Senator ‘Grim Reaper’ McConnell – Is Receiving Legislative Corpses from Pelosi

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has wisely, rightly stopped from going forward most of the legislation House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has passed and sent his way.

In the Donald Trump Age of Nicknames (which thus far no one delivers as well as the President) – Pelosi has one for McConnell.

Nancy Pelosi Calls Mitch McConnell ‘The Grim Reaper’

Pelosi Shows Off Poster of ’Grim Reaper McConnell’s Graveyard’

A nickname and messaging campaign – the awful, corrupt, Leftist media is more than happy to back.

The House-Passed Bills that Have Ended Up in the Senate ‘Graveyard’

For his part, McConnell embraced the appellation.

McConnell Brushes Off Pelosi’s Insult: ‘I Am Indeed the Grim Reaper’ of Democrats’ ‘Socialist Agenda’

I would beg to differ with McConnell – if only on his embracing the new title.

McConnell isn’t the Grim Reaper – he’s simply a coroner.  The Senate isn’t a graveyard – it’s a morgue.

McConnell isn’t killing legislation – he’s receiving legislation that is politically DOA (Dead On Arrival).  And Pelosi – and nigh everyone else on the planet – know it.

Which we addressed a good bit ago.

DC Wastes WAY Too Much Time on Bills Everyone Knows Can Not Become Law:

“Which is why we no longer in DC get legislation.  We get Legislation Theatre.  Elected officials proposing bills that have zero chance of becoming law – but look really good on stage to their respective bases.

“The examples this cycle are already myriad.

“After HR 1 Vote, Democrats Ready to Move Quickly on Other Top 10 Bills:

“‘(House Speaker Nancy) Pelosi has been steadily rolling out bills HR 1 through 10 to keep priorities advancing.’

“HR 1 – is an anti-First Amendment, omni-directional disaster.  So of course the Democrat-majority House passed it.  But to what end?

“(Senate Majority Leader Mitch) McConnell Mocks HR 1 As ‘Parade Of Horrible’:

“‘McConnell was defiant when asked why he wouldn’t bring HR1 to the Senate floor. “Because I get to decide what we vote on,” was his response.

“So the House – wasted its time.  And therefore – ours.

“Do any of Pelosi’s ten items have even the slightest chance of passage?  That is a highly dubious proposition:

“‘The new Democratic majority has been quickly, but steadily and deliberately, rolling out legislation to fulfill their 2018 midterm campaign promises and reintroducing bills that languished during the past eight years when Republicans controlled the House.’

“These bills ‘languished during the past eight years when Republicans controlled the House’ – because Republicans do not like them.  They didn’t vote on them then – they won’t vote for them now.

“Pelosi’s entire agenda – is a titanic waste of time….

“Pelosi is passing her slate of nonsense – knowing almost none of it will even get a vote in the Senate.  Let alone passage and a Presidential signature.”

Pelosi does all of this – and then gives McConnell a lame (and inaccurate) nickname.  For doing exactly what she – and anyone with an IQ above nine on a warm day – knew he would do.

To wit:

House Passes Bill to Restore ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules:

“The House has passed bill Wednesday to restore Obama-era (Title II) ’Net Neutrality’ rules, but the legislation faces slim odds of making it through the Republican-controlled Senate.”

Yet another House bill – arriving in the Senate with no pulse.

Why the Senate Is Blocking a New Net Neutrality Bill:

“The House just passed a bill to bring back net neutrality. McConnell says it’s ‘dead on arrival’ in the Senate.”

Thankfully, there are some Democrats who actually realize we have a divided DC.  A Democrat House – and a Republican Senate and President.

And are trying to actually pass live legislation – that could actually become law.

House Democrats Seek Bipartisan Working Group on Net Neutrality

There’s One Democrat Senator Who Didn’t Co-Sponsor the ‘Save the Internet’ Net Neutrality Bill

Republicans are looking to do the same.

GOP House Members Offer Trio of Net Neutrality Bills:

“Republicans…are offering up at least three versions of legislation that would reimpose network neutrality rules, but without doing so under Title II common carrier regs they argue are a relic of the monopoly (dial-less, black) phone based Title II common carrier rules.”

“The bills would impose the Net Neutrality principles – to which both Republicans and Democrats fairly recently agreed.

“That is, before the Democrats’ Socialist base – demanded the Title II government takeover of all things Internet.”

Title II – is 1934 landline telephone law.  Get that?  1934.  Landline telephone law.

To impose Title II upon the Internet – is insane.  Regulator-ily, technologically, economically – and metaphysically – insane.

Of COURSE McConnell isn’t going to (re)impose Title II on the Internet.

Thankfully, McConnell, nigh all Republicans and a great and growing number of Democrats acknowledge and know you can have Net Neutrality – without Title II.

Net Neutrality has stood astride the Internet – and us – like a Colossus.  Unsolved – for nearly two decades.

We now – finally – have a chance to solve it.

If Pelosi will allow a vote on any one of the three minority Republican House Net Neutrality bills – they could all pass with nearly fifty Democrat votes.

And then likely pass the Republican Senate.

And then likely be signed by the Republican President.

Presto – actual, living-and-breathing legislation.  That can become actual, living-and-breathing law.

There’s a legislative Grim Reaper in DC.

But it ain’t McConnell.

It’s Pelosi.

This first appeared in Red State.

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