America First: Get US Business Executives Out of Ridiculous Foreign Charges

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Kuwait is allegedly a United States ally.  Like far too many alleged US allies – Kuwait sometimes has a really obnoxious way of showing it.

For the Millennials and younger in our audience – We the People saved Kuwait’s posterior in 1990.  Neighboring Iraq’s Saddam Hussein had invaded and conquered Kuwait.  We arrived – and shoved Hussein out and back to Iraq.

Since, we’ve had a fairly strong relationship with Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah – the Emir of Kuwait.

So what Kuwait has been doing to a company with American ties and its executives – is more than a mite obnoxious.

The company in question – is KGL Investment (KGLI).

America First – Must Include Demanding Foreign Govs Unfreeze Americans’ Coin:

“KGL (has) made much of its money in Kuwait – and now wants to return much of it to the US.

“Enter Middle East cronyism.

“The Kuwaiti and Dubai governments – have frozen KGLs coin for no reason whatsoever.  Well, no legitimate reason.

“Behold Agility Logistics.  A Kuwaiti company – with close ties to the Kuwaiti government.  Agility’s CEO, Essa Anwar Al-Saleh – is a former Chairman of Kuwait’s Gulf Bank.  So he exercised significant power over Kuwaiti commerce and finance.

“And it appears Al-Saleh still does.  Agility is a KGL competitor – with the home court advantage.  The Kuwaiti government appears to be freezing KGLs coin – to benefit Agility.”

Not satisfied with crucifying just the company – Kuwait is going after its executives.

When Leaders Land In Jail: Prominent Gulf Businesswoman Gets Ten Years, Vows To Appeal:

“Marsha Lazareva, (chief executive and vice-chairman of the private equity group KGL Investment), has vowed to appeal her conviction for misusing public funds in Kuwait after being sentenced to ten years hard labor.”

“Ten years hard labor” – ain’t Club Fed.

Lazareva is a Russian national – but she has a five-year-old America-born child.  And the charges against her – appear to be as bogus as those against her company.

Kuwait Government Faces International Tribunal over Jailing of Russian Businesswoman:

“Lazareva(’s)…lawyers, Washington D.C.-based Crowell & Moring LLP, say the charges brought against her were ‘demonstrably false’ and the case amounted to a ‘show trial.’…

“Her lawyers say she was denied access to one of the hearings and on other occasions the defence team was not permitted to introduce its own witnesses and was refused access to critical documents….

“‘Ms. Lazareva is the subject and victim of a politically-motivated vendetta initiated by powerful persons and entities, as well as competitors and rivals in Kuwait, against KGLI, KGL, and TPF,’ the (lawyers’) notice says.”

In other words, it would seem Ms. Lazareva is a victim of the same crony garbage her company is.

Kuwait is attempting to smear as many KGLI people as possible – in an attempt to make their crony garbage case against KGLI look less like crony garbage.

This heinousness began in 2018.  More than a year later – Kuwait ain’t behaving any better.  Despite the fact the contingent demanding Lazareva’s release – keeps getting bigger.

Kuwait Refuses Release of Female CEO Held Over a Year on False Charges:

“The Port Fund confirmed today that a Kuwait court has refused to release Marsha Lazareva, a prominent member of the international business community, who has been subject to unlawful detention and other human rights violations for the past 15 months.

“Following a coordinated multinational effort by high profile officials, former officials and private citizens from the U.S., Russia and the UK to demonstrate Lazareva’s innocence, this refusal serves as a significant insult to all three countries.

“Among those advocating for Lazareva’s release are Neil Bush, the son of the late President George H.W. Bush, Louis Freeh, former director of the FBI, Jim Nicholson, former United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs, former U.S. Representative Ed Royce, Sergey Lavrov, foreign minister of Russia, British Barrister Lord Carlile and members of UK Parliament….

“‘The continued unjust incarceration of Ms. Lazareva threatens to darken relations between the U.S. and Kuwait, two countries that have enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship,’ said Bush. ‘We are confident that Kuwait will review the evidence that has not previously been considered, and immediately release Ms. Lazareva – a critical step toward maintaining America’s faith in the Kuwaiti justice system.’”

America’s shaken faith in Kuwait – ain’t just in the justice system.  As Lazareva’s lawyers pointed out:

“In July they issued a notice of arbitration to the Kuwaiti government, based on a November 1994 agreement between the Russian and Kuwaiti governments to encourage and protect investments in each other’s country.”

What companies – from the US or anywhere else on Planet Earth – are now looking to put their coin to work in Kuwait?  When this is the way Kuwait treats these companies, their executives and their coin?

Lazareva has garnered a great deal of current global government officials’ support.  Lazareva has garnered a great deal of former US government official support.

Lazareva deserves to get some current US government official support.

Like from, say, President Donald Trump.  And members of his administration.

This is a clear case of foreign abuse of a US company and its executives.  It is wrong – and the Trump Administration must correctly end this nonsense.

And not just to rectify this nonsense.

The Trump Administration must rectify this – to remind everyone what America First means…in totality.  That it includes the protection of American interests – anywhere in the world:

“The Roman Empire’s citizenry enjoyed for many, many years the global protection of Civis Romanus.  Aptly described – as so many things were – by TVs ‘West Wing’:

“‘Did you know that a thousand years ago a Roman citizen could walk across the face of the known world free of the fear of molestation?  He could walk across the Earth unharmed.  Cloaked only in the words “Civis Romanus” – “I am a Roman citizen.”

“‘So great was the retribution of Rome – universally understood as certain – should any harm befall even one of its citizens.’

“Civis Romanus – was a key component of Pax Romana (‘Roman Peace’):

“‘The Pax Romana…was a long period of relative peace and stability experienced by the Roman Empire….

“‘Roman trade in the Mediterranean increased during the Pax Romana. Romans sailed East to acquire silks, gems, onyx and spices. Romans benefited from large profits and incomes in the Roman empire were raised due to trade in the Mediterranean.

“‘As the Pax Romana of the western world by Rome was largely contemporaneous to the Pax Sinica of the eastern world by Han China, long-distance travel and trade in Eurasian history was significantly stimulated during these eras.’

“Pax Romana – inspired similar provisions from other nations.  Further expanding the free trade zones – for everyone.”

America First – is Pax Romana.

Well…it should be.

The Trump Administration should make sure that it is.

This first appeared in Red State.

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