Karl Marx and Groucho Marx: The Left’s Perpetual Parallel Universe

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
It’s Marx’s World – We’re Just Living In It

Let us harken back to the 1933 Marx Brothers movie “Duck Soup.”

In said flick, Groucho Marx was caught in an untenable position – blatantly caught blatantly lying.  To which he responded with the timeless line:

“Who you gonna believe – me, or your lying eyes?”

All of these Marx Brothers – are exponentially better than surname sharer Karl (no relation).  And their written works were intentionally funny.

Today’s US – is a Groucho-esque parallel universe.  Where the Zeitgeist – controlled entirely by the Left – incessantly subjects us to things that are quite obviously untrue.  And rigidly demands we believe it all.

And we are again and again forced to ask ourselves:

“Who are we going to believe – them, or our lying eyes?”

The examples of the Zeitgeist’s Anti-Reality are nigh endless.

For nearly three years, we were told now-President Donald Trump – colluded with Russia to become now-President Donald Trump.

All the while, there was never any evidence Trump colluded with Russia.

All the while, evidence mounted that the nonsense in its entirety – was actually entirely fabricated by current and past government officials in an attempted coup.

All the while, the Zeitgeist increasingly screeched that Trump had colluded with Russia.

“Who are we going to believe – them, or our lying eyes?”

We are currently in the midst of a nonsensical Zeitgeist overreaction to the global spread of the Wuhan Flu.  (This is a far more specific, accurate name than “Coronavirus.”  As there are many different Coronaviruses – and this one originated in China’s Wuhan Province.)

As I type, I was informed the New York Stock Exchange briefly suspended trading – to stop the virus-and-oil-related free fall.  After an entire week of exceedingly awful drops.

So far, 22 US citizens have died from the Wuhan Flu.


The US averages 36,000 deaths per year – from the regular, annually recurring flu.


In April 2009, H1N1 Became a Pandemic; 6 Months Later, After 1,000 U.S. Deaths, Obama Finally Declared it a Public Health Emergency

The Zeitgeist is telling us Trump has handled the Wuhan Flu in a dangerously inept fashion.

Media Hit Trump on Coronavirus

Democrats, NY Times Blame Trump For Coronavirus

Let’s Call It Trumpvirus

Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Response Is ‘Worsening Market Fears’

Except Trump reacted quite quickly and correctly.

Trump Bans Travel from China, Orders 1st Quarantine in 50 Years (February 1, 2020)

Trump Administration Restricts Entry Into U.S. From China (February 10, 2020):

“The government travel restrictions…were announced by Alex Azar, the secretary of health and human services, who declared that the coronavirus posed ‘a public health emergency in the United States.’”

And the Zeitgeist – excoriated him for it.

Chuck Schumer Quietly Deletes His Tweet Criticizing Trump’s China Travel Ban as ‘Premature’ and ‘War Against Immigrants’

‘Travel Restrictions on China Overreaction’

The Zeitgeist is hoping their self-concocted Wuhan Flu nonsense will do to Trump – what their Hurricane Katrina self-concocted nonsense did to President George W Bush.

Is Coronavirus Donald Trump’s Katrina?

Asked – and answered…by the Zeitgeist.

Coronavirus Will Be President Trump’s Hurricane Katrina

Again – Perspective:

In April 2009, H1N1 Became a Pandemic; 6 Months Later, After 1,000 U.S. Deaths, Obama Finally Declared it a Public Health Emergency

The Zeitgeist skips right over Barack Obama’s real-life ham-handling of a real crisis.  So as to instead tie a precedent self-created “crisis” – to their current self-created “crisis.”

This Zeitgeist nonsense happens ALL THE TIME.  To wit:

How Trump’s Attack on Net Neutrality Created a Legal Mess for the Entire Internet

This horrendously written piece of piffle is by Jessica J. González – the co-CEO of Free Press Action.  It was written for Common Dreams – a hard-Left website.  But Pittsburgh’s largest newspaper was amongst the many republishers.  It made the Zeitgeist grade.

Who is Free Press, you ask?

Leftist ‘Media Reform’ Outfit Free Press and Their Marxist Co-Founder Robert McChesney

Oh look – yet another gaggle of Marxists finding free rein in the Zeitgeist.

What does Marxist McChesney say of Net Neutrality?:

“(T)he ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.”

How very Venezuela of them.  Speaking of McChesney and Venezuela, McChesney said of Venezuela:

“Venezuela is a constitutional republic. (Hugo) Chavez has won landslide victories that would be the envy of almost any elected leader in the world, in internationally monitored elections.”

Talk about a parallel universe.

Net Neutrality: Venezuela for the Internet

When unilaterally (and illegally) imposing Net Neutrality, the Obama Administration cited Marxist outfit Free Press…more than thirty times.

When undoing Obama’s Net Neutrality power grab, the Trump Administration cited Marxist outfit Free Press…exactly zero times.

And Free Press’ Marxist thinking – is right in line with Zeitgeist thinking.

Donald Trump Plans Total Repeal of Net Neutrality Law that Keeps the Internet Free

The FCC Is Trying To Destroy The Internet

Trump’s FCC Wants to Kill a Free and Open Internet

Under Trump, Dark Days Ahead for Net Neutrality and the Open Internet

FCC Under Trump: Net Neutrality & Internet Freedom Face New Attack

The Grim Future of the Open Internet Under Trump

Will Donald Trump Dismantle the Internet as We Know It?

This Is the Year Donald Trump Kills Net Neutrality

Trump’s FCC Is About to Destroy Net Neutrality

If Portugal is a Net Neutrality Nightmare, We’re Already Living in It

If Trump’s FCC Repeals Net Neutrality, Elites Will Rule the Internet—and the Future

How Trump Plans To Slow Our Internet To A Crawl

Get Set: Your Internet Bill is about to Soar, Thanks to Trump’s FCC

Gutting Net Neutrality Is the Trump Administration’s Most Brutal Blow to Democracy Yet

Under Trump the Future of Net Neutrality and Broadband is Uncertain

And this avalanche of Zeitgeist nonsense – could not be any more incorrect.

USTelecom Research Shows FCC Broadband Policy Is Working

U.S. Internet Speeds Rose Nearly 40 Percent in First Year Post-Net Neutrality Repeal

Data Show Continued Upward Momentum for Broadband Investment

SD Senator John Thune Takes Victory Lap on Broadband Expansion:

“He says deregulation didn’t turn out as democrats had predicted….”

Indeed it did not.

Net Neutrality Repeal – Plus Two Years: The Leftists Were Dead Wrong Yet Again

Yet we are endlessly subjected to the Marxist Zeitgeist’s ongoing, rolling utter nonsense.

Yet we are endlessly subjected to the Marxist Zeitgeist’s ongoing, rolling utter nonsense.

Their Anti-Reality parallel universe.

Because that’s what Marxist Zeitgeist’s do.

Ask Karl Marx.

Or you can ask Groucho Marx:

“Who you gonna believe – me, or your lying eyes?”

This first appeared in Red State.