President Trump Needs to Dump the Obama Holdover Puerto Rico ‘Fiscal Control’ Board

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May We Please Finally
Allow the Puerto Ricans
Out from Under This Guy?

We have spent the last year-plus repeatedly stating that President Donald Trump’s biggest error – has been not having made many, many more people leave government after he arrived.

This is true not just in Washington, D.C. – but anywhere on the planet the federal Leviathan rears an ugly tentacle.

Like, say, in Puerto Rico. With it’s Barack Obama-seven-appointee-laden, ridiculously named “Fiscal Control” Board.

Noted fiscal prudent Obama’s Puerto Rican “Fiscal Control” Board exhibits fiscal control – the way Obama’s “Affordable Health Care” Act makes health care affordable.

They of course do not. Obama’s “Fiscal Control” Board is just more DC doublespeak – but in the Caribbean, with a tan.

The Board’s latest demonstration of its utter unfamiliarity with its charge?

Puerto Rico is still in the throes of being crushed by September’s Hurricane Maria. Much of the island nation is still without power. It is an ongoing, devastating, heart-wrenching calamity.

And what does the Obama-appointee “Fiscal Control” board throw at the powerless, beleaguered islanders? Two huge Solyndra-esque fake energy boondoggles.

“(A) federal control board overseeing Puerto Rico’s finances amid an 11-year recession said Monday that it is considering four projects worth a total of $1.5 billion to help restore energy. The projects include a proposed $860 million waste-to-energy plant and a $47.5 million wind farm, both of which would be located on the island’s north coast.”

Get that nonsense? A “$860 million waste-to-energy plant and a $47.5 million wind farm?”

This isn’t electricity production. This would be the latest wasted billion dollars in a decades-long Leftist pseudo-science fair that has wasted one trillion dollars chasing alternative energy – but never, ever catching it.

These fake energy projects have required a trillion dollars in government money – because they do not make energy, and thus do not make money.

Why the £250 Billion Wind Power Industry Could Be the Greatest Scam of Our Age

And the nearly-nine-hundred-million-dollar waste-to-energy plant?:

“Judith Enck, a former regional administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, said Monday that officials earlier had rejected the waste-to-energy plant and accused the company of trying to exploit post-hurricane conditions to get its project approved.”

“Exploit post-hurricane conditions to get its project approved?” How very Clinton Foundation-Haiti of them.

“(Enck) said the project ‘is not clean or renewable or a major source of electricity.’”

Puerto Rico is $72+ billion in debt. They have just been coast-to-coast devastated by a catastrophic hurricane. They can’t power their refrigerators – or turn on the lights or their air conditioners.

But why should any of that matter to the Obama Puerto Rico “Fiscal Control” Board? When there are ideological-crony windmills at which to be tilted – with even more government money?

How awful is this idea? Chicago, Illinois Congressman Luis Gutiérrez (Communist – oops, I mean Democrat) – thinks it’s awful:

“Rep. Luis Gutiérrez, a longtime Democrat from Illinois whose parents migrated from Puerto Rico in the 1950s, blasted the island’s fiscal control board over its plans to approve construction of waste-to-energy incinerator facilities proposed by Energy Answers Arecibo LLC….

“‘This is a dirty project because it generates pollution; dirty because it is done behind the backs of the people; and dirty because we don’t know who is paying the money for this project and who is lobbying for it to be achieved,’ the congressman denounced.”

When your fake energy “green energy” project doesn’t generate electricity – but does generate the visceral disapproval of Luis frigging Gutiérrez – just how far from the path have you strayed?

The Puerto Rican people desperately need real power – from real, proven sources. They need old-school electricity generation – not the latest installments in a very long, uber-expensive line of fake energy schemes.

The last straw for the Obama-appointee Puerto Rican “Fiscal Control” Board – was a couple of bales ago.

President Trump has the power to clean this heinous house.

Trump can put a stop to this fake energy nonsense – and instead spend that money on, you know, actually providing Puerto Ricans energy.

And Trump can fire all seven of the Obama-appointee “Fiscal Control” Board members. Which he absolutely should.

And replace them with “Fiscal Control” Board members who actually, you know, exhibit some fiscal control.

This first appeared in Red State.

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