The Deep State Is Imposing Many Impediments to 5G Wireless – and China Loves It

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
Global Communist China Lockdown

Contrary to some seriously misguided dismissiveness by a great many allegedly informed people – there is such a thing as a Deep State.  Made up of millions of unelected bureaucratic ticks – bleeding the life out of our nation.

Each tick – wants to keep the blood flowing to them.  And when any tick’s coziness is prospectively disrupted – every tick rallies to ensure the mass hemorrhaging is unimpeded.

Candidate Donald Trump threatened to upend the entire half-century-plus DC bloodletting.  And we witnessed the Deep State – awaken and rally together like never before.

Multiple departments, agencies, commissions and boards – all colluded to illegally attempt to impede Trump’s election.  By concocting a massive, massively orchestrated Trump-Russia collusion lie.

The lie failed to prevent Trump’s election – and the Robert Mueller Report reluctantly admitted the lie was a lie.

But the Deep State fabrication dominated the nation for two-plus years.

And even now, Deep State actors and their Democrat allies continue to try to convince us that A – is Not A.

This was a huge example of Deep State protecting itself.  There are nigh infinite others.  To wit:

We are in a literal life-or-death race with Communist China to be the first nation to get to Fifth Generation (5G) wireless.

Look at your smart phone screen – you’ll most likely see a little “4G” somewhere.  That is the 4G network – where most of the world currently is.

The US got to 4G first – which meant the US got to set the global standards.  As we did with 3G – and all previous network iterations.

Thanks to the past decade’s very many assaults on the Intellectual Property (IP) machine behind US wireless dominance – by Barack Obama, the Deep State and some seriously unintelligent Republicans – we are deadlocked with the ChiComms for 5G preeminence.

Judge Koh’s Qualcomm Coup:

“Her sweeping antitrust ruling kneecaps the firm and 5G competition….

“(F)acts were irrelevant to Judge Koh, who ruled in favor of the (Obama’s Federal Trade Commission) FTC on all counts.”

Intellectual Property Crisis: U.S. Drops Out of the Top Ten in Innovation Ranking

One Thing Way Worse than Too Much US Government? Too Much Chinese Government

If you think the Internet throws off data now – wait until 5Gs Internet of Things connects online…just about every inanimate object on the planet.  This is an orders-of-magnitude increase in data creation – and collection.

If Communist China is first to 5G, they will be in a position to treat the worlds Internet and this massive cache of data – the way they treat their people and their Internet. Which ain’t great.

Internet Censorship in China: How the Middle Kingdom Blocks the Web

China’s Internet Controls Will Get Stricter, to Dismay of Foreign Business

China’s Surveillance State Should Scare Everyone

So we desperately need all US oars rowing in the same direction.

Unfortunately, in defense of their respective little crony fiefdoms – various Deep State sectors are rowing in the opposite direction.  For which Communist China is exceedingly grateful.

To get to 5G wireless – the US private sector needs more wireless spectrum:

“‘All wireless communications signals travel over the air via radio frequency, aka spectrum. The TV broadcast you watch, the radio program you listen to, the GPS device that helps get you where you’re going, and the wireless phone service you use to make phone calls and check Facebook from your smartphone — all use invisible airwaves to transmit bits of data through the air.

“‘The easiest way to understand what spectrum really is and how it provides services is to look at your radio. When you tune your radio to 93.9 FM, you are tuning into a station that is broadcasting at 93.9 megahertz. If you want to a listen to a different station, like one that only plays country music or jazz, you turn the dial to another frequency like 104.7 FM.’

“Spectrum – is a finite resource.  And all spectrum is not created equal.  Some bands of spectrum are much more powerful and effective than others.

“Think of a Monopoly game board.  Some spectrum is Boardwalk and Park Place – some is Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues…and all properties in between.”

Roughly 60% of all US spectrum – is held by the federal government.  And even more – is allocated quite stupidly by government policy.  And much of all of it – is Boardwalk and Park Place prime real estate.

And the Deep State – ain’t giving up its spectrum:

“Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao did the right thing when she put the brakes on the Obama administration’s regulatory mandate that would have forced an expensive technology called dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) in all new cars and trucks sold in America.

“The Obama rule would have imposed total costs of $108 billion and raised the price of every new car about $300 – for a technology that is already obsolete….

“The Department of Transportation (DOT) has zealously guarded the 5.9GHz band since it was set aside by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 1999.

“Twenty years later, DOT’s longtime preferred DSRC technology remains nearly undeployed – the technology is in just 18,000 of the 270 million some passenger vehicles in the country.

“And the Obama DOT’s own testing found that ‘every DSRC device deployed had to be recalled at least once… to identify and correct issues’ and ‘there were more false alerts generated by the systems than anticipated.’

“Meanwhile, radar, lidar, camera-based, and cellular 4G technologies have been developed and enable a wide-array of driver-assist features.  As 5G is deployed it will bring even greater capabilities.

“Yet DOT and automakers insist on a slow, three-phase series of tests to see whether WiFi can share spectrum with DSRC before making any changes.”

Get all that?  During the two decades the DOT has sat on this spectrum – wedded to one awful tech to use it – the private sector developed a whole host of much better techs to use it.  Yet the DOT remains entrenched – refusing to release the spectrum to the infinitely more productive private sector.

And Communist China smiles – and gets ever closer to global 5G domination.

The Deep State – ain’t giving up its spectrum.  And they’ll gleefully lie to keep it.

How a Fake Weather Sensor Could Take Out 5G:

“The dire predictions right now from the Department of Commerce about the impact of 5G on current weather forecasting are wrong on the merits, on the facts, and on the process.

“Their proof ultimately relies on a study of a sensor that never went into use.  It was scrapped 13 years ago.  That’s right, we are risking our 5G leadership over protecting moth-balled decade-old government systems.

“Now, in a last ditch effort to undo five years of work and multiple Administration and FCC decisions, the Commerce Department is misleading Congress and the press….

“The Commerce Department and (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) NOAA are blanketing the press and Capitol Hill with dire predictions that they will lose 70% of weather forecasting data if the 24 GHz auction goes forward.

“Their proof is based on protecting a sensor that was never deployed. The program for that sensor – known as the Conical scanning Microwave Imager/Sounder – was canceled in 2006.

“This debate candidly should end with that simple fact—it’s pretty hard to harm something that does not even exist.”

Get all that?  The Commerce Department and NOAA are lying their faces off – in defense of a tech they themselves scrapped thirteen years ago.  All so as to keep its spectrum from being auctioned to the infinitely more productive private sector.

The Deep State needs to quit the nonsense – and start giving up its spectrum to the infinitely more productive private sector.

Right frigging now.

Because in the meantime, Communist China smiles – and gets ever closer to global 5G domination.

Which…ain’t optimal.

This first appeared in Red State.

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