You Can’t Have Semiconductor Production – Without Patent Protection

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The Latest from Seton Motley | Less Government |

The US government’s vast-overreach-lockdowns – in the name of the mild flu known as the China Virus?

Revealed the US government has spent the last several decades – imposing policies that left US NOT producing very many very important things.

Worse?  Very many of these things – are instead produced by exceedingly awful Communist China.

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Speaking of computers?  A crucial component thereof – is semiconductors.  Oops.

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Which Nation Manufactures the Most Semiconductors?:

“China is the global leader in semiconductor production.”

Because of course.

DC responded – in classic DC fashion.  They spent a ton of money we don’t have – most of it incorrectly.

The House Chips Bill Is Not Just $50B for Semiconductors; It’s a $318B Grab Bag of Waste

And by passing the bill – DC inadvertently revealed its titanic semiconductor-intellectual Property (IP) hypocrisy.

While DC passes bills to bolster chip production?  It keeps in place its devastatingly awful America Invents Act (AIA) law – that strip-mined US IP production.

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Oh: Of course, China saw how stupid we were being – and took maximum advantage.

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China’s New 115-Point Plan to Ramp Up Its Heist of US IP Creation

And you can’t spilt the chip-IP baby.  To actually restore domestic semiconductor production – you must first restore domestic IP protection.

Understanding the Role of Intellectual Property in Semiconductor Technology:

“Understanding the role of intellectual property (IP) in semiconductor technology is crucial in today’s digital age.…

“The rapid advancement of this technology is largely driven by the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, which foster innovation and competition in the industry.

“Patents, in particular, play a pivotal role in the semiconductor industry.  They provide exclusive rights to an invention for a certain period, typically 20 years, allowing the patent holder to prevent others from making, using, or selling the patented invention without permission.

“This exclusivity encourages companies to invest in new and improved semiconductor technologies, as they can be confident that they will have the opportunity to recoup their investment.

“Moreover, patents also facilitate the sharing of knowledge in the semiconductor industry.  When a patent is granted, the details of the invention are published and become part of the public domain. This allows other companies and researchers to build upon the patented technology, driving further innovation in the field….

“(I)ntellectual property plays a vital role in advancing semiconductor technology. It provides the legal framework that encourages innovation and competition, protects the financial interests of inventors and companies, and facilitates the sharing of knowledge.

“As the demand for more powerful and efficient semiconductors continues to grow, the importance of intellectual property in this field is likely to increase.”

DC’s evisceration of the patent system – certainly continued to keep semiconductor production out of the US.

And sloppy DC mega-launches of money – don’t address the real problem.

That being:

The US doesn’t protect domestic manufacturers.

Of Intellectual Property.  Or semiconductors.  Or….