Past Is Prologue: Obama-Biden Was Owned and Operated by Big Tech, So…

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“What is past is prologue”  — William Shakespeare, The Tempest

The Barack Obama-Joe Biden Administration was exceedingly awful in ways too exceeding to innumerate.

Which is why successor President Donald Trump’s three year pre-China Virus Lockdown turnaround to perhaps the greatest economy in American history was so exceedingly impressive.

One is left to wonder: What will a prospective Biden Administration do – should they be successful in finally, fully stealing the election?

The Bard tells us: All the awfulness Biden foisted upon us as second banana – he will almost certainly foist again as the lead banana.  In this now-Banana Republic.

One area in which Trump Made America Great Again?  Which was a fundamental component of his entire overall economic turnaround?  Intellectual Property (IP) creation and its protection.

Which was a good thing,  Because Obama-Biden destroyed US:

“When Obama entered the White House, the US was on the global innovation ranking list – consistently #1 or very close to it.

“By the time we were rid of Obama?”

Intellectual Property Crisis: U.S. Drops Out Of The Top Ten In Innovation Ranking

How’d Trump – and his head of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Andrei Iancu – do in cleaning up this particular Obama-Biden mess?:

“Iancu’s work to restore our patent system – has borne fruit….We’re now back up to #3.  And rising with a bullet.”

Except that bullet will now almost certainly be stopped…and reversed.  By an incoming Biden – who ain’t no Superman.

Facing the Consequences: Biden’s Transition Team Should Concern the IP Community:

“(L)ooming for the patent and innovation community is a potential disaster.”

I am exceedingly older and have seen much of humanity and its nature.  This political thing – the desire to cut one’s own throat – still vexes me:

“I know that many patent and innovation proponents did not vote for President Trump, (but) elections have consequences.

“A byproduct of President Trump losing, is the loss of the pro-patent and unapologetically pro-patent system agenda ushered in by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Director Andrei Iancu.

“It also means losing the pro-patent agenda – the New Madison Approach – brought to bear at the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division by Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim….

“(T)here is growing concern that the groundwork laid by each man will be erased by a Biden Administration, which would be for the benefit of technology implementers – who are sometimes referred to as efficient infringers because of their cavalier attitude toward the patent rights of others.”

“Efficient infringers” with a “cavalier attitude toward the patent rights of others” – is a delicate way of saying “frigging patent thieves.”

We don’t yet know for sure how awful Biden will be – but we can guess.  Past being prologue:

“A review of the announced members of the Biden Transition Team only bolsters these concerns.

“It appears as if the only person who will advise a President-Elect Biden regarding the Department of Commerce who has any knowledge of patents is Colleen Chien, who served in the Obama Administration in the Office of Science and Technology Policy during Obama’s second term.

“Chien, who, according to her LinkedIn page, ‘helped formulate White House policy on innovation and intellectual property with a focus on patents,’ advised President Obama during a period that saw former Google Executive Michelle Lee chosen as Director of the USPTO.”

Wait – Google?

Google’s Business Model – Is Theft

The Evidence Google’s Systematic Theft is Anti-Competitive

I would argue that again putting the likes of that $1.2 trillion fox in charge of the hen house isn’t exactly sound IP policy for the US.

But then, I’m not bought and paid for by the likes of that $1.2 trillion fox.

The Obama-Biden Administration absolutely was.

Currently In Power: The Google Administration:

“‘Search giant averages a White House meeting a week during Obama administration.’”

And it looks like we’re again on the way to anti-IP crony captivity in the Biden Administration:

“Chien’s views on patents are academic, not grounded in the real world, and her default is to be in favor of Silicon Valley implementers who successfully convinced Congress and the Obama Administration to significantly tilt U.S. patent laws away from innovators and toward infringers.”

“Infringers?”  This guy Gene Quinn is way too exceedingly nice.  They’re IP thieves.  Google is the biggest IP thief this side of Communist China.  In fact, they’re brothers in thieving arms.

Google’s Thieving Collaboration with Communist China Doesn’t Speak Well for Google

And Google and their thieving Big Tech cohorts – have already primed the IP heist pump with scads of Biden campaign assistance:

“(T)he social media giants and Google did much to support the Democratic ticket during this most recent election, not just financially, but very publicly suppressing news stories (for whatever reason) and removing conservative media from search results….Biden owes quite a lot to the FAANGs of Silicon Valley.

“Will this mean the next USPTO Director will again come from Google or Facebook or Amazon, as was the case during Obama’s second term?

“Will the antitrust lawsuit just filed against Google continue, or will the Antitrust Division of the DOJ step in? Will the Antitrust Division of the DOJ withdraw from the 2019 joint policy statement entered into with the USPTO and NIST, which recognized that injunctions can be appropriate even when dealing with standard essential patents?

“Given the support the Biden-Harris ticket received from Silicon Valley and the makeup of the Biden Transition Team, legitimate fears are percolating about whether a first Biden term might look an awful lot like a third Obama term insofar as patents and innovation policy is concerned – even among some Democrats who voted for Biden.”

“Legitimate fears” indeed.

Willie Shakespeare knew of what he wrote:

What is past is prologue.

This first appeared in Red State.