5G Wireless Makes Government Broadband Even Dumber and More Dishonest Policy

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
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One of the very MANY problems with government regulating the private sector – is it immediately halts or severely retards private sector progress.

For the regulations to be even remotely pertinent – the private sector must be forced to remain exactly as it is.  So as to allow titanically slow government – to keep up with the quicksilver private sector.

Because when the private sector evolves and changes – and the private sector ALWAYS evolves and changes – the government is left in the dust.

So one of the points of government regulation – is freezing in amber the private sector.  So as to maintain some semblance of government relevance.

When we manage to fend off really stupid regulation – the private sector almost always, quite rapidly, demonstrates how unnecessary and stupid the regulation was and is.

To wit:

We are still trying – with a whip and a chair – to fend off the Left’s attempts to impose Network Neutrality upon the Internet.

The Left – is rigidly insistent upon it.

Democrat Censured for Voting with Trump 19% of the Time. Bipartisanship Is Dead:

“(Senator Kyrsten Sinema)…opposes the Democrats’ ‘net neutrality’ internet scheme.”

Why has the Left been so screechingly adamant?

Because they know what we know:

The private sector is today on the verge of rendering Net Neutrality even dumber and more dishonest than it was yesterday.

(Fifth Generation) 5G Wireless Makes Net Neutrality Even Dumber Policy:

“Think about this: 4G wireless – is already within shouting distance of wired broadband.

The most data-intensive thing to currently do online – is stream video.  And just about everyone in America can currently, seamlessly stream video – on their wireless devices.

“That’s impressive.

“5G wireless is going to blow the doors off of 4G wireless – and wired broadband.

“Thank you yet again, Private Sector.  For yet again delivering exponential increases in speed and quality.  Yet again – totally bereft of Net Neutrality regulations.”

Another very dumb government idea – is government getting into the Internet Service Provider (ISP) business.

Leftists want government – which regulates private sector ISPs – to also compete with private sector ISPs.

Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren – Has A Lot Of Really Terrible Ideas:

“Yet another really terrible idea from the Idea Candidate?

“‘Universal Broadband? Warren Has a Plan for That’

“Of course she does.  She even put quill to parchment – to detail her Idea!-Plan! for the Washington Post….

“‘Elizabeth Warren: Here’s How We Get Broadband Internet to Rural America’

“(What did Leftists use to write before quill and parchment?  Computers.)”

Government competing with the private sector – is always a terrible idea:

“(It) is like having a baseball umpire…also pitch for the opposing team.

“You have the guy calling balls and strikes – calling balls and strikes for himself.

“Guess how all judgement calls going forward will go?”

The alleged reason for governments pretending to be the private sector – is a lack of ubiquitous Internet connection.

Rural areas are obviously tougher – and a lot more expensive – to reach with…everything.  Including tech.  And the US – is a very large place.

But even the connection computations are based upon a lie:

“‘The number of Americans lacking access to a terrestrial fixed broadband connection meeting the FCC’s benchmark of at least 25 Mbps/3 Mbps has dropped from 26.1 million Americans at the end of 2016 to 21.3 million Americans at the end of 2017, a decrease of more than 18%.’

“The 21.3 million number – was from 2017.  And that number – is down 18% from just one year prior.

“(T)he (Federal Communications Commission) FCC still bizarrely only counts a hardline (terrestrial fixed) Internet connection as a connection.  Meaning buried cables criss-crossing America – all the way into your abode.

“But nearly everyone in America has a 4G (Fourth Generation) wireless smartphone.  On which you can seamlessly stream High Definition (HD) video – the most bandwidth intensive thing currently to do on the Internet.  (And we’re but a few years away from exponentially-faster-5G).

“And then there is Satellite Internet – for the remaining very few who are bereft of both wired and cellular wireless.

“And those 25mbs (download) and 3Mbs (upload) speeds that serve as the FCC minimum?

“They are WAY faster than 98+% of Americans currently need.

“The Truth About Faster Internet: It’s Not Worth It:

“‘Typical U.S. households don’t use most of their bandwidth while streaming and get marginal gains from upgrading speeds.’”

The FCC and the Left only counting hardline Internet connections?  Is like the Barack Obama Administration counting illegal aliens turned around at the border as “deportations.”  (Which the Obama Administration very dishonestly did.)

It’s fake math.

It is woefully mis-representative of what is actually happening.

If you have a 4G wireless smartphone – you are by any reasonable definition connected to the Internet.

And that is…just about everyone.

And the 5G wireless network – is going to blow the doors off of even the existing, massive private sector success.

And thereby blow an even larger hole in the Left’s demands for government Internet.

How 5G Will Solve Rural Broadband:

“Starting with advanced versions of 4G LTE and then continuing with 5G, wireless technologies will not only displace many wireline endpoints in dense population areas, but also in low population density areas, including rural areas….

“Rural wireless throughput rates are already competitive, with 25 Mbps a typical downlink throughput rate offered by WISPs such as Rise Broadband, and technology roadmaps showing rates as high as 200 Mbps in the near future….

“The differences between rural versus urban deployments, however, are cell sizes and radio frequencies used. The cost advantage of wireless connections is overwhelming.

“A spokesperson for the Wireless ISP Association (WISPA) estimates that a wireless connection to a rural endpoint costs one-fifth to one-tenth of a wireline connection….

“A number of factors are converging in 5G to create critical mass for broadband transformation:

“Lower costs through global mass commoditization of cellular technology, ability to use spectrum all the way from UHF at 600 GHz to mmWave at 100 GHz, shared spectrum about to come online in Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), massive MIMO that extends range and capacity, and advanced interference mitigation techniques.”

Translation from Tech-to-English:

The Left’s idea to get into the government into the broadband business – is currently very stupid and dishonest.

Thanks to the private sector.

And the Left’s idea to get the government into the broadband business – is about to get exponentially stupider and more dishonest.

Thanks to the private sector.

So we say:

“Thanks yet again, private sector.”

And we say:

“For the love of God – leave us alone, government.”

This first appeared in Red State.