You Know an Idea is REALLY Good – When Government Has to Mandate You Do It

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As the DC Democrat Party unilaterally worked to ram through Obamacare, there were roughly nine million red flags alerting us to the fact that it was in its entirety a terrible idea.

One of the biggest, reddest flags – was the individual mandate. Obamacare forced you – under penalty of an inexorably increasing fine – to purchase the product it was creating.

But wait – we were incessantly, repeatedly told that Obamacare would save the average family $2,500 per year. That is – well, would have been in their Candy Land fantasy – a tremendous discount.

We were repeatedly, incessantly told that health insurance was a product millions of additional people desperately wanted to purchase – but didn’t because they couldn’t afford it.

So riding to the rescue came DC Democrats – with Obamacare, and its fairy dust promises of lower prices.

But if Obamacare was such a great idea – if it would make insurance so much cheaper and better – why would it include a mandate that everyone purchase it?

There’s no law mandating that everyone purchase a cell phone – yet everyone has one. There’s no government fiat forcing you to buy ice cream – but ice cream seems to be doing just fine.

So why the Obamacare purchase mandate? Because Obamacare is a terrible idea – and the clowns shoving it down our throats knew it.

There are roughly nine million other examples of government mandating their “great” ideas. To wit:

South Miami Set to Become First City in Florida to Require Solar Panels on New Homes: “The new law would require owners of new homes — including single-family homes, townhouses and multi-story residential buildings — to install solar panels. It also applies to owners who expand their homes by 75% or greater.”

Anyone who knows anything about anything – knew Obamacare would cause insurance prices to necessarily skyrocket. Because Obamacare imposes all sorts of new, ridiculous impositions on the product in question – which will, of course, inexorably RAISE the cost of the product in question.


So would anyone care to guess what this new government mandate imposition on houses – will do to the price of houses? They will necessarily skyrocket – to the moon, Alice. Forty-eight years after we landed there – government is sending health insurance and housing prices there. (And bank loan rates, and college tuition, and college loan rates, and….)

Much like the federal government waving its wand in an attempt to make Reality disappear with its Obamacare declarations…:

“The (South Miami) ordinance states the solar panel mandate will be cost effective for new construction, cut electricity costs for homeowners and reduce greenhouse gases.”

Just like that. Just because government says so. Just like Obamacare. It’s magic.

South Miami government bureaucrat mandate-ers say that they’re mandating this for your own good. Because it’s such a great idea:

“‘If you don’t have solar on your house, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table,’ said Mayor (Philip) Stoddard. ‘The homeowner benefits, the home’s sell faster so realtors benefit; the home builders benefit because the value of the house is higher. Everybody benefits, so what’s the problem?’”

The problem, Mister Mayor? Again – it’s math.

A solar panel system for an average home – costs tens of thousands of dollars. Even with and after the hundreds of billions of government dollars spent subsidizing them.

So a Miami home buyer won’t be “leaving a lot of money on the table” – they’ll be putting tens of thousands of additional dollars on the table. To cover the additional cost of your price-reducing mandate.

This doesn’t benefit homeowners. In fact, the government-inflated prices will turn a whole bunch of prospective homeowners – into non-homeowners, because they can’t afford the government-inflated prices. See, again: Obamacare.

This doesn’t benefit realtors. Because nowhere in Reality do government-inflated prices increase the rapidity of sales.

This doesn’t benefit the home builders. Because government mandates that increase their costs – means there’s less money for them to build more homes. See: Obamacare. And the government-mandated minimum wage. And….

You know who does benefit? Crony solar power companies. And of course – crony solar power companies are the only kind that exist. Because no solar power company can exist – without massive crony-government-subsidies.

Crony solar power companies get huge government coin to make these fake energy monstrosities – and now in Miami get government mandates forcing you to purchase these fake energy monstrosities. See: Obamacare.

You know who else benefits? Government bureaucrats. Who know better than you what’s good for you – and sleep better when they are mandating that you do what they think you should.

Oh – and they get lots of campaign cash from the crony solar companies. Campaign checks – drafted on the accounts stuffed beyond measure with government-subsidy-cash. That helps them sleep better too.

We the People don’t sleep well. And we don’t sleep in a home – because we can no longer afford one.

But none of that matters in the slightest – to this Circular Crony Squad.

This first appeared in Red State.

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