GOP Needs to Stop Feeding the Hands That Bite Them

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The old idiom is “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Which means don’t “turn on someone that has supported you.”

The Republican Party – is far too often the Stupid Party. They far too often turn the old idiom on its head – and feed the hands that bite them. They dump tons of money on people – who then use it against them. Not particularly intelligent.

There is a decades-old informal campaign entitled “Defund the Left” – an effort to dry up the hundreds of billions of government dollars per annum handed to Leftist organizations.

To cite but one of millions of examples: Planned Parenthood. They receive more than half a billion dollars of federal coin – each and every year. They just spent $734,000 – backing the Democrat in the Georgia-06 Congressional special election.

You would think Republicans – who currently run the White House and Congress – would want to stop nourishing that particular caustic meathook. (Not to mention not wanting to spend government money on ending about 330,000 babies per annum.)

But – not so much: GOP Senator Defends Funding Planned Parenthood.

The oft-Stupid Party oft fares no better in the private sector – with their own private dollars.

Meet Leftist consultant companies SKDKnickerbocker and GMMB. Their Work pages are each a laundry list of Leftist candidates and causes. They get and spend a LOT of Leftist dollars – to again and again take big bites out of Republicans and Righties.

Why on Earth, then, would ANYONE right-of-Karl-Marx hire these two gaggles to do anything? Because they are a part of the proud Stupid Party tradition.

The newly-minted Republican Donald Trump Administration – most likely inherited these 270 government contracts with GMMB. Here’s hoping they very quickly find someone a little less antagonistic to pay for these services rendered. (That is, of course, if the determination can not be made that NO ONE needs to be doing what GMMB is doing – not an inconceivable government notion.)

Is GMMB antagonistic – even to Trump specifically? But of course. Meet GMMB Partner Anson Kaye:

“In 2017, POLITICO named Anson to their ‘new guard power list,’ calling him a ‘go-to ad guru for top candidates.’ And with good reason. An award-winning media strategist, Anson has taken on leading roles in some of the highest-profile, hardest-fought campaigns of the past twenty years.

“As a senior member of Hillary Clinton’s presidential paid media team in 2016, ads he wrote, directed, and produced were called ‘masterful,’ ‘powerful,’ ‘brilliant,’ and ‘the most memorable in years.’ In 2012, he helped reelect President Obama, with ads that ran nationally and in battleground states. Its the same purpose driven commitment he’s brought to campaigns across the country, at the local, state and national level.”

And Kaye self-describes on his Twitter profile with the word “Resistance.” The magic word that means ongoing opposition to…the Donald Trump Administration – that currently has GMMB signed to 270 separate contracts.

Perhaps the Trump Administration…should end said contracts.

Which brings us to SKDKnickerbocker. Behold but some of their personnel:

“Anita Dunn, one of SKDKnickerbocker’s founding partners, served in the past as President Obama’s communications director and currently does public relations for the Obama Foundation and Obama Presidential Library. Dunn’s husband, Bob Bauer, previously worked as Obama’s White House counsel and personal attorney. Another senior SKDKnickerbocker strategist, Hilary Rosen, served as a surrogate and adviser to Hillary Clinton’s recent presidential campaign.”

Certainly a haven for Righties, no?

Now, we know how the Left loves all things oil. They love its exploration, its extraction, its distribution – and most of all they LOVE its use.

Just kidding – they hate it. All of it.

You’ll recall, for instance, the Left’s rolling, ongoing, violence-infused protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

And you’ll recall Virginia Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe’s opposition to…any oil activity in the Commonwealth. Except McAuliffe was for drilling – before he was against it. And doing John Kerry one better – McAuliffe was against it, before he was for it, before he was against it.

Why was McAuliffe…a little confused? Because SKDKnickerbocker – the company he had hired to make political ads for him – was hired by Dominion power to pimp FOR Virginia oil production and transport:

“Dominion Energy, the lead company behind the proposed Atlantic Coast pipeline, last year hired SKDKnickerbocker, a powerful communications and Democratic consulting firm….According to Dominion’s latest financial disclosure…the company paid over $1 million to SKDK Acquisition in 2016….SKDK Acquisition is registered to SKDKnickerbocker.”

McAuliffe ain’t the only confused person here. There’s me, for instance.

WHY would anyone looking to do anything with oil – doing anything even remotely resembling right-of-center activity of any kind – hire uber-Left SKDKnickerbocker to do anything?

Because you can be sure – with existential moral certitude – that the money you give them…will be in very short order used against you. Again, and again, and….

There are plenty of people and firms to hire – whether you’re in the government, or doing actual productive private sector work.

Why Republicans and conservatives would EVER hire Democrats or Lefties – is light years beyond me.

Seriously, Ladies and Gentlemen – stop feeding the hands that bite you.

This first appeared in Red State.

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