Biden Set to Eviscerate US Farmers with Cabinet Picks and Their Policies

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
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Illegally President-elect Joe Biden is looking to establish the most hyper-regulatory administration in US history.

Which is exceedingly terrible news for US.

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Great News: Biden, Inc Looks to Massively Ramp Up Regulations

So…I like to eat.  Do you like to eat?  God bless our farmers – they like to manufacture food for us to eat.

The Barack Obama-Joe Biden Administration REALLY liked to make life for farmers as exceedingly terrible as possible.

Burdensome Federal Regulations Hurt American Farmers and Ranchers

The EPA is Turning Water on Farms Into a Weapon Against Farmers

 A Government Agency Making Farmers’ Lives Miserable – Besides the EPA, We Mean

President Donald Trump has been a US farmers’ Godsend.

US Farmers Know – DC Doesn’t: Trump Remains Farmers’ Best Friend

Trump Proposes EPA Budget and Staff Cut: Farmers, Ranchers and Energy Producers Rejoice

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Of course, Biden, Inc needs awful employees to implement its awfulness.  And they are choosing scads of exceedingly awful employees – many of whom were also exceedingly awful for Obama-Biden, Inc.

To be sure: Nigh all of the good work for farmers Trump has done – will be undone.

Trump And Biden Differ On Agriculture Policy

Environmentalists Hope Biden Will Reverse Trump Policies

Who Will Spearhead Biden’s Climate, Energy and Agriculture Policies?:

“President-elect Joe Biden has vowed an overhaul of U.S. energy and environment policy to fight climate change, with a goal of bringing the economy to net-zero emissions by 2050.

“While the plan has yet to be clearly defined, it includes things like ramping up clean energy technology and usage, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, federal procurement of clean energy technology and reengaging the United States in a global pact to fight warming.”

All of which will make farmers’ lives MUCH worse.

Biden’s plans are awful – his planners somehow awfuller still.

Biden Selects Deb Haaland as Interior Secretary, Michael Regan as EPA Chief

Five Ways the EPA Can Get Its Mojo Back Under the Biden Administration

Trust that farmers do NOT want the EPA to “get its mojo back.”

Who is looming EPA Chief Michael Regan?  All you have to know is – Leftists LOVE him:

“Several environmental advocacy groups lauded the selection….Regan…is known for prioritizing environmental justice, which…’helped win him the post.’”

Here’s Regan Tweeting:

“Climate change is the most significant challenge humanity faces. We’ll make meaningful progress together by listening to every voice—from our youth & frontline communities to scientists & our workforce. I will be honored to be part of that work as EPA Administrator.”

I’m quite sure Regan won’t actually be listening to any farmers’ voices at all.

Can you feel the EPA mojo coming back?  Farmers certainly can – and they’ll hate it.

Who is looming Interior Chief Deb Haaland?  All you have to know is – Leftists LOVE her:

“Even before her selection, Haaland was drawing broad support from environmental groups, indigenous peoples’ advocates and members of Congress, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who released a statement on Wednesday saying ‘Haaland knows the territory, and if she is the President-elect’s choice for Interior Secretary, then he will have made an excellent choice.’”

It looks like Interior too will get back its exceedingly awful mojo:

“Haaland’s selection positions Biden’s Interior Department to build on the budding alliances between tribes and environmental groups that have been formed in recent years to battle fossil fuel projects like the Dakota Access pipeline, expand land conservation and keep water in overdrawn rivers.”

Water, you say?  More mojo a-coming…:

“(T)he Waters of the U.S., or WOTUS, rule…could be a top priority should the former vice president win the White House in November — right after reinstating President Obama’s Clean Power Plan and reining in President Trump’s revisions to a rule for National Environmental Policy Act compliance.

“‘I think there’s going to be considerable pressure to deal with the Waters of the U.S. mess,’ said Vermont Law School professor Pat Parenteau, referring to the regulation that defines the scope of the Clean Water Act. ‘I think what he really has to do is what Trump did, in reverse, and flip the script.’”

Farmers yet again hardest hit.

Even on the occasional instance where Biden goes moderate – farmers fear yet again getting hammered.

Biden’s Choice of Tom Vilsack for U.S.D.A. Raises Fears for Small Farmers:

“Mr. Vilsack faces a steep challenge, with progressive and environmental groups warning that he is too friendly with big industrial agriculture businesses.”


“(R)ural farmers, who voted overwhelmingly for Mr. Trump, are wary that more regulations are in store under a Democratic administration.”

As opposed to, you know, the nation’s very many urban farmers.  The New York Times is out of its depth reporting upon…well, just about anything not in the Upper West Side.

Can you blame the nation’s food manufacturers – rural, urban and everywhere in between – for being more than a little wary of a third Obama Administration?

Given how awful to them the first two were?

This isn’t rural rocket science.

This first appeared in Red State.