Americans Who Create Things Seem VERY Worried About Biden, Inc

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
Turning His Back on America

Americans who create things have several ongoing, rolling Intellectual Property (IP) problems.

American IP is officially protected by the Constitution.  And thus by government:  At its creation with patents, trademarks and copyrights.  And thereafter with proper domestic and international policy.

And by the courts – with proper IP rulings.

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Recently-President Donald Trump – was a bigly protector of US IP.  After an awful eight President Barack Obama years – Trump began cleaning up the mess as best he unilaterally could.

USPTO: One Deep State Swamp Backwater That Is Getting Drained

Internationally, Communist China is far-and-away the largest problem.

China Steals $600 Billion from American IP Yearly

Which Trump also began to make clean.

Trump Stands Up to China’s Unfair and Abusive Trade Policies

Trump’s Promise Kept – Protect American Intellectual Property

Except: Enter now-President Joe Biden.

To say Biden has a bit of a Communist China conflict-of-interest problem – is a MASSIVE understatement:

“In 2013, (then-Vice President) Joe Biden and (his son) Hunter Biden flew aboard Air Force Two to China. Ten days later, Hunter Biden’s firm scored a $1.5 billion deal with a subsidiary of the Communist Chinese government’s Bank of China, while Joe Biden steered U.S-China policy.”

Hunter Biden Emails ‘Identify Joe Biden as “the Big Guy” Who Would Receive 10% Share in Deal with Chinese Energy Firm’

And less than a month ago – this:

Hunter Biden Continues to Hold Stake in Chinese Private Equity Firm

So this seems eminently reasonable:

China Expects Billion-Dollar-Bought-Off Biden Will Restore Pre-Trump US Capitulation

You know who else seems to think bad things loom for US IP?  US IP creators.

Innovation Alliance Urges Biden Administration to Support Patent Rights:

“The Innovation Alliance stressed that the Biden Administration should focus on what is needed to meet the challenges presented by foreign competitors, such as China….

“It further noted that the U.S. must have the right policies in place to encourage long-term private investment into such critical emerging technological areas in order to meet the challenge presented by China and other competitors.”

TV, Film Industry Asks White House for Crackdown on Piracy:

“(T)hey argued that the Biden administration needs to appoint leaders at key agencies including USTR, Commerce, DOJ and within the White House will provide creators with copyright protection and rein in piracy….”

Are US IP creators even a little bit optimistic?  Ummmm….

What to Watch in 2021: IP Stakeholders Offer Predictions and Thoughts for the New Year:

“‘We also don’t know whether President Biden will appoint a well-respected patent professional who believes in the patent system as an innovation driver to lead the Office, or someone more in line with thinking commonly associated with Silicon Valley, which tends to view patents as an unnecessary evil for the most part?…

“‘Sadly, I tend to think it is likely that President Biden will pick a USPTO Director in philosophical alignment with the views of Silicon Valley, a prediction made easier given the presence of Colleen Chien on the transition team.’”

Personnel is policy.

Facing the Consequences: Biden’s Transition Team Should Concern the IP Community

And past is prologue.

Past Is Prologue: Obama-Biden Was Owned and Operated by Big Tech, So…

There is very little daylight between Communist China’s IP awfulness – and Big Tech’s IP awfulness:

“(T)here is another humongous criminal cabal engaged in China-esque levels of IP theft….Behold the larcenous Leviathans that are Big Tech.”

As mentioned above, we have – with the Supreme Court’s Google LLC v. Oracle America, Inc. – an opportunity for the Judicial Branch to reign in Google’s massive IP thievery.  And with it all of Big Tech’s – because precedent.

It appears we aren’t nearly so fortunate with the current Executive Branch.

Because we have Biden, Inc:

Led by someone whose son received billions of dollars from Communist China.  And is STILL on the Communist China payroll.  And who ensures his now-President “Big Guy” father gets his cut.

And we have Biden, Inc:

Led by someone appointing Big Tech flunkies to key positions all over the place.

Communist China and Big Tech – the world’s two largest IP thieves – are already overwhelmingly well represented in the Biden Administration.

No wonder American IP creators are concerned.

We all should be.

This first appeared in Red State.