama’s Assaults of Reality Seemingly Never End

For those of you whose only knowledge of petroleum is – your car needs it at regular intervals:

Dry hole: “Any well drilled for oil or gas that does not yield enough to be commercially profitable.”

A mere three days before being sworn out of office, the Barack Obama Administration’s Labor Department sued Oracle – for failing to get enough fuel out of an inordinately dry hole.

US Department of Labor Sues Oracle America Inc. for Discriminatory Employment Practices:

“Filed with the Office of Administrative Law Judges, the complaint asks the court to enjoin Oracle permanently from discriminating against females, African Americans and Asians in compensation practices and against African American, Hispanic and Caucasian applicants in hiring practices.”

Please note: This announcement is from the Department of Labor website.  Atop the page – is a warning:

“Please note: As of January 20, 2017, information in some news releases may be out of date or not reflect current policies.”

Which is why the Obama Administration filed suit – on January 17, 2017.

Knowing the incoming Donald Trump Administration would never be this stupid.

And that the bureaucracy and its inertia – would leave the lawsuit lumbering forward long after Trump’s inauguration.

There is so much stupid in this – we will today focus exclusively on the female portion of the program.

Obama, Inc sued Oracle – simultaneously alleging pay discrimination against women…and the hiring of too few women (who aren’t Asian).

Which makes zero sense.  If Oracle was in fact able to pay women artificially less – why wouldn’t they hire more of them?  That’s what anyone with an IQ of 9 on a warm day would do.  And I’m fairly sure Oracle’s executives are at least that intellectually equipped.

Let us introduce another term – STEM.  An acronym for: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Four areas of endeavor – vitally important to everything Oracle does.  Because, you know, computers and stuff.

And thus – STEM must be just as important to anyone looking to work for Oracle.  Except….

Why Do Girls Lose Interest in STEM?

We Asked an Expert Why Girls Don’t Study STEM Subjects

Why Aren’t More Girls Showing Interest in the STEM Fields?:

“(T)here are some psychological differences between men and women that put women at a disadvantage. The origin of those differences really doesn’t matter – the fact is they are present.”

Now wait just a minute.  You mean….

Men and Women Have Distinct Personalities:

“Men and women really do have fundamentally different characteristics….”

Why Are Men and Women Different?:

“It isn’t just upbringing.  New studies show they are born that way.”

The heck you say.

Of course, those of us not afflicted with Academia – have known this since we were approximately two years old.

Or as Ilana Mercer put it:

“When an academic ‘discovers’ what ordinary mortals have known for eons, it’s called social science.”

So Obama sued Oracle – for being a victim of human nature and biology.

Obama sued Oracle – for being unable to hire people…who weren’t looking to be hired by Oracle.

Obama sued Oracle – again, a computer company – for paying people who are non-STEM-inclined…less than people who are STEM-inclined.

All of this Obama nonsense is, of course, titanically stupid.

Obama was right about one thing.  Nearly three years later, his ridiculous lawsuit is still wending its way through the courts.

So Oracle was forced to counter-sue.  Because bureaucracy barely moves – but it never stops….

Oracle Sues Department of Labor to End Obama-Era Discrimination Lawsuit

Oh: And as an aside – aren’t we always being told by Obama’s fellow travelers that….

Gender is a Social Construction: Anthropology on Sex, Gender and Sexuality

Facebook’s 71 Gender Options

What It Really Means to Be Gender Fluid or Identify As Non-Binary

Why I’ve Decided to Become a Woman – By a 60-Year-Old Dad

Why I Came Out as Non-Binary to Barack Obama

How can anyone discriminate – against something so indeterminate?


I really miss science and reality.

Don’t you?

This first appeared in Red State.