Thieving Big Tech Teams Up Against Routine Big Tech Outlier Oracle

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
And Your Intellectual Property

There are a few things we know about the massive Big Tech companies.

Big Tech companies – are massively big.

Here are but a few of the top line names – and their massively big numbers:

Big Tech companies – are mostly massively Left:

  • Big Tech companies almost all overwhelmingly support Democrats and Leftist causes – with huge money and hefty public support.
  • Big Tech social media platforms routinely and systematically de-platform conservatives.
  • Big Tech employees routinely unite and campaign against their managements to push the companies ever-Leftward – and managements routinely capitulate.
  • Non-Left heretics discovered working for Big Tech companies – suddenly no longer work for Big Tech companies.

And Big Tech companies – LOVE the theft of Intellectual Property (IP).  (Unless, of course, it’s theirs.)

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And what’s even worse than Big Tech stealing IP?  Big Tech teaming up to steal IP.  Which brings us to our Big Tech outlier.

Big Tech is in Google’s Corner for Supreme Court Copyright Case:

“Microsoft, IBM, and dozens more file amicus briefs against Oracle.

“As the legal showdown the tech world’s been waiting for finally hits the Supreme Court, people are choosing sides and Oracle doesn’t seem to have any friends.”

Well, Oracle doesn’t have any Big Tech friends.  Because Oracle has routinely not comported with Big Tech craziness:

“Despite pushback from the industry, Oracle, a software company that has never shied away from butting heads with its rivals….”

How dare Oracle violate Big Tech dogma – by defending IP:

“The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has agreed to decide whether Google should have to pay Oracle billions of dollars for infringing on its copyright of 37 Java APIs Google used in its Android operating system….

“Oracle is seeking $8.8 billion in damages from Google for what it sees as the ‘epitome of copyright infringement,’ which has done ‘incalculable market harm.’”

What’s Java?:

“Using Java APIs, developers can create new projects faster because they do not have to develop entirely new code. They can instead use Java APIs in a sort of cut-and-paste fashion, saving them time on grunt work and enabling them to focus more on innovation.”

What conditions must companies like Google meet when using Java?  Let’s just say – they’re hardly punitive:

“You either make free and open – i.e. public – what you developed atop the Java base.


“You get a license from Oracle to use their Java.

“And here’s a surprise:

“Often, Oracle charges literally nothing for the license.

“All you have to do – is keep the Java software you use compatible. You cannot do anything to it – that might make it no longer play well with Java.”

Can you guess what Google didn’t do?:

“Google…took Oracle’s Java, remade it in their image – and then began playing hide and seek with the courts.”

Google created Android using Java.  And then locked down Android – in violation of the terms of using Java.

Get the titanic hypocrisy here?  Google is claiming IP protections for Android – by demanding Oracle make Java completely IP-protection-free.

This is a huge deal – because Google used Java to build the world’s hugest phone Operating System (OS).

Android Largest Operating System Worldwide With 39% Market Share

Four-in-ten phones on the planet – are Android OS phones.  And Google stole key components of the OS from Oracle’s Java.

Should the Supreme Court rule for Google – it would be an inconceivably huge and heinous precedent for nigh everything Tech.

Oracle spent – and continues to spend – a lot of time and money maintaining and updating Java.

Why the heck would they continue to do so – if the Court rules they can’t have even have their most minuscule of usage rules enforced?

Why would an actual coffee shop go to all the time, trouble and expense of opening for business, paying rent, buying supplies and brewing coffee – if everyone on Planet Earth could come in for free cups?

NO ONE would do that.  Because human nature.

The high tech theft of digital Java – is no different.

NO ONE will offer Java-esque open source software – if EVERYONE can steal it.  Because human nature.

Which would be an inconceivably huge and heinous blow to all things technological advancement going forward.

Because a whole lot of the tech we use – is built upon open source software.

Big Tech’s IP theft tag team against Oracle – is incredibly stupid and short-sighted.

Here’s hoping the Court doesn’t join with them.

As for Big-Tech-friendless but sanity-friendly Oracle – I’ll paraphrase Harry Truman:

You want a friend in the Valley?  Get a dog.

This first appeared in Red State.