Biden and Musk Owe China Billions. They Shouldn’t Be Working for Government

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
What’s the Billions of Dollars Conversion Rate?

At what point do people who can’t get security clearances to deliver sandwiches to people with security clearances – get disqualified from anything government?

In prospective president Joe Biden and Welfare King government money recipient Elon Musk – we have two people who can’t deliver a secure lunch.  And shouldn’t be allowed to do so.

Actually, bizarrely, the president does not have to pass any sort of security check.

Why Don’t Presidents Get Security Clearances or Background Checks?

Which for Biden is a good thing – because he most assuredly couldn’t pass one.

Tony Bobulinski Reveals Joe Biden Rendezvous: ‘Putting Their Entire Family Legacy on the Line’:

“Tony Bobulinski said…he met with former Vice President Joseph R. Biden in a darkened Beverly Hills bar for an hour to discuss a new business venture with Hunter Biden and James Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee’s son and brother….

“Hunter Biden wanted Mr. Bobulinski to meet the elder Mr. Biden in May 2017 to size up the person who would run a family business….

“‘They were wining and dining me and presenting the strength of the Biden family,’ Mr. Bobulinski said.”

In what types of business were Joe and the Bidens engaged?:

“Hunter flew aboard Air Force Two to China in December 2013, accompanying his then-veep father on an official visit where Joe Biden reportedly met with Hunter’s Chinese partners.

“Ten days later, Hunter’s company inked a deal with the state-owned Bank of China and created the $1 billion investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST (BHR)….

“A representative for BHR told The New Yorker in July 2019 that Hunter Biden introduced his father to Chinese private equity executive Jonathan Li during the trip. Li later became the CEO of BHR.”

Of course, Joe Biden denies the increasingly obvious.  But….

Hunter’s Ex-Partner Tony Bobulinski: Joe Biden’s a Liar and Here’s the Proof

So it would seem.

Joe Biden: Our First Chinese President?

So it would seem.

Speaking of owing China billions of dollars….

Perhaps Elon Musk Shouldn’t Have Borrowed $1.6 Billion from Communist China….:

“According to a 2019 Securities and Exchange filing, the Chinese government helped Musk secure $1.6 BILLION in loans.…

“Elon Musk has a HUGE Communist China problem.

“For Musk, huge government money is a way of life.  Even if it’s Communist China huge government money.”

Yes, indeed.  Musk being on the hook for billions to Communists should immediately disqualify him from doing any work for – let alone continuing to receive government handouts from – We the People.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Contracts With Chinese State Banks Threatened Under Proposed US Legislation

This legislation is…common sense.  But this is DC – and common sense is verboten in DC.  Also: Too many in DC are also on the Communist China teat.  So this legislation hasn’t moved an inch.

Is This the Chinese SpaceX?

An excellent question.

Meanwhile, not only is Musk allowed to continue charging us – he is OVER-charging us.

Perhaps Musk is in a rush to payback his Communist Chinese paymasters.  But his economic fealty to Communists – doesn’t mean We the People should get fleeced:

“When the U.S. Air Force announced Aug. 7 that SpaceX received a $316 million contract to launch a National Reconnaissance Office satellite in fiscal year 2022, many were surprised by the large price tag….

“‘The launch was not that expensive,’ (SpaceX President and Chief Operating Officer Gwynne) Shotwell said.”

Get that?  That’s SpaceX’s president – admitting We the People overpaid for their services:

“The $316 million contract was the first awarded to SpaceX under the National Security Space Launch Phase 2 launch service procurement.

“The other provider selected in this program, United Launch Alliance, was awarded $337 million to launch two missions comparable to the one awarded to SpaceX.

“This raised eyebrows because SpaceX’s previous national security launch bids were priced much lower than ULA’s. A recent Falcon Heavy launch contract SpaceX won from NASA, for example, was $117 million.”

Now we’re paying Musk double the going rate of his competitors?  Why?:

“SpaceX is…charging the government for the cost of an extended payload fairing, upgrades to the company’s West Coast launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force in California, and a vertical integration facility required for NRO missions.”


“Phase 2 launch bids are fixed-price and do not include development costs.”

Here’s a question: Why, then, did our government in Phase 2 pay Musk’s SpaceX for development costs?

Because government.

Oh: Musk’s SpaceX missed out on Phase 1 contracts – because Musk his own self said his proposal was terrible:

“Musk told Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan in a December meeting that SpaceX had written ‘a poor proposal’ that had ‘missed the mark,’ according to report from the Pentagon’s inspector general.”

Undaunted by his own admission….

SpaceX Lawsuit Alleges Air Force ‘Wrongly Awarded’ Billions to Rocket Competitors

In this instance, our justice system swerved into justice.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Loses Lawsuit Against U.S. Air Force

I wonder if the Air Force called Musk as its star witness?

Here’s another question:  Why – after being baselessly sued by a self-admittedly baseless Musk – did the Air Force subsequently OVER-pay for Musk’s services?

A Musk so fully and obviously compromised to Communist China?

Because government.

This first appeared in Red State.