The Feds Use 60-Year-Old Computer Code – And Leftists Want Them to Run the Internet

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Your Government Computer at Work

We’ve noted for years and years how incredibly incompetent government is at all things.

The Incompetent, Pathetically Slow Government Has Placed Itself Between You and the Economy

Those Who Can – Do. Those Who Can’t – Regulate Those Who Can

Bad Ideas Never Die – Government Makes Them Policy Over and Over Again

Speaking of bad ideas – the titanically stupid China Virus shutdown has very unnecessarily forced the young and the able-bodied to hide in their homes – right alongside the old and enfeebled.

Which means 330+ million Americans have nothing better to do – than endlessly peruse the Internet.

And because we have less government impositions on the Internet – our ceaseless surfing has not encountered an iota of an issue.

Coronavirus: Nation’s Internet Providers Have Made #SelfDistancing Telework a Piece of Cake

Other places – with more government?  Not so much.

China Virus Lockdown Proves US Internet is Better, Stronger and Faster Than Europe’s

How do we know this?

Video is far-and-away the biggest Internet item.  We have easily handled the massive lockdown live-streaming increase – Europe could not.

Netflix and Youtube Stop HD Streaming in Europe So the Internet Doesn’t Crash

Of course, government can not handle the rudimentary-est of rudimentary things.  It can not even sell things – that sell themselves.

That Time the U.S. Gov’t Tried (and Failed) to Run a Brothel

So the Feds are leagues out of their depth on things like technology.

Which we noted again last year….

Government Is Decades Behind on Even Rudimentary Technology

And now the titanically stupid China Virus shutdown – has brought this to our attention.

Our Government Runs on a 60-Year-Old Coding Language, and Now It’s Falling Apart

The entirety of American government – running on a language that went out of service everywhere else…before the majority of Americans were born.

Now…please keep in mind:

The federal government steals from us – just in federal income taxes – MORE THAN THREE TRILLION DOLLARS.  Each and every year.

But that isn’t enough for the Feds.  They spend MORE THAN FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS.  Each and every year.

And they’ve spent the last SIXTY YEARS – dedicating NONE of ALL that money…to updating anything on their computers.  SIXTY YEARS.

We consider ourselves behind the times if we haven’t gone from OS 14.3 to OS 14.4 on a device.

The federal government hasn’t updated its computers – in SIX DECADES.

But of course….

The Left Never Allows the Truth to Get in the Way of a Good Beating

So despite government being blatantly, obviously incompetent throughout 10,000 years of human history – the Left wants more of it.  Everywhere.

Even in the Tech Sector.  Where the titanically stupid China Virus shutdown is – even as we type – yet again proving less government is better.

The following was written in 2017 – right after the Donald Trump Administration ended a year of unnecessary imposition of massive government Network Neutrality.

10 Facts That Show Exactly What’ll Happen Without Net Neutrality

Except three years later – we now know exactly NONE of those things happened.

The Left using words like “fact”…:

“You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Now it’s being demonstrated – on a MASSIVE scale – that our less government Internet is better than Europe’s more government Internet.

And the Left – is STILL trying to make our Internet look more like Europe’s.

Tell the FCC: Protect Our Access to Lifesaving Communications:

“In times of emergency, like the COVID-19 pandemic, our ability to access lifesaving information and communicate with each other is essential — yet without Title II Net Neutrality, it is by no means guaranteed.”

Ummm…it’s been proven to be guaranteed.  By the private sector.  By everyone vastly increasing their Internet usage – and continuing to receive all the information and communication they desire.

Free Press Weighs in on Harms of FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal in Response to Appeals-Court Remand:

“On Monday, Free Press filed comments that condemn the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s abandonment of its authority to safeguard internet users and promote universal access to an open and affordable internet.”

Ummm…it’s been proven to be safeguarded.  By the private sector.  By everyone vastly increasing their Internet usage – and continuing to receive all the information and communication they desire.

By the way:

All the things they want the FCC to do – the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is already empowered to do.  The Left wants government redundancy – because more government.

Oh – and who is Free Press?

Leftist ‘Media Reform’ Outfit Free Press and Their Marxist Co-Founder Robert McChesney

How very pleasant.

Free Press is one of the very many government-growth organizations that ply their wares all across our nation.

Leftists Don’t Form ‘Public Interest’ Groups – They Form Government Interest Groups

Why Are the Media’s ‘Consumer Interest Groups’ So Leftist and Anti-Consumer?

Alleged ‘Consumer Groups’ Oppose Consumers Getting Stuff from Anyone but Government

And they all say they want what Free Press says they want: “universal access” to the Internet.

But that doesn’t mean – what you and I think it means.

We want private sector broadband.  Because that’s what’s keeping us connected during the shutdown.

They want government broadband.

The Case for Municipal Broadband

“Municipal” – “community” – “public”:  They all mean government broadband.

Because government always performs so well.

Broadband Boondoggles: A Map of Failed Taxpayer-Funded Networks:

“For decades, local governments have made promises of faster and cheaper broadband networks. Unfortunately, these municipal networks often don’t deliver or fail, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill.

“Explore the map to learn about the massive debt, waste and broken promises left behind by these failed government networks.”

Does it matter to the Left that we’ve already wasted decades and tens of billions of dollars proving government can’t do Internet?

Heavens no, because…

For the Left, Success Isn’t Success. Government Expansion Is Success


The Private Sector Is Yet Again Rushing to Save Us from Government

5G Wireless Makes Government Broadband Even Dumber and More Dishonest Policy:

“The alleged reason for governments pretending to be the private sector – is a lack of ubiquitous Internet connection.

“Rural areas are obviously tougher – and a lot more expensive – to reach with…everything.  Including tech.  And the US – is a very large place….

“How 5G Will Solve Rural Broadband:

“‘(W)ireless technologies will not only displace many wireline endpoints in dense population areas, but also in low population density areas, including rural areas….

“‘The cost advantage of wireless connections is overwhelming.

“‘A spokesperson for the Wireless ISP Association (WISPA) estimates that a wireless connection to a rural endpoint costs one-fifth to one-tenth of a wireline connection.”

So the private sector is on the verge – of rapidly connecting everyone to rapidly delivered Internet.

And the Left wants to hand the Internet reins to a government – being run on a sixty-year-old computer language.

And the Left wants to oversee the Internet – this FCC:

‘Deficiencies’ That Broke FCC Commenting System in Net Neutrality Fight Detailed by GAO:

“The report covers numerous cybersecurity and IT issues, some of which the FCC addressed quickly, some not so quickly and some it’s still working on.

“‘Today’s GAO report makes clear what we knew all along: the FCC’s system for collecting public input has problems,’ Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel told TechCrunch.

“‘The agency needs to fully fix this mess because this is the way the FCC is supposed to take input from the public. But as this report demonstrates, we have real work to do.’”

Interesting comments from Commissioner Rosenworcel.

Given her vociferous acknowledgement of government…acting like government – she’s opposed to government-expanding Net Neutrality and “municipal” broadband, right?

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel: Restore Net Neutrality and Expand Internet to All

I know…it doesn’t make sense to me either.

This first appeared in Red State.