America First v China Virus Globalism: We Must Foster Domestic Food Manufacturers

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A Pet – Not a Protein

We’ve been long opposed to buying anything from Communist China.

We Should Sell to – But Not Buy From – Communist China

Because Communist China – is Communist.

Communists spent the entirety of the Twentieth Century murdering about 100 million people.  And consigning billions more to Hell on Earth.

Communists aren’t very nice people.

Everyone should by now know that the “China Virus” isn’t just a flu – it’s Communist China.

Behold their plans for global dominance.

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Speaking of “Made in China” – how’s that going for We the People of the United States?

China Has a History of Selling Dangerous Products to U.S. Consumers


Speaking of the China Virus – how’s that going?

Coronavirus Outbreak Exposes China’s Monopoly on U.S. Drug, Medical Supplies


And how’s that going?

Here’s a List Of Countries that Received Faulty Coronavirus Medical Supplies from China

Outstanding.  And of course – we’re on said list.

But that’s what we get for depending on Communist China.  Because they’re Communist.

Even in the midst of our global China Virus Freak Out, we should all know the most important commodity of all – is food.

Before we can do anything else – we gotta eat.

Have we been relying on Communist China for a heaping helping of our food supply?  Of course we have – because we are the Fools of the World.

How’s that going?

China’s Food Safety Issues Worse Than You Thought

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Heck – it was Chinese food that likely started the global pandemic.

Deadly Virus Finds a Breeding Ground in China’s Food Markets

Why ‘Wet Markets’ Persisted in China Despite Disease and Hygiene Concerns

Has Communist China learned this particular lesson?  Heavens no.

Chinese ‘Wet Markets’ Reportedly Open Back Up, Selling Bats and Dogs for Human Consumption


Communist China doesn’t take the food safety of its own people seriously.

Why on Earth would we think they would take the food safety of our people seriously?

And by the way:

If you think Communist China is the exception to the rule – and the other nations of the world are paragons of sustenance hygiene – here’s your Fool of the World sign.

If there is a single commodity for which we should absolutely ensure full-on domestic production – it’s food.

We thus must provide maximum protection for our food manufacturers.  And reestablish government policies – that again make food manufacturing a more attractive career choice.

And by “food manufacturers” – we of course mean farmers, ranchers and all our other nutrient producers.

Our food manufacturers – are being hit REALLY hard by the China Virus Freak Out.

Can Coronavirus Hurt the American Food Supply Chain?

Indeed it can.  And it is.

Coronavirus Will Hurt Farmers

Farm Commodities Take Hit from Coronavirus Fears

All of which begs the question….

What Happens to Our Food Supply if American Farmers Can’t Farm?

A question we should have asked a LONG time ago.

Actually…it’s a question we should have been un-stupid enough – to never have had to ask.

Outsourcing much of our food manufacturing – was very unintelligent.

We must maximize the protections of – and opportunities for – our current food producers.

Which will entice more Americans – to get into the food production business.

Because we need more Americans in the food production business.

Because we need MANY less Communist Chinese doing it for us.

This first appeared in Red State.