The US Respects Religious Holidays – Parts of the World Don’t Reciprocate

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
If Only….

The United States goes out of its way – in as many ways as possible – to respect all the religions of the world.

In ways large and small, our government hails, praises…and defers to…the planet’s many faiths.

To be clear: Not only do I not have any problem at all with this – I find it to be quite nice.

I love the fact our nation and its government were founded upon acknowledgement of  – and appreciation for – the transcendent.

Our government officials regularly noting many religious holidays and special occasions – is eminently in keeping with our traditions.  And I find it to be really quite nice.

We’ll just use the Donald Trump Administration’s very many examples – as our examples.  But you can go back decades – and see similar things from many previous administrations.

President Trump Hosts Faith Leaders at the White House

Readout of the Vice President’s Meeting with Interfaith Religious Leaders

Christmas at the White House

Presidential Message on Hanukkah

Remarks by President Trump at Diwali Ceremonial Lighting of the Diya

Statement by the Press Secretary on the Anniversary of the Birth of Guru Nanak Devji

Our celebrations also, of course, include Islam.

Statement from President Donald J. Trump on Ramadan

We do this not just here – but all over the world.  Wherever we go – we go out of our way to defer to the locals’ religion(s) and their holy days.

With Islam: So far out of our way – we halt military operations in Afghanistan.

U.S. to Honor Kabul’s Unilateral Ramadan Ceasefire with Taliban

And halt Islamist terrorist prosecutions.

U.S. Stops Terrorist Trials for Ramadan, but the Terrorists Don’t Stop Killing

And aye – there’s the rub.

We’re very deferential to the world’s religions.  Parts of the world – rarely reciprocate.

To wit: Sunday is Christian Easter.  (Happy Easter, All.)  Christian Lent is coming to an end.

And parts of the world – aren’t reciprocating.

To wit: Where we stop Islamist terrorist trials – Kuwait has scheduled for Easter Sunday a completely ridiculous prosecution date.

The victim of this inanity – is Marsha Lazareva.  The chief executive and vice-chairman of US private equity company KGL Investment:

“KGL (has) made much of its money in Kuwait – and now wants to return much of it to the US.

“Enter Middle East cronyism.

“The Kuwaiti and Dubai governments – have frozen KGLs coin for no reason whatsoever.  Well, no legitimate reason.

“Behold Agility Logistics.  A Kuwaiti company – with close ties to the Kuwaiti government.  Agility’s CEO, Essa Anwar Al-Saleh – is a former Chairman of Kuwait’s Gulf Bank.  So he exercised significant power over Kuwaiti commerce and finance.

“And it appears Al-Saleh still does.  Agility is a KGL competitor – with the home court advantage.  The Kuwaiti government appears to be freezing KGLs coin – to benefit Agility.”

“Not satisfied with crucifying just the company – Kuwait is going after its executives….

“Lazareva(’s)…lawyers…say the charges brought against her were ‘demonstrably false’ and the case amounted to a ‘show trial.’…

“Her lawyers say she was denied access to one of the hearings and on other occasions the defence team was not permitted to introduce its own witnesses and was refused access to critical documents….

“‘Ms. Lazareva is the subject and victim of a politically-motivated vendetta initiated by powerful persons and entities, as well as competitors and rivals in Kuwait, against KGLI, KGL, and TPF,’ the (lawyers’) notice says.”

“In other words, it would seem Ms. Lazareva is a victim of the same crony garbage her company is.

“Kuwait is attempting to smear as many KGLI people as possible – in an attempt to make their crony garbage case against KGLI look less like crony garbage.”

And Kuwait’s next scheduled smear date – is Easter Sunday.

Christianity and its holiday be…well, you know.

The President and his Administration will quite rightly acknowledge Easter.

The President and his Administration should also quite rightly acknowledge the absurdity of Kuwait’s Easter-ignoring persecutions.

And weigh in to end them.

This first appeared in Red State.

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