US Government’s Role in the Internet: International Security, Domestic Spectrum

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
Let’s Keep the Lead, Shall We?

The Left has spent the entirety of the Internet’s history – obfuscating the Internet’s history.

So let’s restate some very basic, quite obvious basics.

The World Wide Web – is a WORLD Wide Web.  The Internet spans the globe – so our Constitution clearly mandates the Internet’s policy setting belongs to our federal government.

Leftists always want as much government as possible.  So they obfuscate this very basic, quite obvious basic – to grow government any which way they can.

They can get a whole lot more government out of California – than they can out of Washington, D.C.

California Just Passed its Net Neutrality Law. The Trump DOJ Is Already Suing

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Speaking of Net Neutrality….The Internet has existed for nigh its entire history without it – save for approximately one year of unilaterally imposed moronity by the Barack Obama Administration.

So of course the Left lies – and pretends the Internet always had in place stupid government policies like Network Neutrality.

How the Trump FCC’s Net Neutrality Plan Breaks With 50 Years of History

No, you lying liars – the exact opposite is true.

I keep waiting for the Left’s ongoing, rolling history of incessant lying to finally disqualify them from policy discussions and polite society – but I have not halted respiratory activity whilst so doing.

Since so many of you have been incessantly lied to for so very long – we’ll get back to basics.

So here’s basically all of the very basic, quite obvious basic US government responsibilities per the Internet.

International – Security

The federal government should work with private Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to ensure foreign governments can not hack into our networks.

And by “work with” – I mean the federal government should defer to the much higher expertise and competence of the private ISPs.  And provide – when asked for by the ISPs – logistical support to the private sector’s very successful efforts at preventing foreign Internet invasion.

Now in an attempt to lie Donald Trump out of office, Leftists have spent the last three-plus years pretending Russia is the greatest threat on Planet Earth to US.  But of course that is titanically absurd.

Russia is a gas station with a nation attached.  And since Trump did this:

US Is Net Oil Exporter for First Time in 75 Years

Russia is even more foundering and floundering than it was five years ago.

Anyone paying any actual attention to the planet knows….

China’s Disguised Global Threat Comes Alive

This absolutely applies to the Internet.

China Behind 96% of All Cyber-Espionage Data Breaches

Our ISPs are, of course, on top of it.  The way you know they are – is you don’t notice they aren’t.  You arrived at this website – and all your others today – seamlessly and smoothly.  Successful ISP cybersecurity – is the dog that doesn’t bark.

The federal government can help – by not actively inviting problems.  And instead – proactively proscribe them.

Trump Signs Bill Banning Government Use of (China’s) Huawei and ZTE Tech

What’s Wrong with Huawei, and Why Are Countries Banning the Chinese Telecommunications Firm?

Three guesses – the first two don’t count.

Which brings us to….

Domestic – Spectrum

What is spectrum?:

“Spectrum is the airwaves – used for everything wireless.  From your cell phone – all the way down to your car key fob.

“Not all spectrum is created equal.  Think of it like a Monopoly board.  Some of it is Boardwalk and Park Place – some is Mediterranean and Baltic Avenues.  And everywhere in between.

“And spectrum – is a finite resource.  There’s only so much to go around.  And the federal government – holds a LOT of it.  Including a lot of the really good stuff.

“So a FUNDAMENTAL component of US policy – must be getting as much spectrum as rapidly as possible to the private sector.”

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, there is…

The Race to 5G Supremacy

What is 5G?:

“The entirety of the planet is working on building – and then building out – the Fifth Generation (5G) wireless network.  4G-to-5G – will be bigger than 1G-to-4G combined…and then some.

“Born will be the Internet of Things.  Where everything non-sentient – becomes artificially sentient.  Your car will talk to the road.  The road will talk to the stoplight.  Which will talk to the pedestrian light.  Which will talk to….

“The massive amount of power and data 5G will represent – will dwarf-to-miniature everything wireless we have done before.

“The way the world works is: The first country to get to 5G – sets the global standards for 5G.

“This is, of course, a MASSIVE economic and security advantage – if it’s US.  This is, of course, a MASSIVE economic and security catastrophe – if it’s Communist China.”


And in case you think this has nothing to do with wired Internet connections….  Everything you look at via either wired or wireless connection – travels over both to get to you.  Wired – is wireless.  Wireless – is wired.  Back – and forth.

So government must make as much of its spectrum as possible…private ISP spectrum:

“In the 5G instance – this particularly means what is known as mid-band spectrum.  (Can you guess where that band is located?  In the middle, correct.)

“The U.S. Must Move Quickly On Mid-Band Spectrum If It Wants To Lead In 5G

“Indeed we must.  Which means the Trump Administration’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – must keep its word on things like this:

“FCC: C-Band Auction in ‘Latter 2020’”

C-band spectrum – is mid-band spectrum vital to getting the US further ahead in 5G.

The Trump Administration has done a lot of work prepping for the aforementioned 2020 auction.

There’s not a moment to lose – and let’s not waste all of that effort.

Let’s keep to the schedule – and hold said auction this year.

And while we’re at it – let’s work on the next several spectrum auctions….

This first appeared in Red State.