Super Bowl: NFL Prohibits Another TV Ad – Blocking for North Korea’s Communist Kim Jong-Un

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National Football League (NFL) Commissioner Roger Goodell – has had a bit of a bad decade.

(So bad – that his ex-television-news-host wife was caught with a fake Twitter account Tweeting in his defense.)

Goodell began this time frame under-reacting to legitimate problems like the New England Patriots’ Spygate.

Goodell then woefully mishandled the break of the chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) concussion story.

Goodell then tried to play catchup – by ridiculously overreacting to non-stories like the Patriots’ Deflategate.

While under-reacting to woeful off-the-field player behavior. Epitomized by his under-punishment of then-Baltimore Raven running back Ray Rice for beating his fiancé – only to then be embarrassed when video of one violent incident became public.

Then came the player protests of the National Anthem, the United States flag and the nation.

It all started during last year’s preseason – as a one-man-gang by then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Who – rather than standing respectfully during the Anthem – kneeled.   Kaepernick’s protest quickly spread – amongst his teammates, and throughout the league.

About all of which Goodell did…nothing.

That season’s NFL television ratings…suffered. This season, as the protests continued, viewership dropped further still.

About all of which Goodell did…nothing.

Which brings us to today. And the NFL’s marquee event – the Super Bowl. A favorite sidelight of the Big Game – are the (exorbitantly expensive) advertisements that will be aired during the Big Game.

Or…not aired.

NFL Blocks Veterans Group’s Super Bowl Ad, Considers It ‘Political Statement’

What did the veterans’ ad contain?:

“The ad…features the tag ‘#PleaseStand’ with a picture of service members saluting the American flag.…”

How awful of these veterans:

“‘The Super Bowl game program is designed for fans to commemorate and celebrate the game, players, teams and the Super Bowl,’ NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told USA TODAY Sports by email. ‘It’s never been a place for advertising that could be considered by some as a political statement.’”

Did you get all that? Goodell and his NFL have been totally cool with two years’ worth of players – every week, on every field, before every game – engaged in blatant, obnoxiously Leftist political statements. Completely free of charge. The totality of the in-kind political contribution to the Left…is nigh incalculable.

But when a veterans group wants to pay $30,000 for thirty seconds to counter that ongoing, rolling anti-America message? No dice.

But this isn’t the only ad Goodell and his NFL are prohibiting. Now the Commissioner, the League – and the Network (NBC) – are blocking for…North Korean Leftist dictator Kim Jong-un.

NFL Rejects Super Bowl Ad Because It Mocks Kim Jong-Un: “(T)he league and NBC, the network broadcasting the game Sunday, have rejected a TV ad from AML BitCoin for being ‘too political,’ according to the company.

“The ad mocks North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, with an actor portraying the despot as angry his hackers can’t steal their crypto-currency.”

Get all that? Goodell has placed his NFL against the Anthem and the Flag – and American veterans wanting respect for both. And for threatening-America-with-nuclear-bombs-Communist-dictator Kim Jong-un.

Because they say it is “too political” to do otherwise.

But two years’ worth of anti-Anthem protests – by their players, on their fields, before their games – isn’t “too political.”

Here’s the AML Bitcoin ad in question. Below the video – is a letter to Goodell from AML Bitcoin CEO Marcus Andrade. In which we find:

“I am the creator of AML Bitcoin, and as a Service Disabled American Veteran, having recently learned that the NFL won’t allow a veterans organization to encourage Americans to stand for our flag, I can only conclude that something is very wrong with your organization.”

He ain’t kidding.

And he ain’t by any means the only one who has reached that very reasonable conclusion.

Fake Tweet about that, Mrs. Goodell.

This first appeared in Red State.

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