Unlicensed Spectrum Doesn’t Help With Our China Problem

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The Latest from Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Let’s Help Defeat China, Shall We?

The United States – has a bit of a China problem.

Chinese ‘Cyber Police’ Agent Runs Online Network Helping Illegal Immigrants Flood Into US

China Continues to Subsidize Fentanyl Ingredients Bound for US

China Has a History of Selling Dangerous Products to U.S. Consumers

China Owns U.S. Land About Twice the Size of New York City

Chinese Companies Keep Buying U.S. Land Near Military Bases

Chinese Spy Balloon Gathered Intelligence from Sensitive U.S. Military Sites

China is infiltrating US – and completely surrounding US….

China’s Growing Influence in America’s Backyard

China’s Influence in the Western Hemisphere

China’s Growing Influence in Latin America

China’s Network of Ports Grows in Latin America

Well, DC should do something about all of this.  And, in fact, should have done something about it decades ago.

Except DC – may be a little compromised….

China’s Growing Attempts to Influence U.S. Politics

600 U.S. Groups Linked to Chinese Communist Party Influence Effort with Ambition Beyond Election

Penn’s Biden Center Has Drawn GOP Criticism for Its Chinese Donors

Biden Admin Sued After Refusing To Provide Documents About Chinese Donations To University ‘Biden Center’

Joe Biden Earned $15.6 Million in Two Years After Leaving Office

Chinese Elite Have Paid Some $31 Million to Hunter and the Bidens

Author Alleges China Used Business Deals to Influence Families of Mitch McConnell, Joe Biden

Suspected Chinese Spy Slept With, Courted US Politicians

Husband Invested in China as Feinstein Pushed Trade

And on, and on, and.…

And China isn’t just playing a short game….

The Long Game:

“China’s grand strategy to displace American order.”

China Has a Sweeping Vision to Reshape the World

This Is China’s 30-Year-Plan for Global Military Dominance

China’s 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Old String With New Pearls

China Has Two Paths To Global Domination:

“There is Beijing’s bid to dominate high-tech industries that will determine the future distribution of economic and military power….

“It would instead put increasing emphasis on shaping the world’s economic rules, technology standards, and political institutions to its advantage and in its image.”

World tech standards, you say?

Navigating the US-China 5G Competition:

“The United States and China are in a race to deploy fifth-generation, or 5G, wireless networks, and the country that dominates will lead in standard-setting, patents, and the global supply chain.”

And what does 5G Need?  More wireless spectrum – licensed to specific 5G-developing-and-deploying companies.

Licensed vs. Unlicensed Spectrum: Key Differences and 5G Use Cases:

“Licensed spectrum is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum assigned exclusively to mobile network operators (MNOs) for independent usage.

“Individual companies pay a licensing fee for the exclusive right to transmit on an assigned frequency within a certain geographic area so that nothing interferes with transmissions….

“Unlicensed spectrum is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be assigned to or shared with anyone for non-exclusive usage, and it is subject to some regulatory constraints….

“All wireless technologies use radio waves to transmit and receive information, so frequency bands are needed in order for different technologies to use the airwaves at the same time.

“But the electromagnetic spectrum is limited, and too much activity on any one frequency band would cause massive amounts of interference.

“Therefore, spectrum licensing is needed to ensure that mobile network operators and users do not interfere with one another.”

Spectrum licensing is also needed – to compete with China.

Licensed Spectrum: The Little Known, Crucial China Competition Story

5G and China: The Private Sector Needs More Licensed Spectrum, Please:

“Spectrum is a finite resource.  And government controls the majority of the spectrum that exists.  So it is a constant fight to get government to give up the spectrum – and get it to the private sector….

“US wireless spectrum policy is, of course, subject to the same crony destructiveness as is anything else subjected to DC’s massive, all-encompassing involvement in our existences.”

Ahh yes…..

The Deep State Is Imposing Many Impediments to 5G Wireless – and China Loves It

Speaking of DC impediments:

There is currently in DC – a Tale of Two Bills.  Specifically, wireless spectrum bills.

One provides a lot of licensed spectrum – which will help us in our 5G race with China.

The other does not provide a lot of licensed spectrum – which does not help in our 5G race with China.

Spectrum Pipeline Bill Fuels Licensed, Unlicensed Debate:

“A lot of folks looking for more licensed wireless spectrum were happy to hear that Republican Senators Ted Cruz (Texas) and John Thune (South Dakota) today unveiled legislation to expand commercial access to mid-band spectrum.

“But for those in the unlicensed community? Not so much.”

“The unlicensed community” – prefers the bill that doesn’t help us with China.

What has DC – in its inimitably ridiculous, anti-Reality fashion – called the Doesn’t Help With China Bill?

The Spectrum and National Security Act.

Because of course.  Because it does absolutely nothing to help with our China spectrum national security problem.

Spectrum Allocation for a Contest with China

Next Steps to Close the Gap with China on Licensed Spectrum for Commercial 5G:

“Spectrum policy is not a fight between commercial interests and national security. That binary frame is a false and dangerous dichotomy in the 21st century when U.S. national security derives from economic strength and technological innovation as much as traditional sources of power.

“Economic strength, technological leadership, and commercial vitality have always been fundamental to national security, but this is particularly the case in the 5G era where the cyber and physical domains are connected as never before, creating new vulnerabilities that threaten national security.”

We are not competing with China on unlicensed spectrum.

We are competing with China on licensed spectrum – to defeat them in the race to 5G.

As, if you’ll recall, “the country that dominates will lead in standard-setting, patents, and the global supply chain.”

I’m fairly sure I do not want that country to be China.