Presidential Also-Ran Al Gore: Yet Another Non-Scientist Lecturing Us About Science

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Anyone notice that the lead snake oil salesmen for global warming climate change – The Greatest Scam on Earth – aren’t scientists? And as the evidence against The Big Lie continues to roll in and pile up – the pro-Lie scientists recede further into the background? Further ceding the field to a wide array of utterly non-science snake oilers?

The reason The Big Liars no longer call The Big Lie “global warming” – is because the globe all-but-stopped warming in 1998. Global temperatures have spent the last eighteen years doing…nothing. They’ve basically flatlined. And you know who says so? Scientists.

Which is why the Big Liars had to change tack – and change names. Born was “climate change.” Or, as Ann Coulter pointed out, what we used to call “weather.” Which allows these snake oilers to dismiss those pointing out the many lies contained within the Big Lie as “climate change deniers.” As if we’re denying weather. (Although, actually, for the last eighteen years the climate – on the global temperature main – hasn’t changed.)

When real science rises up against you, you are forced to increasingly rely on fake science. To wit: We have fraudulently started treating carbon dioxide (CO2) as a pollutant. Which is a little strange, seeing as how that’s what everything plant on the planet inhales (and, symbiotically, we exhale – how great is that?). Ironically, tree huggers want to severely restrict what trees need to live. To them I say: Don’t hate – respirate.

Who made the decision that opened that Big Lie CO2 floodgates? Not scientists (Heaven forfend). Seven lawyers in robes – in that hallowed hall of science, the Supreme Court.

In reaction to the mounting actual science in opposition to their Lie, the non-scientist Liars have only screeched louder and with greater frequency. Earlier this month a Leonardo DiCaprio video made the social media rounds. In which he declared (likely after landing in his gas-guzzling private jet [population – eight]) that anyone opposed to the Big Lie is “unfit for office.” Mr. DiCaprio, of course, isn’t a scientist. He’s an actor.

Even many of the pro-Big Lie scientists – aren’t scientists in ways in any way relevant to the climate. Bill Nye – “The Science Guy” – is a Big Lie proponent. But – what is his scientific discipline? Mechanical engineering. Which is outstanding – if you want to build an engine. But not all that useful when it comes to analyzing and projecting about climate data.

Which brings us to jet-set globe-trotting environmental mogul Al Gore. While Bill and Hillary Clinton were turning a career in “public service” into hundreds of millions of dollars – Gore was turning it into a couple of billion. (It’s really good non-work if you can get it.) And a Nobel Prize. And a Grammy. (There are very few things the Left likes more than mutual accreditation.)

And Gore made his billions and accrued his awards – as a leading proponent of The Big Lie. Again, his scientific credentials? Absolutely none. He’s a career politician – because he appears to be completely incapable of performing useful work.

And Gore has just big-footed his way into North Dakota. What’s there? What should be the beginning of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL): “The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) will deliver us oil. From the fracking-unleashed shale fields of North Dakota to Illinois – from whence it will make its energy-providing, prices-lowering way into our economy. As with all things – especially oil-related – lots of governments had to grant lots of permission to the DAPL folks before any pipe could be laid. And every pertinent government – the four states’ through which the line will be laid, and the Feds – have all granted that permission.”

Get that? Even the uber-anti-petroleum Barack Obama Administration approved this thing. But no self-disrespecting billionaire jet-set globe-trotting environmentalist can simply let this go. And so Al Gore has weighed in (no pun intended): “I stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. We have witnessed inspiring and brave acts by Native Americans and their allies.…”

Stop right there. When the Left says “inspiring and brave acts” – what they repeatedly seem to mean is dangerous and illegal.

Oil-Pipeline Protest Turns Violent in North Dakota

Sheriff Warns of North Dakota Pipeline Protesters’ Criminal Pasts as More Arrests Made

More bore from Gore: “The fossil fuel industry – and the owners of the Dakota Access Pipeline in particular – have been proceeding with what appears to be a dangerous project in blatant disregard of obvious risks to the Missouri River and with disrespect to the Standing Rock Sioux.”

If any of this were within a thousand miles of true, the five governments that needed to approve the thing – wouldn’t have approved the thing. Again, up to and including – the frigging Barack Obama Administration.

And what “disrespect to the Standing Rock Sioux?” The Tribe repeatedly availed themselves of the opportunities to weigh in afforded them by the multiple governments in their multiple DAPL approval Comment Periods. The Tribe repeatedly registered their complaints – but they didn’t win the day (or, in this case, the YEARS). Again, up to and including – with the frigging Barack Obama Administration.

And the people building DAPL reached out to the Tribe to discuss the pipeline on SEVEN separate occasions – and the Tribe rebuffed them each and every time.

And now the Tribe is suing to stop DAPL. In court documents, they are claiming to have never had any say in the process. Which over here in Reality – is called a gi-normous lie.

Gore goes on, and on, and…. But you by now already get the point.

It isn’t shocking that Gore is willing if not eager to side with this cavalcade of criminality – so much as it is his billion-dollar-business-model.

This first appeared in Red State.

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