The End of Lending: Biden’s ‘Permanent Revolution’ – Via Permanent ‘Crisis’

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Biden, China, Virus – Revolution!

In 1949, Communist Mao Zedong took over China.  He went on to murder an estimated 65 million people – because people get a little unruly when they realize what Communism actually means for them.

As things started really not working, Mao started creating all sorts of marketing gimmicks to sell his detestable “reforms.”  Style over substance, as it were.  For instance, there was the…

Great Leap Forward:

“(A) five-year plan of forced agricultural collectivization and rural industrialization that was instituted by the Chinese Communist Party in 1958, which resulted in a sharp contraction in the Chinese economy and between 30 to 45 million deaths by starvation, execution, torture, forced labor, and suicide out of desperation. It was the largest single, non-wartime campaign of mass killing in human history.”

Well, at least it sounded pleasant.

Mao was always concerned about waning minion enthusiasm, so he heralded his…

Permanent Revolution:

“Mao was convinced his new government would slip into complacency if the revolution wasn’t made ‘permanent.’”

A term and concept Mao implemented – but did not actually coin:

“(T)he strategy of a revolutionary class pursuing its own interests independently and without compromise or alliance with opposing sections of society. As a term within Marxist theory, it was first coined by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as early as 1850, but since then it has been used to refer to different concepts by different theorists….”

Here at home, Democrats have long expressed their affinity for Mao, his words and his work.

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As time has passed, Democrats’ embrace of Mao has grown ever more nakedly blatant.

The Joe Biden Administration is way too close to today’s Communist China – for anyone not in on the US-sell-out.

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The Administration’s China connections aren’t just corrupt transactional – they are ideological.

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Of course it’s addled Biden – so he ain’t always great at it.

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And speaking of Mao’s Permanent Revolution….

Joe Biden Says He Wants a ‘Revolution’:

“On his campaign website, Biden published a plan for how he is going to achieve it. It is entitled ‘The Biden Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice.’”

Joe Biden: ‘Let’s Start A Real Physical Revolution’

So You Say You Want a Revolution? President Biden Continues to Talk Revolution if the Court Does Not Rule as Demanded

One great way to impose your revolution – is via a (manufactured) crisis.  Like say – a government-exacerbated crisis in the name of a Chinese flu.

Because as Democrat Rahm Emanuel reminded us:

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.  And what I mean by that is – it is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

Under cover of the government-mandated China flu “crisis,” the Biden Administration illegally, unilaterally imposed all sorts of Communism.

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But what good is a revolution – if it isn’t permanent?

Biden’s Never-Ending ‘COVID Emergency’ Is Nothing More Than a Cynical Power Grab

You can’t let all that crisis work go to waste.  You must make your crisis-obfuscated, revolutionary power grabs – permanent.  To wit….

CFPB Considers Permanently Restoring Covid Mortgage Protections:

“The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is seeking information to possibly make pandemic-era foreclosure prevention and automatic refinancing programs permanent features of the mortgage market.”

This will almost certainly destroy nigh the entirety of the lending industry – save for a few Big Banks in tight with Big Government. Murder the competition – viva la Revolution!

The CFPB is now going to go through its just-for-show, fake “Comment Period.”  Where the unelected bureaucrats pretend to listen to We the People – then execute the power grab they’d all along planned no matter what We the People say.

The Utter Dumbness of the Bureaucracy ‘Comment Period’

Bureaucracy Power Grab Comment Periods Are Always Stupid – and Often Corrupt

Because why would they listen to We the Peons?  They are too busy instead making awful, transient things eternal.

Because – Viva the Permanent Revolution!