China Makes Itself More Attractive for IP Creation — the US Makes Itself Much Less So

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Communist China is rightly known as a den of Intellectual Property (IP) thieves.  Anything created anywhere else on the planet is heisted by the ChiComms.  The US alone is subjected to upwards of $600 billion per annum in Chinese IP theft.

IP, its creation, and its protection are all incredibly important.  Even more so every day as we evolve further into the modern Information Economy — as ever more things transition from tangible to digital.

In the next half-century, trillions of dollars of investment and hundreds of trillions of dollars of economic activity are at stake.

China knows the value of IP creation.  Which is why, in addition to stealing it from everyone, they have worked to make it ever more attractive for IP creators to create in China — about which we have warned for years….

Communist China’s Latest Intellectual Property Con: Stealing IP Creation

China stole US manufacturing.  Now they are looking to steal US IP creation.  And, as we did with manufacturing, we are very stupidly helping them do it.

Just as with manufacturing before, China is offering you all sorts of crony protections, subsidies, and benefits — if you move your IP creation to China.

Meanwhile, what is the US doing?

The US has, for decades, done very little about thieves stealing its IP — especially thieving China — because the US is awash in Chinese yuan.  China liberally distributes bribes throughout our political, educational, and cultural systems to ensure their criminality can continue unopposed and unobstructed.

Every time China steals US IP and the US does nothing about it?  The US becomes a less attractive place to create IP.

Every time Congress passes laws that undermine IP?  The US becomes a less attractive place to create IP.

The US Has Institutionalized Intellectual Property Theft:

“The U.S. government crashed the patent system….

“How did our government do this?

“How the America Invents Act Harmed Inventors:

“‘The (2013) America Invents Act (AIA) was the single worst disaster in the 226 year history of the U.S. patent system. The AIA did very real damage – enough to put many inventors out of business and discourage many others….

“‘The real damage was hidden in the AIA’s creation of the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) and three new procedures to invalidate issued patents – Inter Partes Review (IPR), Post Grant Review (PGR) and Covered Business Method Review (CBM).’

“What is PTAB, you ask?

“PTAB: DCs Latest Unaccountable, Power Grabbing Government Board:

“‘DC has reverse-engineered the government entity responsible for issuing patents – to now destroy patents. Patents that government entity its own self had issued – are now destroyed by that same government entity.’

Every time our courts issue anti-Reality, anti-IP rulings?  The US becomes a less attractive place to create IP.

The Supreme Court Screws Up Yet Again – And Screws Us for Generations:

“Say you spend thousands of hours and billions of dollars designing and developing some software.

“And then Google parachutes in and steals it from you.

“And then the Supreme Court authorizes Google’s theft.

“How likely are you to ever again spend thousands of hours and billions of dollars designing and developing software?  You absolutely will not.  Because human nature.

“And everyone else who spends thousands of hours and billions of dollars developing software?

“They will have watched quite closely Google’s IP theft from you – and the horrendous Supreme Court fate you subsequently suffered.

“And they too will stop spending thousands of hours and billions of dollars designing and developing software.  Because human nature.

“Which leaves the US with no one spending thousands of hours and billions of dollars developing software.

“Which in this increasingly digital economy – undermines the entirety of the US’s economic efficacy for generations to come.”

And while we actively drive everyone who ever invented anything out the US?  China is warmly welcoming them in.

China Launches Campaign to Protect IPRs of Foreign Companies:

“The Chinese government has begun a campaign to protect the intellectual property rights (IPR) of foreign companies….

“China has promised to improve IPR protection for foreign companies with campaigns against violations and stepping up judicial and administrative protection, according to a guideline on ensuring foreign investment growth released last month by the State Council.

“‘China has attached great importance to IPR protection and seen visible results,’ deputy minister of commerce Wang Shouwen told a news conference last month.”

We are actively attacking IP and its creators.  China is wisely making it as facile as possible for IP and its creators.

Do we want a second Rust Belt?  With wastelands in digital places like San Francisco and Austin to match the wastelands in once-industrial places like Pittsburgh and Cleveland?

Just about everything we are doing says we do.

This first appeared in Red State.