There Is Almost No Constituency in DC – For Shrinking DC

The Latest from Seton Motley | Less Government |
The Latest from Seton Motley | Less Government |

Like him or not – and many don’t like him because the following is true – Donald Trump has been a fundamentally transformational political figure.

Not in an exceedingly awful, Barack Obama way.  In a very good way.

For the US, anyway.  For DC – not so much.

Trump ran in 2016 on draining The Swamp.  He is running on it again this year.

You can – with moral certitude – count on nigh EVERYONE in The Swamp to oppose that.

There are trillions of our dollars – each and every year – sloshing through The Swamp.  Off of which these Swamp Things are lavishly skimming.

NO ONE there wants to lower that water table.

Imagine the federal government is a $6+-trillion-per-annum (and ever-growing) Great White Shark.

DC is made up of many millions of remoras.  Swimming around Jaws – picking off pieces of Jaws’ murder of America.

Jaws doesn’t want to do anything other than increase the feeding frenzy.  Neither do the hangers-on scavenging their slices of it.

$6+-trillion-per-annum – and ever-growing – buys a LOT of people.

Including an ever-increasing number of people who once upon a time entered DC – pledging to shrink DC.

Thus: The debates in DC are vanishingly less – about less government versus more government.

Instead, they are increasingly between different factions of a sector – fighting each other for greater shares of government largesse and favor.

Which is why it so important to join a battle – when one side is actually fighting for less government.

And/or when one side is fighting – against the massive addition of even more government.

One such battle – is the Network Neutrality fray yet again underway.

For those paying attention – you may recall the federal government has tried again and again (and AGAIN) to impose this Internet idiocy.

The Fight for Net Neutrality is Forever

It certainly feels that way.

When the federal government is this insistent?  It is because a massive DC crony constituency is this insistent.

Behold Big Tech – and their current Market Caps.

These are but some of the companies that want the government to impose Net Neutrality.

Microsoft:                                $3.00 trillion

Apple:                                       $2.98 trillion

Google (Parent: Alphabet):  $1.91 trillion

Amazon:                                  $1.64 trillion

Facebook (Parent: Meta):    $1.01 trillion

Netflix:                                     $249.66 billion


Total:                                       $10.79 trillion

In fact, nearly all of the companies who ride the Internet rails – rather than build them?  Are for the government massively expanding its power over the rails.

Tech Companies Are Pushing Everyone to Join the Fight for Net Neutrality

Why are the Riders so insistent that the Builders be subjected to government’s Net Neutrality?

We are told because of this:

“The net neutrality rules in question prevent companies like AT&T, Charter, Comcast, and Verizon from blocking or slowing down access to services…”

Except this never, ever happens.  It never, ever has happened.  And it almost certainly never, ever will happen.

Because these Internet Service Providers (ISPs) won’t be in business very long – if they don’t provide service to the Internet.

Because duh.

There has perhaps never been a more idiotic, unnecessary, massive expansion of government power – than Net Neutrality.

And what aren’t we told about Net Neutrality?  This…:

“Of course uber-huge-bandwidth-hog-(Big Tech) compan(ies)…like Net Neutrality.

“Because it outlaws their being charged for being uber-huge-bandwidth-hog-compan(ies).

“No matter how much data (they) use – and they use a ton – Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can not charge them a dime.

“Which leaves We the Consumers picking up (their) tab – in the form of MUCH higher monthly ISP charges.”

Just how bandwidth hog-gy are the Big Tech companies?

In 2022, 65% of All Internet Traffic Came from Video Sites:

“The breakdown of that internet usage reveals six Big Tech companies – Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, Netflix, and Microsoft – that claim almost half of all traffic.”

And these companies want the government to outlaw their being charged for their Internet usage?

That’s almost difficult to believe.

Meanwhile, we have the ISPs – the Builders – and their Market Caps.

These are the companies asking for less government.

And by that I mean opposing the government’s massive expansion of its existing massive power – in the ridiculous name of the ridiculous Net Neutrality.

WideOpenWest:                        $308.60 billion

Xfinity (Parent: Comcast):      $186.66 billion

T-Mobile:                                    $185.24 billion

Verizon:                                       $176.72 billion

AT&T:                                          $122.66 billion

Spectrum (Parent: Charter)    $55.22 billion


Total:                                          $1.04 trillion

And please keep in mind: The ISPs’ Market Caps – are not entirely from being ISPs.  They provide television and other services as well.

So we have way-more-than-$10.79-trillion-worth of companies – wanting more government.

Which government inherently wants anyway.

Versus way-less-than-$1.04-trillion-worth of companies – wanting less government.

Which government inherently opposes anyway.

So: Guess with which side DC sides?

Over and over (and OVER) again.

It’s almost difficult to believe….