The Left’s Policies Are Awful – So They Shakedown Banks to Get Them Imposed

Seton Motley | Less Government |
Seton Motley | Less Government |
Indeed They Can

The Left’s panoply of policy proposals – is terrible.  And has been for decades.

It’s why they can not – and do not – run for office on them anymore.  The Democrat Party’s entire agenda at the moment is:

“Orange Man Bad.”

The Democrat Party’s agenda for decades has been:

“Republicans Bad.”

(With, of course, monstrous assistance from Big Media.)

Because the Democrat-Left contingent’s policies are so terrible – it has spent decades looking for ways to impose their insanities…without having to ask We the People for permission.

Why have elected Congress pass legislation – when you can have unelected bureaucrats impose regulations?

Why have elected Congress pass legislation – when you can have unelected judges unilaterally write law via judicial fiat?

And then – there’s the art of the business shakedown.

And a particular, pernicious target – is our nation’s banks.

1930s arch-criminal Wille Sutton was once asked why he robbed banks.  He famously replied:

“Because that’s where the money is.”

Why do Leftists protest banks?

Because that’s where the money is.

If Leftists get banks to stop doing business with businesses Leftists don’t like – it is devastating for large swaths of our economy.

When Protests and Pitchforks Fail, Storm the Boardroom:

“When corporations disregard outcry against their policies, left-wing organizations resort to pressuring companies into change by storming the boardroom with shareholder activism.  Shareholder activism is a kind of hostile takeover of a for-profit entity.

“It’s a method pioneered by politically active organizations on the Left to change, or advocate for, certain policies within a corporation by buying company shares, and then internally submitting shareholder proposals to be voted on at shareholder meetings….

“It’s relatively easy for an organization to become a shareholder activist. An organization is required by the Securities and Exchange Commission to hold at least $2,000 in market value of a company’s securities before it can submit a shareholder proposal.”

Leftist Shareholder Activism Is Financial Terror

Angry Shareholders and Protesters Are Ready to Unload on Wells Fargo

Of course they were “angry” and “ready to unload” – before they bought the stock.  It’s why they bought the stock.

Protesters Disrupt Chase Shareholder Meeting Over Financing of Controversial Pipeline

‘Not OK, Google’: Employees, Activists Protest at Alphabet Shareholder Meeting

You get the idea. But in case you don’t….

The Angry ‘Cancel Culture’ Mob Is Hijacking Banks for Their Agenda:

“(L)iberal special interest groups do not take ‘no’ for an answer, which is why activists built upon the former program to organize sweeping pressure campaigns to achieve the same objectives. With the help of celebrities such as Alyssa Milano, Amy Schumer, and Gloria Steinem, a coalition known as ‘Real Money Moves’ was started to take direct aim at companies they do not approve of.”

And of course, Leftists in DC want in on the inanity.

Big Banks Cave to Pressure from (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) AOC

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz is, of course, correct on this nonsense:

“We have seen in recent months and years, for example, some big banks trying to use their economic power to defund politically disfavored groups. That’s not the job of a bank.”

Banks shouldn’t care a whit about Red (Republican) or Blue (Democrat).

Banks should only care about Green (cash).

This insanity yet again reminds of the famous Michael Jordan story.

National Basketball Association (NBA) legend Michael Jordan – is a lifelong Democrat.

In the 1990s – at the height of his basketball and societal power – he was being routinely chastised by other Leftists to be much more vocal and active about his Leftism.

Because Leftists are never happy with anyone, anywhere – ever.

Jordan rightly, wisely demurred.  Because – he rightly noted:

“Republicans buy sneakers too.”

Hey banks:

Conservatives buy stuff too.

Much more stuff than Leftists, actually.

Because most of us actually have jobs.

This first appeared in Red State.