Hot Java: Google Yet Again Caught Stealing Other Peoples’ Stuff

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
Oh What a Wicked Web They Weave

Google – is the Reality version of Star Wars’ Evil Empire.  Their California headquarter – is the Death Star.

The fuel for their evil doings – is data.

How have they reached a $893 billion Market Cap – giving everything away free?  By acquiring every bit of data they can.

Google views all data everywhere – as theirs for the taking.  Regardless of whether or not they actually have permission to take it.

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These serial, innumerable fines – are obviously nothing to Google.

As demonstrated by their getting serially fined – and continuing to steal anyway.

Again: Google is worth $893 billion.  They have $170 million in their petty cash drawer.

Google steals – even when the Constitution explicitly says they can not.

Behold: Intellectual Property (IP).

Yes, Stealing Intellectual Property Is Stealing

IP – isn’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill data.

IP isn’t something you willy-nilly give away – by clicking “Accept” on some tiny-font, pages-long disclaimer prior to using Google Docs or Gmail.

Google’s primary, pesky little impediment to their mass IP theft – is the Constitution’s Copyright Clause:

“(T)he United States Congress shall have power…To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.”

But as with all things, Google’s institutional, operational model is:

Steal first, deal with the implications – should they arise – later.

Google steals patented stuff.

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Google steals trade secret stuff.

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And Google steals copyrighted stuff.

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All of this ongoing, rolling, systemic Google theft – brings us to this.

Supreme Court Agrees to Decide Google v. Oracle

Care to guess what the Supremes will be deciding?

If you guessed yet another example of Google mass-IP theft – you’re the big winner:

“The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has agreed to decide whether Google should have to pay Oracle billions of dollars for infringing on its copyright of 37 Java APIs Google used in its Android operating system.”

What’s Java?:

“Java was created by a team at Sun Microsystems….In 2010,…Oracle acquired Java.”

“Using Java APIs, developers can create new projects faster because they do not have to develop entirely new code. They can instead use Java APIs in a sort of cut-and-paste fashion, saving them time on grunt work and enabling them to focus more on innovation.”

Java is “free and open” – which means any and everyone can use it.

With two conditions:

You either make free and open – i.e. public – what you developed atop the Java base.


You get a license from Oracle to use their Java.

And here’s a surprise:

Often, Oracle charges literally nothing for the license.

All you have to do – is keep the Java software you use compatible. You cannot do anything to it – that might make it no longer play well with Java.

Google – shocker – did none of the above. They took Oracle’s Java, remade it in their image – and then began playing hide and seek with the courts.

Everything You Need to Know About the Oracle Lawsuit Against Google:

“Google and Oracle have been fighting a war in court since 2012 about whether Google stole Oracle’s intellectual property when it adopted Java naming protocols for Android app developers….

“The case has long been a divisive one in technology circles. Since the fundamental purpose of copyright is to encourage innovation, many feel that the Java APIs used in Android is a perfect example of innovation in action: a team took the free Java APIs and made something entirely new.”

That’s the entire point of Java – making “something entirely new.”

But you must keep the “something entirely new” – compatible with the something old.

And then:

You either make free and open – i.e. public – what you developed atop the Java base.


You get a license from Oracle to use their Java.

Google, again, did none of the above:

“Java owns the APIs as copyrighted works, and the company must defend those copyrights.

“Sun co-founder Scott McNealy said that Java:

“’(I)s the foundation upon which our digital world is built and Google stole that foundation, used it to build Android, and destroyed Oracle’s market in the process.’”

Again, McNealy…founded Sun Microsystems.

The company that created Java – and from whom Oracle acquired it.  By, you know, paying for it.

If ANYONE understands Java and its intended uses and purposes – it is McNealy.

And McNealy – says Oracle has Google dead to (copy)rights.

Here’s hoping the Supreme Court stands for IP rights and Reality.

And remembers Google’s long, obnoxious history of mass, massive theft.

And agrees with McNealy.

This first appeared in Red State.