How Come Only Leftists Can Spend – and Accept – (Much Bigger) Political Money?

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
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I scoured Google’s YouTube – but was unable to find my favorite Glenn Beck clip ever.

While still on the Fox News Channel, Glenn returned from commercial – standing immediately in front of the camera.  Holding in front of him what looked like a wallpaper roll – with lines and lines of too-small-to-read writing on it.  Someone must have been standing just off camera – holding the end of the roll.

Glenn said nothing.  He just started backing up – un-scrolling the roll, revealing more and more lines of writing.  He backed up across about forty feet of open studio – with the roll massively unraveled in front of him.

Finally – WAY far away from the camera – he said “This is just half of the groups George Soros funds.”  He then dropped the roll, walked off camera stage right – and they went to commercial.

It was a stunning visual demonstration – of just how much Leftist money Leftist Soros throws around.

This is just the tip of the awful Hungarian money iceberg:

America is Under Attack by 187 Groups Funded by George Soros

And Soros – is just the tip of a much larger, uber-heinous Leftist money iceberg.

Hardcore Leftists often dress up their hardcore Leftist political expenditures – as “Foundations.”

The Foundations Behind the Left

But Leftist Big Media never complain about huge Leftist political money.  We only hear about anyone vaguely center-right spending political money.

The Koch brothers – David (who passed away earlier this year) and Charles – are Leftist Big Media’s betes noir of political spending.  Except:

“The various Koch Foundations (combined) don’t make…the list of top 100 Foundations by annual giving.

“Yet, the news media and transparency groups constantly harp on the Koch’s massive organization and its ‘insidious,’ ‘dark money’ influence on American politics, while almost completely ignoring the far larger left-wing political Foundations.”

Because of course.

Speaking of Soros, foundations and massive Leftist political spending….

Meet The Mini-George Soroses:

“Making up half the namesake of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, he has become quite adept at subduing his ideological enemies — of whom he has many.”

John and Laura Arnold Are Two of the Most Powerful People You’ve Never Heard Of

Soros-Aligned Dem. Donor Bankrolled ‘Modern Marx’ and His 80 Percent Income Tax:

“The Arnolds…have partnered with notorious Leftist donors George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Michael Bloomberg. Their influence in the Democratic Party is on the rise.”

Arnold Foundation’s Stealthy Anti-Gun Strategy

A Look at The Laura and John Arnold Foundation Which Pours Millions into the Abortion Industry and Its Political Arms

You get the idea.  The Arnolds are spending tens of millions of dollars pushing Leftism.

But how did the Arnolds acquire their billions – to then spend it pushing Leftism?

Via the free market capitalism they loathe and are trying to end, natch.  Ahhh – but with a corruption kicker:

“John Douglas Arnold (born 1974) is an American billionaire, former hedge fund manager, and former natural gas trader.

“His firm, Centaurus Advisors, LLC, was a Houston-based hedge fund, composed of former Enron traders, that specialized in trading energy products.”

Johnny Arnold cashed in – on good ole uber-corrupt Enron.

Look Johnny – just because you and yours were corrupt in your capitalist endeavors…doesn’t mean everyone is.

The running theme of the Arnolds’ Leftist giving?  Taking as much freedom, choice and power as possible away from We the People – and ceding all to government.

In as many areas of life as possible.

How a Billionaire Couple Greased the Skids for Nancy Pelosi’s Drug Pricing Bill

This uber-heinous government-mandate prescription price cap bill – will do what all government-mandate price caps have always done:

Make prescription drugs go missing – and ultimately extinct.

Rent Control Will Worsen the Affordable Housing Shortage

How Gas Price Controls Sparked ’70s Shortages

The Arnolds have been quite busy – pushing their government price controls:

“In September, a prominent former lawmaker contracted by the couple’s advocacy arm vocally endorsed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s marquee drug pricing legislation….

“Last month, commercials cut by an Arnolds-backed political group aired on network television during the World Series….

“And in 2019 alone, at least eight researchers and advocates funded by the Arnolds have testified on Capitol Hill, urging lawmakers to move forward with legislation to slash the cost of prescription drugs.”

Ahhh yes…one of DCs greatest scams going:

“Researchers” doing “research” – funded by uber-Leftists.

These “researchers’” “research” – always comes out Leftist.  Calling for less freedom – and more government.  What a galloping shock.

And then these “researchers” are invited by Hill Democrats to participate in Congressional hearings as…”experts.”  Not as Leftist hacks – which they actually are.

Craig Garthwaite is: “Associate Professor of Strategy, Herman Smith Research Professor in Hospital and Health Services Management, (and) Director of Healthcare at Kellogg (University).”

Garthwaite gets the DC “research” joke.  On November 26, he Tweet-quoted the “Billionaire Couple Greased the Skids” article – and added:

“Given clear advocacy of @JohnArnoldFndtn, at what point do we acknowledge getting money from him represents conflict of interest in same way as accepting industry money for research (which I don’t do)?

“The grants have clear goal, and researchers know key to getting more funding.”

That’s yet another DC scam.  Your “research” needs to have the proper Leftist outcome – or no more Leftist “research” money for you.  (See also – and especially: Climate Change “research.”)

Rushing to the Twitter defense of the Arnolds’ wallet – I mean the Arnolds – was Associate Professor of Public Health and Economics at Yale University…Zack Cooper:

“Full disclosure – I have received funds from the @JohnArnoldFndtn and am funded by them for out-of-network work and Pharma work….I have never felt pressured to get a certain set of results.”

Ok, full disclosure from me:

I almost wholly agree with Zack Cooper.

Political money chases ideas – not the other way round.

To wit: I wasn’t a Communist – who then did a 180 to free market capitalism…because people started paying me to advise on and advocate for free market capitalism.

I have always been a free market capitalist – who gets hired by people who find me…and find my free market capitalist advice and advocacy to be of value.

The political money – chases the ideas.  Not the other way round.

I am quite sure the Arnolds know they have in Zack Cooper a reliable Leftist.

So they give him money – because they know the reliable Leftist outcome of this researcher’s research.

This is DC and Academia.  You can’t swing a dead cat without swatting a gaggle of Leftist researchers – all standing ready to take your Leftist money for Leftist research.

The Leftist funders – don’t need to demand predetermined outcomes.

The Leftist researchers to whom they give the money – are predetermined people.

The Leftist researchers and funders – each know what the other wants.  Before, during – and after.

Leftist Big Media would be doing all of us a great service – if they reported this DC-Academia research reality.

Leftist Big Media would be doing all of us a great service – if they reported the orders-of-magnitude-huger Leftist advantage in political and policy spending for this pre-baked research – and everything else.

But Leftist Big Media is Leftist – so of course they won’t….

This first appeared in Red State.