Would DC Republicans Please Stop Voting for DC Democrats’ Socialism?

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
When Republicans Help Democrats Pass Socialism

DC Republicans are counting on Democrat Socialist insanity – and inertia – to deliver them excellent 2022 election results.  That the (alleged) Two Party System leaves the GOP as the only non-insane entity – so they’ll get the votes come next November.

But DC Republicans keep screwing up.  The key to the plan is differentiation.  You must not join with the DC Democrats and their Socialist insanity.  If you keep making it look like the Two Party System is actually a Uni-Party Cabal – you undermine the “We’re Not Them” strategy.

We’re having a bit of an inflation problem.  Caused in large part by the government printing trillions of dollars – so that it can then spend them.

Democrats are trying to sell their multi-trillion-dollar Build Back (Never) Better spend-a-palooza – as an antidote to inflation.  Which is like saying the solution to a gasoline fire – is more gasoline.

This after President Joe Biden signed in March DC’s third (or fourth) China Virus spend-a-palooza.  This was (at least) $2 trillion – mostly printed.

Republicans wisely tallied zero votes for that insanity.  Providing ubiquitous differentiation between themselves and the Democrats.

But somehow, some Republicans have since gotten dumber.  Or, if you prefer, reverted to form.

Biden just signed into law a fake infrastructure spend-a-palooza.  This too was (at least) $2 trillion – mostly printed.

Except many, many Republicans forgot about the differentiation strategy.  Nineteen Republican Senators and thirteen Republican Congress-persons voted for this idiocy.

This after Republicans regaled us the last many months (and years) about the many horrors of Democrat government spending.  But you can’t on November 17 say things like this:

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy on Official Report Showing Democrats Tax-and-Spending Spree Raises Taxes on Middle Class, Adds to Debt

When Biden on November 15 signed the Democrats’ last tax-and-spending spree – for which you voted.  That’s not differentiation.  That’s GOP DC assimilation.

The GOP’s DC assimilation continues (to reveal itself).  And some Republicans are bragging about it….

Grothman Introduces Bipartisan Veterans and Consumers Fair Credit Act:

“Congressmen Glenn Grothman (R-WI) and Jesus “Chuy” Garcia (D-IL) today introduced the bipartisan Veterans and Consumers Fair Credit Act (VCFCA).”

What is the VCFCA?  It’s a Socialist price cap bill.  I.e. a rate cap on loans.

And the exceedingly awful Socialist National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) loves it.

NCLC Advocates Applaud National Rate Cap Bill

Price caps are – as always, everywhere and for everything – a terrible idea.

Price Caps Are a Bad Idea

Price Controls – Bad Idea Whether Temporary or Permanent

Capping Energy Prices? Still a Bad Idea

Cap and Trade Primer: Eight Reasons Why Cap and Trade Harms the Economy and Reduces Jobs

Health Insurance Price Caps a Bad Idea

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Why Power Price Caps Are a Bad Idea


Price Controls Cause Shortages:

“Price controls are advocated as a method of controlling inflation. People assume that inflation means rising prices and that it exists only when and to the extent that businessmen raise their prices. It appears to follow, on this view, that inflation would not exist if price increases were simply prohibited by price controls.

“Actually, this view of inflation is utterly naive. Rising prices are merely a leading symptom of inflation, not the phenomenon itself. Inflation can exist, and, indeed, accelerate, even though this particular symptom is prevented from appearing.

“Inflation itself is not rising prices, but an unduly large increase in the quantity of money, caused, almost invariably, by the government. In fact, a good definition of inflation would be, simply: an increase in the quantity of money caused by the government….

“The imposition of price controls to deal with inflation is as illogical as would be an attempt to deal with expanding pressure in a boiler by means of manipulating the needle in the boiler’s pressure gauge.  It is no less self-destructive, as well….

“The one consequence of price controls that is the most central and the most fundamental and important from the point of view of explaining all of the others is the fact that price controls cause shortages.

“A shortage is an excess of the quantity of a good buyers are seeking to buy over the quantity sellers are willing and able to sell. In a shortage, there are people willing and able to pay the controlled price of a good, but they cannot obtain it. The good is simply not available to them.

“Experience of the gasoline shortage of the winter of 1974 should make the concept real to everyone. The drivers of the long lines of cars all had the money that was being asked for gasoline and were willing, indeed, eager, to spend it for gasoline. Their problem was that they simply could not obtain the gasoline. They were trying to buy more gasoline than was available….

“(I)f a price control on something exists, and a scarcity of it develops or grows worse, the effect will be a shortage, or a worsening of the shortage. Scarcities can cause shortages, or worsen them, but only in the context of price controls. If no price control existed, the development or worsening of a scarcity would not contribute to any shortage….”

What rate caps will do – is make it much harder for veterans to get loans.  Because there will be many fewer loans for veterans to get.

And Republican Grothman is bragging about his bipartisan, DC assimilation bill to make that happen.

Which is yet another nail in the DC GOP differentiation, “We’re Not Them” coffin.

Happy Election 2022, All.