Don’t Let Russia-Funded Environmentalists Tamper with Our Election and Your Vote

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
Our Leftist Tampering Overlord

Happy Election Day, All.

Still astride us like a drunk, very stupid Colossus – is the Robert Mueller investigation into the non-existent collusion between the Donald Trump presidential campaign and Russia.

Ignoring entirely the very obvious, very blatant collusion between the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and Russia.

As we head to the polls today – we must ask ourselves: Was the Clinton collusion the entirety of Russia aiding and abetting our domestic Leftists and their electoral efforts?

Heavens no.

US Green Groups Carry Out Russia’s Bidding:

“Congressional investigators have identified the San Francisco-based Sea Change Foundation as a major conduit of Russian financial support for U.S. environmental groups.

“The ‘paperless money trail’ that flows from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government into a shell company in Bermuda and from there into the Sea Change Foundation has been the subject of several reports from the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.”

Excellent news.  These Green groups – like to tell Americans how and for whom to vote.  And money is, of course, fungible.  Money given by Russia to US Green groups for X – frees up US Green group money for Other-than-X.  Like telling Americans how and for whom to vote.

So…that’s Russian election tampering right there:

“Many of the environmental groups identified as top recipients of Sea Change Foundation money are active in Pennsylvania, so Harrisburg lawmakers are understandably concerned about the impact well-funded narrow special interests could have on energy policy.”

Ahh…Pennsylvania.  A presidential swing state – and still very important in this off-year election.

Pennsylvania’s Hotly Contested Congressional Races Could Tip the Balance

But the Left’s Russia collusion and election tampering – is everywhere:

“(T)he problem of Russian interference in the American energy sector is not limited to one state. It blossoms in the southeast, which climate activists see as ground zero for their anti-fossil fuel campaign — and Russia is only too happy to oblige.”

Southeast you say?  Like, say, Florida?:

“SACE’s activities cover the entire southeast, but its grants from the Energy Foundation have specifically been earmarked for Florida projects at least 16 times. The climate crusaders are all-in to make Florida their main target.”

More Russia-tampering good news.

Florida Polls Show Governor and Senate Races Tight

Georgia is also in the southeast, no?

Georgia Governor’s Race Remains Tight

What about Russia colluding and tampering in the sort-of-southeast?:

“Tracing the vast sums flowing out of Sea Change through environmental clearinghouses such as the Energy Foundation and the Tides Foundation, a nonprofit group known as the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, emerges as a key boots-on-the-ground beneficiary.

“The Tennessee-based group gets a large portion of its budget directly from the Energy Foundation, which works hand-in-glove with Sea Change to fund and promote its policy priorities.”

Which also has a close election – in which Russia-funded Leftist foot soldiers have almost certainly come in handy.

Democrat Bredesen and Republican Blackburn Locked in a Tight Race for Senate in Tennessee

And we say Russia collusion and election tampering is everywhere – we mean everywhere:

“There are all kinds of interlocking relationships that speak to the importance of SACE and the role it plays in anti-energy activism.

“There are…vast sums of money that flow out of the Sea Change Foundation and back into SACE through environmental clearinghouses that make it possible for overseas entities to make indirect contributions to the U.S. environmental movement.”

But all of this Russia collusion and election tampering – is helping the Left, so…

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming – of non-existent Trump-Russia collusion….

Happy Election Day, All.

This first appeared in Red State.

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