The Swamp Strikes Back: Some of Trump’s White House Guests Are Not His Friends

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“They that sow the wind – shall reap the whirlwind.”  From the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Hosea, it means that if you choose to do X, expect to get X – good and hard.

Now-President Donald Trump ran for the gig promising to “Drain the Swamp.”  Which was him sowing what he would do should he win – clean up the fetid and festering sewer that is Washington, D.C.  We the People – liked the idea.  And elected the political novice to do exactly that.

We less-government-minded political observers knew the whirlwind to be reaped.  DC is a $4-trillion-a-year cronyism-infested nightmare cesspool – an insult to swamps everywhere.  Institutional, Establishment DC would not take attempts at its decontamination lying down.

Trump Administration Leaks Are ‘Cries for Help’ from Panicked Officials

I’m sure they are panicked.  They deserve to be.  The old Left rallying cry is “Comfort the afflicted – afflict the comfortable” (which they coopted from humorist Finley Peter Dunne).  You won’t find more padded, pampered and comfortable people this side of an Ottoman Sultan – than those who overpopulate Establishment DC.

But “Save our Pointless, Cushy, Way-Overly-Compensated Gigs” – is not quite the rallying cry that is “Drain the Swamp.”  So anonymous, backdoor leaks are becoming Establishment DC’s preferred way to try to stop Trump.  And DC doesn’t care if they have to break lots of laws to do it.

Trump appears to have vastly underestimated how numerous and massive would be the phalanxes of DC kleptocrats that would rise up against him.  If he had – things like this wouldn’t have happened: “Trump Will Temporarily Keep 50 Obama Officials in their Critical Positions.”

Gee, I wonder if some of these people are helping with all of these leaks?  You absolutely need to completely clean house, Mister President.

Meanwhile, some of Trump’s enemies are coming right through the front door – at Trump’s invitation.

Elon Musk Meets With Donald Trump at the White House

For those who do not know who Silicon Valley’s Musk is:

Elon Musk Defends $4.9 Billion in Government Money for his Companies

One need not live in DC – to be a massive stakeholder in DC business-as-usual.  Musk may very well be the biggest government crony on the planet.  Think he’s rooting for Trump to end that cronyism?

Elon Musk Helps California Rank No. 1 for Hillary Clinton Fundraising

Despite Musk’s support for his opponent and of the DC status quo, Trump has warmly welcomed Musk to the White House (again, Mister President – why?!?).  And Musk isn’t a fool – he understands the value of publicly playing nice.

Why Elon Musk Says it Would be ‘Wrong’ for him to Leave the White House Advisory Council

Musk Warns: Attacking Trump ‘Will Achieve Nothing’

Because these overt niceties will allow him to keep absolute top access – and thus the ability to lobby to keep his cronyism going.  And, should that fail (and it appears that it will) – aid, abet and participate in DC’s covert leak war.

A war being waged so as to keep utterly corrupt Establishment DC – exactly the way it is.  Up to and including maintaining top speed on the government-money-gravy-train.

On which Musk is the lead conductor.

So Musk needs to go.

This first appeared in Red State.

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