Interior Department Occupation: DC Yet Again Ignores Yet Another Leftist, Riotous Insurrection

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
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Let’s correctly define our term, shall we?  Per Merriam Webster….

Insurrection: “A usually violent attempt to take control of a government.”

So January 6 was absolutely not an insurrection.

The only violence committed – was AGAINST the alleged insurrectionists (Rest In Peace, Ashli Babbitt).

And I remain unaware of any vegan plan for taking over and running the government that our beloved leader Horned Hat Guy had.

You know who also knows January 6 wasn’t an insurrection?  The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

FBI Confirms There Was No Insurrection on January 6 – August 20, 2021

FBI Finds No Evidence Capitol Riot Was Coordinated – August 20, 2021

How does the FBI know January 6 wasn’t an insurrection?  Because their guys and gals were all up inside January 6.

The FBI Admits to Having Informants at January 6th Protest

But DC remains steadfastly impervious to facts.  And never allows facts to get in the way of a good beating.

January 6 Committee Issues Sweeping Records Requests to Federal Agencies – August 25, 2021

Dems Demand GOP Phone Records: Bennie Thompson’s January 6 Select Committee Records Subpoena – September 2, 2021

January 6 Committee Recommends Trump Adviser Bannon Face Contempt Charges – October 19, 2021

If you know how a calendar works, you’ll note that all of those January 6 Committee actions – were committed AFTER the FBI officially announced the January 6 Committee is nothing but a very bad joke.

Meanwhile, DC has ignored a year-plus worth of real – and deadly and very costly – insurrections.  And, in fact, many decades of political violence of all sorts.

Because all of those political violences – have been committed by Leftists.

If the Left can expand the definition of “insurrection” to include people with zero plans for power being allowed by police into a government building?

We can apply a much narrower definition – to people with long-standing Leftist plans for power attacking and occupying government buildings.  And we mean LONG-standing Leftist plans.

Weather Underground Bombs the Capitol, Pentagon, and State Department – March 1, 1971

And now, a partial recap of the recent instances….

Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Banged on Doors of Supreme Court, Occupied Capitol Building – October 4, 2018

Secret Service Agents Wounded Outside White House, Car Bombs Feared; Official Says Trump Was Taken to Bunker – May 31, 2020

Department of Interior Releases New Footage of Violent Riots in Lafayette Square – June 1, 2020

Portland Protesters Barricade Courthouse with Federal Officers Inside, Then Try to Set It on Fire – July 22, 2020

Armed Protesters Break Into Oregon State Capitol Building, Break Windows, Assault Journalists, Hit Police With Chemical Agent – December 21, 2020

Protesters Burn Government Building During Riot in Portland – August 19, 2020

Portland ICE Building Set on Fire During Riots – April 11, 2021

Five Charged with Damaging Las Vegas Federal Buildings During BLM Protest – September 17, 2020

Protester Defaces D.C. Government Building With Anti-Trump Message As Terrorist Acts Continue – May 30, 2020

And even the very day before the January 6 fake insurrection – the Left yet again got much closer to a real insurrection.

Antifa Rioters Vandalized Federal Buildings in Philadelphia, Cops Say – January 5, 2021

The January 6 double standard remains ridiculous.

Flashback 2020: Months of Antifa/BLM Looting, Rioting, and Chaos:

“(I)n most instances the radicals in Black Lives Matter and Antifa were allowed to get away with their heinous actions last year, even being treated as heroes by the mainstream press and Democrats – some of whom, like Harris and the Biden campaign, promoted their bail funds.”

Which brings us to late last week.  When the following happened – the very latest in a VERY long line of Leftist violences.

Climate Change Activists Storm and Take Over Department of Interior Building:

“A demonstration in Washington, D.C., against fossil fuel projects turned violent Thursday when climate change protesters stormed the U.S. Department of the Interior building and occupied a space inside the federal building for hours….

“Climate activists took over the space held by the Bureau of Indian Affairs for roughly four hours. This was reportedly the first time since the 1970s that the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington, D.C., was occupied. The Indigenous Environmental Network (is) one of the organizers of the People Vs. Fossil Fuels demonstrations.…”

How very insurrection of them.  Unlike on January 6 – the cops weren’t inviting in these people:

“Police and protesters clashed during the confrontation. The police reportedly used Tasers in order to control the crowd attempting to bulldoze their way into the Department of Interior building.”

We are now nearly ten months into the totally bogus January 6 Committee sham show.  Is DC ramping up anything remotely similar into this latest, actual attempted insurrection?

Of course not.  Don’t be ridiculous.

So, We’re Just Going to Ignore a Bunch of Green Warriors Who Tried to Storm the Department of the Interior?

We surely are.

And, of course, the Left getting away with it this time – means there will indubitably be a next time.

Because why would the Left stop engaging in violences – if nothing happens to them when they engage in violences?

Why Charges Against Protesters Are Being Dismissed by the Thousands – November 19, 2020:

“Prosecutors declined to pursue many of the cases because they concluded the protesters were exercising their basic civil rights.”


First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law…abridging…the right of the people peaceably to assemble….”

Emphasis ours – because duh.  “Basic civil rights” does NOT include assaulting and occupying government buildings.  Arson, looting and vandalism are also beyond the definition of “basic civil rights.”

And in many, many cases – it’s these prosecutors doing the dismissing….

Beware of George Soros’ Trojan Horse Prosecutors


January 6 ‘Political Prisoners’ Rotting Away in Dedicated DC Prison, Without Bail or Trial

January 6 Protesters Held in Solitary, No Bail, Some Without Charges

January 6 Protestors Speak Out On ‘Beatings’ and ‘Torture’ Being Inflicted on Them in Jail

Judge Asks Prosecutors Why January 6 Protesters Are Being Treated Worse Than Black Lives Matter Rioters

How do we know Leftists getting away with violence leads to more Leftist violence?

Because Leftists have been getting away with violence for decades.

The Weather Underground bombers didn’t become prisoners – they became college professors.

In the Proud Tradition of Leftist Domestic Terrorism…

Antifa Activists Say Violence Is Necessary

Antifa’s Deadly Year Shows the Extremism on the Far Left

New Study Shows Hundreds of Black Lives Matter ‘Protests’ Turned Violent

The Black Lives Matter Movement Must Solve Its Violence Problem

FBI Follows Up on Fort Myers Occupy Wall Street Bomb Threat

Occupy Cleveland Bridge Bombing Plotters

From Spikes to Bombs: The Rise of Eco-Terrorism

Environmental Terrorism: Alive, Well and Dangerous

Most Notorious Acts of Ecoterrorism

Ecoterrorism: The Attacks We Forget

Eco-Terrorists Suspected Of Causing $2 Million In Arson Damage At Dakota Pipeline Site

And because Leftists keep getting away with their violence – we can with moral certitude know there will be more Leftist violence.

We only have human nature – and hundreds of years of years of human history – as evidence.